Lanny’s 2015 Portfolio Review

I  keep a copy in PDF of my portfolio every quarter, and have a deeper dive at 12/31, but this also provides a blog’d example of where I stand, so I can always refer back on the site the historical position of my portfolio.  As we have done in the prior year, this post will be a review and re-cap overall of my portfolio, the contributions, dividend going forward, dividend received, what I can analyze from the current position, etc..  It’s always fun to see what the year compiled into one snapshot of all of the hard work that goes into it.  I am excited to see where it stands and what can be done going into this new year!  Let’s dive on in.  Continue reading

Crossing the $100K Mark

Hey everyone!  This week has been another wild week in the market.  Some stocks were hitting ultimately highs again and some were hitting lows.  Whichever the direction Mr. Market takes, I wanted to take time to write a post about the crossing of a major plateau if you will – the $100,000 portfolio value mark.  This journey has been bittersweet as I take time to reflect that number and will share with you my thoughts…  Continue reading