Lanny’s June Dividend Income Summary

Can we say the best month in dividend income I have ever received?  Let me repeat that – NEW DIVIDEND INCOME FOR THE MONTH RECORD!  I am so fortunate to be able to talk and write about the production from my cash flowing, dividend producing portfolio.  I was very excited to go into the month of June, as many other bloggers were aware based on the comments from their posts.  With all of that being said, let us take a look at the month’s recap of the June dividend income I received:

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Expected July Dividend Increases

Hey everyone.   It’s that time again, to guess which companies will announce a Dividend Increase!  As a dividend growth investor, I enjoy seeing which companies increase their dividend and attempting to guess the announced increase.  As we approach the final business week of the month, we will project which Dividend Aristocrats will announce a dividend increase in July based on their dividend history.

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Crossing the $100K Mark

Hey everyone!  This week has been another wild week in the market.  Some stocks were hitting ultimately highs again and some were hitting lows.  Whichever the direction Mr. Market takes, I wanted to take time to write a post about the crossing of a major plateau if you will – the $100,000 portfolio value mark.  This journey has been bittersweet as I take time to reflect that number and will share with you my thoughts…  Continue reading

Latest Stock Purchase 6/16/14

The decision was made on an opportunity that I felt was staring blank, right into the eye.  The opportunity I felt in my gut, came from an analysis I did on a stock over this past weekend.  I simply used our dividend screening tool to assess the situation and thought – this fits in and based on past history and valuations currently, I had to pull the trigger.

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FirstEnergy (FE), AEP (AEP), and Dominion (D) Stock Analysis

I am getting ready to move into a new apartment on July 1st.  It is going to start the beginning of an amazing new chapter in my life.  I cannot wait.  One of the pre-move chores is to set up your new place’s utilities.  I shopped the price around to eventually settled on the lowest cost provide.  This got me thinking, why not spend some time and run each of the companies I shopped around through the Dividend Diplomats Stock Screener?  Continue reading to see how FirstEnergy (Ticker: FE), AEP (Ticker: AEP) and Dominion Resources (Ticker: D) measure up against each other.

Light Bulb

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Maximizing your Roth for 10 Years… Then Set It & Forget It!

Now I know I am one to fully dive into research, use calculators and figure out the, hopefully, most efficient and effective way to get to a goal.  Today I want to show you that if you maximize your Roth IRA contributions, currently at $5,500 per year, you can do so for 10 years and then all of a sudden you can STOP contributing… Yes – STOP placing more funds into your personal Roth IRA.  This is the “set it and forget it” model and  I will show that through dividend reinvestment and a conservative market return allows you to no longer need to really contribute after 10 years, as you’ll have quite a “hefty” nest egg and will be able to use the $5,500+ on other investments – like your individual-taxed stock portfolio.  Read more to discover the benefit of maximizing your Roth IRA. Continue reading