August Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Turning the calendar from August to September usually means two things.  Football season is here and that fall has arrived.  Time to get out your pumpkin game on!  As usual, at the end of the month, we do our best to summarize as many dividend income articles from around the dividend growth investor community.  Unfortunately, we can’t get every bloggers article in here because of time, so please don’t take it personally if you weren’t included this month.  That being said…HERE WE GO.  It is time for our August Dividend Income summary from all of YOU in the blogging community.


Race 2 Retirement – $1,527.46 – DAMN!  Just awesome, first article we read and you tore it up!  What a great journey and you are almost 500 days in.  Congratulations, big hitters than and SO many companies paying you this month  True inspiration.

Passive Income Maverick – $1,069.41 – Another crossing the 4 digit mark, amazing!  Congrats Maverick on a record month, and I see quite a bit coming from Kinder Morgan (KMI), hopefully they’ll be back to increasing their dividend in a “safer” way.

Dividend Hustler – $2,501.78 – Looks like we are starting out the post with some heavy hitters here.  Hustler CRUSHED it once again.   There are a lot of strong dividend paying companies and REITs that paid Ty in August.  Plus, how can you not love the shout out to his younger self and wife, the two responsible for setting the table!

Dividends for Starters – $82.28 – 39% YoY increase. compared to last August….awesome stuff!   AT&T and Omega Healthcare leading the way.   Healthcare REITs were a leading factor for our months as well.  Keep it up DfS!

Dividend Seedling – $1.63 – A new personal record.  This month is exactly couldn’t represent the name of your website any better.  You are planting the seed for future dividend income and prosperity.  Keep it up, keep on planting the seeds, keep re-investing your dividends, and watch your dividend income grow into a forest!

Two Investing – $278.82 –  Despite a minor pullback from last year because of infamous KMI dividend cut.  However, as we mentioned above, the dividend will once in a much safer manner going forward (hopefully).  Regardless of the pullback, a huge shout out to officially receiving more dividend income to date in 2016 than you did last year.  That’s a true measuring stick and you crushed it!

Captain Dividend – $290.14 –  A lot of moving parts here.  But thrown together, these parts produced a solid month of dividend income!  Selling Realty Income at the high valuations is a bold move and losing that monthly dividend income check can’t be fun, but investments in Abbot and Flower Foods (On Bert’s August Watch List) will help to fill the void left by the community’s most popular REIT.  Tip of the hat here Captain…Great month!

Divi Cents – $501 –  Love the intro sentence to the post! a 33% YoY increases impressive and judging by the activity you logged during the month, you are setting the table for similar increases next year!

Stefan @ The Millennial Budget – $26.64 –  Our favorite CPA in the waiting.  Had a great Twitter conversation with Stefan moments after a CPA exam.  We definitely remember that feeling.  Stefan is building his dividend snowball and is really gaining some steam here.  Loving the progress!  KEEP IT UP!

Passive Income Pursuits – $320.40 – Nice job!  You still had over $300, despite the increase, and you are in pretty good company.  And that new inforgraph = AWESOME.  Great job!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $168.73 – 15 different companies paid you, which is just incredible.  15 different companies working hard and paying you a piece of what they are doing.  Congratulations and keep it up AFFJ!

Investing Pursuits – $260.60 – I see you have great entities paying you, as well as the ever-fun Canadian banks providing a jolt to the income!  Great job and keep it up!

Passive Income Dude – $260.05 – Neck and neck with Investing Pursuits above!  Great job, to you, as well – You have some big hitters all around pumping that dividend income to you – and it will only get bigger in the future : ) Congrats!

Polliesdividend – 205.15 euros – New website design…check.  Insane YOY dividend increase…double check.  I had to do a double take when I saw the figure, but Pollie posted an INSANE 174% YOY increase.  Nice work!

Divgro – $791.19 – A busy month here for Divgro, selling five companies and increasing positions in 3 companies.  Shifting your forward dividend income around!  When the dust settled, Divgro posted a 41% YOY increase while receiving dividends from 19 companies in an “off” month.

Divhut – $570.12 –  Keith is benefiting from a large infusion of capital over the last 12 months…obviously.  How else could you sport a 52% growth rate compared to last August?   Canadian banks and REITs led the charge this month.

Dividend Vet – $181.94 – Vet’s dividend income decreased 10% from the prior year as a result of the KMI dividend cut.  But wait, the KMI cut was much more than 10%, right?  Vet was able to off-set the impact of the cut by initiating a position in Apple during the year and dividend increases from 6 other powerhouse companies.

Investment Hunting – $330.72 – Despite a recent sell off, IH posted a great month in terms of dividend income!   The remaining holdings guarantee that the dividend income for the month will be solid and produce an awesome stream of growing dividend income.  Also IH is crushing the overall income game!

There we have it.  We say it every month and it keeps holding true….what an impressive list of dividend income.  Everyone here, and the others we couldn’t list, are doing amazing things by pushing the limits and reaching for financial freedom.  Portfolios everywhere are soaring to new highs! Every dollar counts and it is time to keep pushing, grinding, and fighting our way towards the endzone.  September is off to a ROARING start and dividends have been rolling in.  This post for September is going to be epic.

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats



24 thoughts on “August Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

    • JT –

      It is scary isn’t it? 4 digit income in August?? Unheard of! But this is sweet, wonder how many will be there for September, obviously… we will find out! Have a great weekend as well and great job.


  1. Wow, simply amazing to see what so many of you already achieved. Really inspiring to see where the FI journey can take you. I just found out about the DGI community recently, but never imagined it so large. Just feel really motivated to keep on going!

    – Susan

  2. It’s insane to see the growth we’re all seeing in our monthly dividend income. This post is one of my favorites. I wait for this every month. Thanks Bert and Lanny for pulling this together.

    • Hunting,

      It is awesome. No problem and we love putting it together – as we look forward to reading everyone’s articles! Hopefully this also brings new bloggers to light and we can start seeing what they are doing as well!


  3. Always love reading this summary! My Sept is shaping up to be the best month ever for me. Can’t wait! Impressive list here and only a fraction of the names in the community. Awesome!

    • Woah, congrats Adam! I’m expecting to see a lot of records here in September. Can’t wait to read your summary next month. Hav eyou just been pumping a lot of capital into the market??? What’s driving the record?


    • Thanks Scott! We love putting it together. It is crazy to me how much dividend income is earned among the community. Serves as some great motivation to keep on pushing and work to climb my way up the list.


  4. As you stated, “an impressive list of dividend income.” That’s for sure. I know I say it every time you post these results but I just love seeing the collective passive income each of us have earned. It really motivates me to press on and continue to build my own passive income stream. I get excited reading about the single digit incomes as much as the four digit incomes. If this doesn’t motivate others to start on their own DGI path then nothing will. Thanks for sharing.

    • Keith,

      Couldn’t agree completely. The specific dollar amount isn’t what matters, that’s the best part of it. It is the journey and the community here. Whether you are at the beginning of your dividend investing career or near financial freedom, we all share the same common goal, sharing ideas and cheering each other along the way. Some great motivation to keep on pushing and keep on investing our way towards financial freedom.

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment!


  5. Thanks for the dividend roundup of our fellow bloggers. It’s awesome seeing how much progress every one has been making and how many dividends we’re collectively bringing in. I’m personally so excited that we’re into September now because that means huge dividends!

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