Expected Dividend Increases in November

I can’t believe this, but there are only two months remaining in 2014.  Holy cow has it been a great year.  As October turns to November, we will once  again review which companies we expect to announce dividend increases in November.  For those of you who are new followers, each month we compile a list of Dividend Aristocrats that we anticipate will announce a dividend increase.  Let’s review the results of our October dividend increases projections and take a look ahead to November!

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Top 5 Foundation Dividend Stocks for any Portfolio

top 5 foundation dividend stocks, dividend stocks, investing

Hey everyone!  I was sitting at my kitchen table doing an intense round of push-ups, reading articles and had a  thought.  I would love to share my point of view on the top 5 foundation dividend stocks that every beginning investor should own.  Also, this could work for anyone that is also transitioning from more of the “sexy” (i.e. complex) type of investing into something that we, dividend investors, feel – just makes more sense.

In order to bring the excitement up a notch, we have drilled down to FIVE dividend stocks to be the foundation to YOUR dividend portfolio.  The five dividend stocks represent different industries and hold the mighty, “Dividend Aristocrat”, crown, as well.

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Diplomat $500 Stock Purchases

Hey everyone!  It’s been a fun and exciting day for the Diplomats.   While Lanny has been actively taking advantage of the stock markets decline,  Bert has been quiet and has sat on the sideline watching Lanny have all of the fun.  Today, both Diplomats pulled the trigger and had stock purchases!  Let’s see which companies we bought today!

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Dividend Diplomats October Watch List

About a month ago we published our September formal Watch List.  A lot has changed over the last month.  We have received a ton of dividends, the S&P 500 has been on a decline of 4.33% through October 17th.  With October nearly in the rear-view mirror, it is time to update our watch list for the end of October and creep into November.

Stock Watch List

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Frugally Upgrading My Television for Less Than $100

My girlfriend and I are planning on upgrading my television in the near future and we have been discussing an upgrade since we moved in together in July.  A few years ago I bought a flat-screen, non-smart LED television and I love the purchase.  But as we all know, electronics evolve at a rapid pace and today’s latest and greatest becomes an antique within only a few years.   To get the most out of our cable, tablets, and other devices, we decided that we need an upgrade.   With our credit cards in hand, we set out on a voyage to frugally improve our “out-dated” television.  Let’s see what we decided.

Upgrading My Television

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Mattel Stock Analysis (MAT) – Updated!

With the upcoming quarterly earnings release amongst us on Thursday, I wanted to dive back into Mattel, talk about what the press is discussion, see what happened from my first analysis on Mattel, as well as the items I am looking for.  As we all know, the market has taken a beating as of late, which has pushed prices lower, thus allowing me/pushing me to dive into another Mattel Stock Analysis to see what has changed.

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Locked, Cocked & Ready to Unload! Stock Purchases October

Wow… as my title suggests, I have had my portfolio ammunition – locked, cocked and ready to UNLOAD!  There has been a lot of activity this month and thought – well, by Monday we are halfway through the month essentially and there’s been a lot of activity worthy of a post.  My locked, cocked & ready to unload began the very first day of October and has came to another chapter Friday October 10th.  This could go down as the biggest investments I have made in a single 10 day span.  Ready?  Let’s check it out.locked, cocked & ready to unload Continue reading