Expected Dividend Increases in August 2019

Another month is in the books here.  July was a fun month for us.   We celebrated some birthdays and some All Star festivities in Cleveland.  As the summer heats up, so are the dividend increases.  While overall dividend growth continues to slow in 2019 compared to 2018,  Lanny and I continue to receive dividend increases from our holdings frequently.  We freaking love dividend increases.  That’s why each month, we summarize the dividend increases from the month and look ahead to see which companies may increase the next month.  Here are the expected dividend increases in August 2019:
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Lanny’s October Dividend Income Summary

What a month it’s been.  It’s been a great month – definitely on the cold side, but by far the fastest passing month that I can remember in quite some time.  I am just about 4 months into my new career, recently got married and set a new October Dividend Income record!  What’s not to love?  Whirlwind, yes, but a successful month?  Without a doubt.  Consistently investing in the sporadic market has kept the portfolio moving in the right direction.  Let’s check out the results.  Continue reading

Bert’s October Stock Purchases – Part 3 – October 19th through October 26th

Since I am have free trades for a few more months, I was able to make a series of small purchases over the last several weeks.  With Mr. Market being moody, there were plenty of positions that I wanted to add to or begin establishing.  There is one new name on this list and I was able to add this company three times during this time frame!  With the market sliding, I turned my attention to Dividend Aristocrats.  In times like these, I like to try to add to those companies that have demonstrated their ability to pay their dividend through many economic cycles.  Especially when the Aristocrats are trading at a discount. 

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Lanny’s Stock Purchases – August 13th through September 9th

I have been on quite the buying spree lately and have made 7 investment purchases within a 4 week window that I’m excited to share with everyone.  The stock purchases may be within a company that was already in my dividend portfolio or this could be an entire new position.  The one common trait that they all share is fairly simple – the stock purchases all produce growing dividends and pay on a quarterly basis!

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Bert’s September Dividend Stock Watch List

The calendar turns and I am ready to put some extra capital to work.   Over the last month, I have been busy initiating positions in Tyson, WestRock, and Illinois Tool Works.  The market has been interesting over the last few weeks.  There haven’t been too many buying opportunities out there, at least compared to the previous months.   Still, I run a stock screener each week (sometimes daily) to see what opportunities may be out there.  It has been a while since I have published my dividend stock watch list.  I figured this was a perfect month to do so.  Here is my September Dividend Stock Watch List!

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Bert’s Recent Stock Buys – Illinois Tool Works (ITW)…Two More Times

The market continues a crazy August.  After a few weeks there was a solid selection of opportunities afoot, the market suddenly turned and now the opportunities are far and few between.  Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to continue building a position I initiated earlier in the month.

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Bert’s Recent Stock Buys – Illinois Tool Works (ITW) & WestRock Co. (WRK)

It turns out that Lanny is pretty good at finding undervalued dividend growth stocks.  I was such a big fan of some of his recent purchases that I decided to follow his lead and purchase two of the stocks he recently purchased as well.  Luckily for me, even though I recently purchased shares of Tyson Foods, I had some extra capital to deploy.   See why I initiated two new positions in my portfolio at the beginning of August.

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