Expected Dividend Increases in November 2018

Fall is here, the leaves are changing colors, and we are closing in on the end of a pretty darn exciting month in the market.  For the first time in a while, Mr. Market experienced wild swings and presented dividend growth investors with some pretty strong opportunities.   The two of us have definitely taken advantage of a few of them, that’s for sure.   With the turning calendar, comes the next installment in our “Expected Dividend Increases” series!   For those of you that are new to the blog, each month we summarize a listing of companies that are expected to announce dividend increases in the coming month.  Since we love following each company’s dividend increase closely,  we thought we would share some of the excitement with you.  Now, here are the companies expected to announce dividend increases in November!

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Expected Dividend Increases – November 2017

Another month, another installment of our monthly series highlighting one of our favorite aspects about dividend investing….DIVIDEND INCREASES!   For those of you that are new to our website, each month we aggregate a listing of companies that are expected to increase their dividend in the coming months.  Lanny and I are ALWAYS monitoring potential dividend increases in stocks we either own are on our watch list, so we thought it might be helpful to other dividend investors as well.  Let’s see which companies are expected to announce a dividend increase in November!

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Lanny’s September 2017 Dividend Stock Watch List

The stock market has had some fun pullback as of late, and I’m all for it.  There are quite a few things occurring from a macro level with the sudden tragedies of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, followed by other catastrophic storms occurring within the world.  Even outside of those events, Amazon also is continually changing the landscape among retail and we are starting to see those that will thrive and those that are being negatively impacted in the short-term.  Since I always have my ear to the floor to what companies are being impacted, I have decided to compile my quick, short list of dividend stocks that have caught my eye.

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Top 5 Dividend Aristocrats with Low Debt to Equity Ratios

Recently, we saw the ugly side of debt.  As we all watched Kinder Morgan’s stock fall and wait for the final, inevitable sword of a dividend increase, there was one thing that became evident…KMI’s debt level was too high and the results were unsustainable in the current market environment (See Lanny’s awesome write up/analysis about KMI from earlier in the week).  The pressures mounted and management plus the Board of Directors decided to slash their dividend to preserve cash flow for capital expenditures and cover interest/dividend payments.   While debt isn’t a bad thing, I don’t want you leaving this intro thinking that’s my conclusion, runaway/uncontrolled debt can present many problems.  The name of our game on this website is investing in stocks with a growing dividend income stream, so we try to avoid companies and stocks that take us off of this course.  Which is very ironic considering that Lanny and I purchased shares in KMI just under a month ago (here and here) With the wound from KMI still fresh, I wanted to run a stock screener and identify several Dividend Aristocrats with low debt levels.  Check out our newest installment of our Top 5 list series (foundation stocks and low dividend yield/high dividend growth rate stocks)….the Top 5 Dividend Aristocrats with Low Debt to Equity Levels.


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Expected Dividend Increases in November

I can’t believe this, but there are only two months remaining in 2014.  Holy cow has it been a great year.  As October turns to November, we will once  again review which companies we expect to announce dividend increases in November.  For those of you who are new followers, each month we compile a list of Dividend Aristocrats that we anticipate will announce a dividend increase.  Let’s review the results of our October dividend increases projections and take a look ahead to November!

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