Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

May is off and running.  The market has had some very hot and very cold days.  It looks like there may be some more buying opportunities on the horizon (finally). Before I get too excited looking ahead, let’s look back at April and see how dividend income I received.  Lanny kicked this off on our website in style, absolutely CRUSHING April by posting a 40%+ growth rate.   He is always a tough act to follow.  But I will do my best.  Here is my April Dividend Income Summary!

Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

In April, I received $295.31 in dividend income.  This was a 67.90% increase compared to last year!  Once again, I was able to produce a very solid year-over-year increase.  Further, almost $300 for an “off” month is very sweet.  The following table breaks down the individual companies that paid me a dividend in April:

Here are some quick notes and tidbits about my month:

  • The purchases of two Dividend Aristocrats in 2018 were the major growth catalysts.  LEG and ITW were new positions in my portfolio last year.  Interestingly, I made multiple purchases for each company.  After my initial buy, the price fell and I was able to lower my cost basis and earn a higher dividend yield.  The benefits of that strategy showed this month.
  • Iron Mountain was a purchase I made in my wife’s Roth IRA after talking to Lanny.  He led the charge by buying IRM first and performing a detailed stock analysis over the company.  Naturally, I was sold after talking to him and initiated a position myself.   The position isn’t large; but their yield is.  Hence, I was able to earn $32.99 from them.  We even DRIP’d just under a share of the company last month.
  • Outside of the three purchases previously listed, this month was relatively boring.  The remainder of the increases were due to good old fashioned dividend reinvestment.  The power of dividend reinvesting at its finest!

April Portfolio News and Updates

In this section, I’ll review two different ways that my forward dividend income increased during the month: dividend increases and investment activity.   In the first table I will review dividend increases.  For those of you that read my Expected Dividend Increases article that published last week, you should know that there were a ton of dividend increases in April.  So this table is larger than it has been in previous months.  Just how I like it!

My wife and I received dividend increases from five different companies during the month.  The dividend increases added $61.68 in forward dividend income to our portfolio.  Of the group above, the clear leader of the pack was KMI.  They were the only company to increase their dividend by a double-digit percentage.  While we are still nowhere close to the same dividend level before their dividend cut years ago, KMI continues to keep their word and issue strong dividend increases.  It is encouraging that the company has continued to increase their dividend and maintain a strong balance sheet along the way.

For the other companies, I was a little disappointed in their dividend increases.  I’ve noted on our site that there is a trend of slowing dividend growth in 2019.   The fact that the other four companies didn’t crack 7% this month was disappointing.   For PG in particular, I was hoping their dividend increase would correlate with the company’s insane dividend growth during the year.

This next table will summarize my stock purchases for the month.  One purchase occurred in our traditional brokerage account and the other in my wife’s retirement account.

I still haven’t gotten around to writing my stock purchase article.  However, that will be coming soon.  I initiated a purchase in Occidental Petroleum (OXY) right before the Anadarko Petroleum purchase drama began.  There will be more to come on this later.   This was a large position though and I was able to add a healthy sum of dividend income from this purchase.  Honestly, it just felt nice to be back in the dividend investing game after taking some time off.     The remaining purchases were my wife’s 403(b) account.  Nothing too fancy.  All in all, purchases and retirement account contributions added $145.95 to my forward dividend income.

To summarize, I was able to add $207.63 in forward dividend income in April from dividend increases and purchases!


Well.  Time seems to fly by faster each month.  This has become even more true after the birth of our daughter in March.   It is hard to find the time to reflect and see the growth and progress you have made over a period of time.  That is why I love putting together this article every month and reading each blogger’s journey when preparing our monthly dividend income from YOU the bloggers series with Lanny.  Taking this time to reflect really motivates me to get off my butt and continue building my dividend income.  Every dollar counts.  It is a statement that means more to me with each passing day.   I still have a lot of personal development to do and I am working on being better each day.  I’m entering May/June with a full head of steam ready to roll.  Everyone, let’s just crush it!!

How did you perform in April?  Which April dividend payers do we have in common?  Are you adding to your positions this month with the turbulent market?



17 thoughts on “Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

  1. Bert, congrats on your April and your recent moves. Nothing in common for me, gives me something to look at. I’m trying to raise cash to take advantage of the recent sell off.
    Thanks for the read

    • Brent,

      Thank you very much! The best part of reading these summaries is that it presents us with new ideas every day. You’ll find the cash and you’ll make it happen. I’ve got a great feeling about it.


  2. Good stuff, Bert. I like the forward dividend income bump you got from both investment and raises. Over $200 is outstanding.
    The YoY growth you posted is amazing, too. Those new payers certainly provided a boost. Future months will get the benefit of your OXY add.
    Also, wishing a happy first Mother’s Day to your wife. I’m sure you’ll be enjoying the day as a family.

    • Thanks Engineering Dividends. That’s very kind of you and we had an amazing first Mother’s Day. What was nice was that it was a relatively unplugged day. It made it that much more special.

      In terms of dividend increases, $200 was excellent. This may sound ridiculous, but it was exciting to see given the fact that this was a slower month than I expected from an investing standpoint (for a few different reasons). I love that OXY pays in an “off” month as well. It is great when you can add something in the first and second month of the quarter.


  3. Yet another solid month, Bert! 68% YOY growth is certainly an accomplishment from your capital base, not to mention adding over $200 in forward annual dividends from dividend increases and purchases. Keep that momentum going!

    • Gremlin,

      You’re right. The effort was minimal. Finding a great company like OXY wasn’t too difficult and the increases came without lifting a finger. The energy used to earn this was minimal.


  4. “…more buying opportunities on the horizon,” I think the horizon is here. Seems like more and more traditional solid dividend stocks are going on sale. No shortage of names to choose from this month. Nice job with your dividend income. Your ‘off’ months are growing at a nice pace too!

    • Keith,

      I think you may be right. A lot of great companies, ETFs, etc. are going on sale from the major trade headlines. Like the fourth quarter, we may see some great discounts. I’m getting excited to see a few more dominos fall and deploy some capital soon.


  5. Good month. that growth is out of here. Slower dividend growth stinks but hopefully it wont be long. I always like it when prices fall after buying something makes it easier to justify buying more. Those dividend increases are awesome.

    • Doug,

      Thank you. Hopefully things settle down, the business environment becomes more predictable, and we can start ramping up the dividend growth once again. I should look into buying more of OXY now that the price has fallen over 10% since my purchase. That Andarko bidding war changed the prospects a little. But I want to read more about the final offer and the future prospects before adding more.


  6. That’s fantastic, really good gains! I smashed through my first 100 dollar month with 119 in April! I usually take a very impersonal approach to investing and money, but I’m not gonna lie I got a bit pumped with this (2018 – 58.32)

    Random question, one of my companies had been paying me twice for the past 2 dividends… Is this something I should be concerned of or not? Ticker is ETN, and they paid .71/share and .568/share to me in both May and March… I haven’t found any evidence of any special dividends

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