Bert’s Stock Purchases – December 2018

Wow, has December been a crazy month in the stock market to say the least.  Lanny has taken advantage of some of the craziness and put some capital to work and so have I.  There have been some frustrating moments for me (I’ll describe those later in the article).  But overall, I was excited to grab some stocks at a discount and continue to build my forward dividend income.  Luckily, my account was still eligible for free trades and I was able to engage in a lot of small trades.  With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I’m ready to summarize the stock purchases.  Let’s dive right in!

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Expected Dividend Increases in January 2019

Wow.  I had to take a second to stop when I typed the title of this article out.  I cannot believe it is already 2019.  Time continues to fly by and before I know it, I’ll be turning 30 in July.  2018 was such an incredible year for dividend investing and it was unique to watch from a investor’s perspective.  We started with the incredible surprise dividend increases at the beginning of the year and ended with a turbulent market (to say the least).  Lanny and I were talking about it, but I can’t remember the last time there were so many wild swings on daily basis.  But as always, we are prepared and ready to take a methodological approach to investing.   I’m starting to ramble, so let’s get back to the task at hand. Each month, we do our best to highlight as many companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase that month.  Since we love dividend increases and follow them so closely, we love trying to share the news with you!   Here is our listing of expected dividend increases in January 2019!

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Bumped Investing App – Initial Review

Hot off the presses!  There is a new investing application for your smartphone in town and this is set to change the investing game, BIG TIME.  I am not talking about just for those that already invest but I am talking about those who believe there is too much work, stress and lack of understanding to invest.  Please continue reading to see what application is going to CHANGE THE GAME!

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November Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Christmas is just around the corner and the stock market has been the most volatile, that I have ever seen in 2018.  Also, November was such an incredible month, that it’s a perfect time period to warm up the biggest month of them all… December.  So much work and commitment stem from this community, it’s contagious.  Therefore, without further-ado – our community of bloggers have been furiously releasing their dividend income summaries, you know what that means…time for the next installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series.   For those of you that are not familiar, each month, each month, we gather as many dividend income summaries from the community to share the results with all of you.    Here is the November version of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers! Continue reading

Lanny’s Stock Purchases December 1st Through December 15th

Yes, the financial investment engine of my dividend portfolio continues to receive steady capital on a consistent basis!  The last purchase article saw me deploy $2,500, which was on the lighter side, but let’s just say that these two weeks did not disappoint   They say money never sleeps and these prior 14 days were no different.  It’s now time to find out my dividend stock purchases!

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Bert’s December Dividend Stock Watch List

The holiday spirit is in the air and we are closing in on the end of 2018.  With Lanny serving a healthy dose of inspiration by sharing with all of us that he crushed a major dividend investing milestone ($12,000 in annual dividend income, aka $1,000/month), I’m as motivated as ever to continue investing as much capital as possible into income producing assets.  So today, I sat down and put together my initial December dividend stock watch list.  There are a handful of companies on this listing, so lets dive right in!

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Bert’s Recent Stock Purchase – United Parcel Services (UPS)

The start to December has provided some rocky moments in the market, to say the least.   There was a new stock that popped up on my screener (which will also be on my watch list going forward at these levels).  It is the holiday season and I’m sure you have seen their delivery trucks buzzing around the neighborhood.  Here is why I have initiated a position in United Parcel Services (UPS).

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