Consolidated Edison (ED) Stock Analysis

Currently, utilities are known for their strong dividend paying ability.  Almost as if they are a fixed income producing asset.  This leads me into the one dividend aristocrat that catches my eye – Consolidated Edison.

I am a huge history guy and love the wealth that was created from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Thomas Edison definitely was a founding father of this old wealth that continues to transpire and “light” our economy today.  I understand utilities, I know how they physically work and I know what benefit and value it provides: Providing energy to fuel the day-to-day of operations.  Let’s think big businesses, industries, etc., all the way to our entertainment platforms and this stems into our very own households.  The need is and for now – will always be there, therefore, this is a very used product that will always be used.  Continue reading

FirstEnergy (FE), AEP (AEP), and Dominion (D) Stock Analysis

I am getting ready to move into a new apartment on July 1st.  It is going to start the beginning of an amazing new chapter in my life.  I cannot wait.  One of the pre-move chores is to set up your new place’s utilities.  I shopped the price around to eventually settled on the lowest cost provide.  This got me thinking, why not spend some time and run each of the companies I shopped around through the Dividend Diplomats Stock Screener?  Continue reading to see how FirstEnergy (Ticker: FE), AEP (Ticker: AEP) and Dominion Resources (Ticker: D) measure up against each other.

Light Bulb

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