Lanny’s July Dividend Income

Now that the hot month of July is coming to a close here in a few days, it’s time to reflect on the past month production from purchases and decisions you make within your investment portfolio.  The production being… DIVIDENDS.  You make decisions based on your analysis to purchase a stock (at least for our scenarios) to receive projected/estimated/declared future dividends.  July was another solid month, let’s see if I crossed the triple digits this month:

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Expected August Dividend Increases

As we approach a new month, it is time once again to see which companies have historically increased their dividend in August.   Could the recent pullback that occurred at the end of last week present a buying opportunity for a Dividend Aristocrat right before the company announces a dividend increase?  ‘

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Increasing My Cash Flow by Moving & Tips for Minimizing Moving Costs

At the beginning of July I moved into my new place, the second floor of a duplex in an amazing area.   And so far, I love the place (I’ll spare you the boring details about the place).  Not only is the place really nice, another major benefit is that it will also increase my savings account.  Now that I am finally settled in and mostly unpacked, I will finally take a hard look at just how much I will be saving by living in the new apartment.  In this article, I will calculate my monthly and annual savings from moving apartments and will provide tips on minimizing moving costs while furnishing a new apartment.

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Why I Compare Current Dividend Yield to 5 Year Average

Today I wanted to dive into a piece of my analysis that I constantly have been using, such as for TGT, AFL and MAT, where this is something that currently is not included in our dividend stock screener page.  You have seen the trend of my posts have 1 other piece that I evaluate – the current year vs the 5 year dividend yield average for that company.  Today… I will show why. Continue reading