Fundrise Review – A New Investment, Pros & Cons

fundrise, real estate investing

My wife and I had a long discussion in early February, I believe February 3rd was the date.  This was after the stock market surged through the first month of January.  We could not find an undervalued dividend stock that fit perfectly in our portfolios.  Furthermore, we had quite the position in the equity market.  On the other hand, this is not specifically a bad position, but it was truly weighing on my mind for quite some time. Then, we found and researched the real estate investing platform of Fundrise.

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5 Ways to Get Creative With Your Budget

We have a guest post from Lee Daley regarding budgeting.  It has been a while since we have published an article on budgeting on our website.  Lee provides some interesting tips and tricks to turn budgeting from a boring exercise to a fun one.  Plus, he did it in a Top 5 list format. Our favorite.  Hopefully you enjoy this article and find it beneficial.  Feel free to add ways you are creative with a budget in the comment section!

If the idea of living on a budget sounds emotionally exhausting, don’t panic.

Plenty of people don’t consider budgeting to be the most fun they can have on a weekend. For many consumers, the concept of obsessing over numbers and watching the pennies can be quite overwhelming. However, the good news is that with a little creativity, you can make your budget less daunting, and more inspiring.

If you want more control over your finances, but you don’t want to bore yourself to death with your budgeting strategy in order to have more money, the following creative tips can help.

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Dividend Stock Analysis: International Paper Company (IP)

This morning, with a cup of coffee in hand, I was excited to perform research to identify a potentially undervalued dividend growth stock to consider investing in during the coming months.  As a result of this desire to perform a stock analysis, I will take a deeper dive into International Paper Company (IP).

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A Big Retirement Mistake

We have our guest, Danielle K Roberts, for writing this detailed article on a, “Big Retirement Mistake”.  Danielle K Roberts is the co-founder of Boomer Benefits where she and her team help baby boomers navigate their Medicare insurance options. She is a member of the Forbes Finance Council and writes frequently about Medicare, retirement and personal finance.

Because of the baby boom that started back in 1946, it’s said that there are 10,000 baby boomers who are turning 65 every day. You might think this would cause an alarming number of retirees. However, according to The Motley Fool, 65% of boomers have planned to continue working past 65 years old. Continue reading

March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

One of the top 4 dividend months is in the book and one can only guess that I am referring to March.  The quarter-end came in hot and heavy.  We try to summarize the growth and progress towards FIRE for as many individuals as possible.   Here is the March installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series!

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Investing in Industries that are for LIFE

Here we are, sitting a few months into the calendar year and investment opportunities are difficult to come by.  However, we are all living and breathing, right?  We are all drinking water, eating food and have items in our life to reduce risk of loss, correct?  Have you considered that if all else fails and dividend stock opportunities are tough to come by, to invest into an industry that will be around, as long as we are simply, living?  That’s the focus of my article today.  I really want to get down to basics of what one could invest in if you are afraid of the next pop, the fizzle out of the latest start-up tech company or fall of a once-was retail giant?high-angle of houses over flooded ground

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Three Personal Development Goals for 2019

Bert here. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect over the last month or so.  More than I ever have.  Over the last few years, I’ve developed some habits and characteristics that I’m not that proud of.   With reflection, I’ve realized how badly I’ve wanted to shake these habits because of the impact it has on me and some of the relationships I have with those close to me.  But nobody is going to do it for me.   Through pen and paper here on our blog, I wanted to put the pen to the figurative paper to help hold myself accountable.  To do so, I’ve set three personal development goals for the year.  If you have any advice for either or have done something similar, please share your story in the comment section.  I would LOVE to read about it.

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