Lanny’s Recent Purchase – EMR (x3)

Well – I am sure you can read from the subject line – I was back at it again with a wonderful dividend aristocrat stock.  It’s hard to keep staying away from this stock when the market wants to keep throwing the discounts and sales in your face!  I was fortunate to have capital and make a stock purchase limit order yesterday on October 1st, 2015.  I purchased Emerson Electric (EMR) for the third time in the last 2 months!  Let’s find out why:

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4 Stocks to “Re-Up” My Position

Hold on tight everyone on this ride — the week has brought a tremendous downturn, which really, the week has brought us tremendous new opportunities!  The S&P 500 is down 2.43% since Monday’s close and even more so on a few stocks I’m going to talk about… Continue reading