November Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Christmas is just around the corner and the stock market has been the most volatile, that I have ever seen in 2018.  Also, November was such an incredible month, that it’s a perfect time period to warm up the biggest month of them all… December.  So much work and commitment stem from this community, it’s contagious.  Therefore, without further-ado – our community of bloggers have been furiously releasing their dividend income summaries, you know what that means…time for the next installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series.   For those of you that are not familiar, each month, each month, we gather as many dividend income summaries from the community to share the results with all of you.    Here is the November version of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers!

Dividend Dozer – $94.33 – There we go!  A big 29% jump from prior year.  I like how you chip into your positions – such as Disney (DIS) and Cincinnati Financial (CINF).  The dividends will surely pay off!

My Dividend Dynasty – $891.85 – 6 Companies, paying you almost $900 is phenomenal.  Your monthly income of Reality Income (O) is staggering and that equates to almost $500 per year!  Congrats MDD.

Dividend Deluge – 214.60 (Euro) – Mintos (P2P) loans is something I haven’t seem that I will have to take a look at further.  Though not a dividend, that we usually see, I wanted to include that within here.  Thanks for sharing DD.

Dividend Seedling – $35.47 – I see your big dog is AT&T (T) just like mine, loving it.  With $35 in dividends, it’s quite impressive that you have 10 companies sending you checks.  The compounding will be amazing for you.

My Dividend Pipeline – $378.52 – Damn MDP, coming back strong as heck already – with 2 payers in AT&T (T) and Omega (OHI) coming in with the triple bag dividend.  Nice work and keep punching that portfolio to new heights.

Money Maaster – $326.32 – And you called this a soft month!  No way, that’s serious passive income right there and we think you are killing it.  Nice job MM!

Dividend Earner – $1,650.69 – Oh my.. wow!  This was a 34% increase from your prior year, a feat that is hard to come by.  At this rate, you should/will be financially free very soon!  Killer.

Dividend Cash Flow – $95.10 – Racking up dividends from common names such as AT&T (T), Procter Gamble (PG) and AbbVie (ABBV).  Also, that growth rate is impressive – double it up next year DCF!

Passive Canadian Income – $292.61 – There we go and almost a 10% increase.  You have the Canadian banks pumping cash your way, such as Bank of Montreal (BMO).  That solar income continues to pay off, as well.  Wish I could do that in Ohio

DesiDividend – $282.30 – A 41% growth isn’t too shabby and you get one heck of a dividend from Apple (AAPL).  Further, like many of us, the AT&T (T) dividend is strong and we all love the big telecom payments!

DivvyDad – $500.15 – 18 dividend payments.  194% increase from prior year.  A fairly good spread amongst the companies as well.  Kudos to you DD, and like we talk about – you have the tri-pod or what I like to call, the Tri-Fecta working out well for you.  The Tri-Fecta being dividend increases, dividend reinvestment and new dividend purchases.

Dividend Quest – $794.56 – A solid month here for Dividend Quest, really solid.  Despite the timing difference of one payout, causing a “lower than expected month,” you’ll receive a nice bump/benefit and December and you still received a boatload of dividends along the way!

Dividend Meter – $798.36 –  Great month Meter!  On average, you received nearly $100/company.   OHI led the charge this month with a few others that were not too far behind.  Keep pushing that meter forward!

Dividend Gremlin – $294.85 –  A 22.8% year-over-year increase is very nice.  Gremlin continues to realize the impact from dividend increases, receiving nearly 50 dividend increases so far in 2018.

Get Rich Brothers – $39.82 – GRB continues to display strong year over year dividend growth and has an awesome in the linked article showing the progress!  Nice job GRB.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $255.02 – This is awesome, a nice quarter of a $1,000.  Also, I see you have a nice chunk from Kinder (KMI), here’s to hoping for another sizable dividend increase in 2019.

Drip Til Rich – $288.04 – Almost knocking out a triple digit receipt of AT&T (T)!  Can’t wait for February, as you’ll get it then.  Further, that dividend from Apple Inc. (AAPL) is looking very beefy!  Keep drippin’ til you get there my man!

Dividend Pig – $1,117.63 – What’s awesome about your massive list of dividend income and payers, is the number of companies paying and the names that I don’t have, such as – Clorox (CLX) and Fastenal (FAST).  Further, love the General Mils (GIS) dividend is huge, getting paid to wait!

Wallet Squirrel – $8.01 – Solid!  We are all excited for your next venture to start Wallet, but it always is fun to see how MANY different ways you earn revenue, dividends being just one.  Nice work!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $288.40 – I think you are right with Texas Instruments (TXN) and that it will be a great dividend stock going forward!  Also, congrats on the income numbers, a 46% growth rate is impressive!

Investing Pursuits – $215.47 – A big 18% increase from prior year and this urges me to look into your BPF.UN investment and, of course, Shaw Communications (SJR.B).  Great work and looking forward to December’s results!

Passive Income Pursuit – $305.19 –  JC continues to post impressive results and another double-digit percent increase in dividend income compared to last year.  We love that you crossed $300 this month as well!

Dividend Portfolio – $124.92 – “Very respectable”  is an understatement Dividend Portfolio.  Your dividend income increased over 100% compared to last year.  That’s at least EXTREMELY respectable.  Nice job!

Financially Free in 10 Years – 49.7 Euros –  Our favorite two words to read were mentioned in Mr. Robot’s article this month….NEW RECORD.  Congratulations on continuing to push the bar higher and higher.

I Want Dividend – 155.54 Euros –  Woah.  The last few people have had awesome dividend increases here.  And I Want Dividend raises the bar once again, posting a 272% year-over-year dividend increase!

Engineering Dividends – $628.38 –  Continuing to make moves and crush it.  Love that ED reports the amount of additional income from dividend increases as well and this added over $100 to ED’s forward dividend income.  Keep up the great work ED!

Div Hut – $829.98 – Over a 20% growth is absurd, but with the amount of activity you’ve had this year – it doesn’t surprise me. SO close to 4 digits, amazing.  Thanks DH and feel free to send some Caterpillar (CAT) dividend this way.

Dividend Hawk – $1,239.38 – There we go!  A nice 4 digit banger right here and couldn’t be more impressed.  Further, we all usually have one monthly dividend income payer in Realty Income (O) but you have… FOUR!  I need to check out Global X Super Dividend ETF (SDIV) during my next research session.

Tawcan – $1,586.54 – Good Lord, another 4 digit/home run month!  Tawcan, you are WELL on your way to $24,000 income per year, starting in 2019, I have a feeling.  Love the Canadian stocks in your portfolio and the love you have for the big Canadian banks, such as Bank of Montreal (BMO).  You are staying the course and the course is leading you to the right direction.  Nice job and thank you for inspiring us all!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $938.39 – 17% higher and almost $1,000.  There you go Jason.  Just the spread you have is incredible.  You are very inspiring and motivating!  Can’t wait to see what December has in store for you.

Dividends & Hobbies – $475.43 – Love the coffee comparison and what you can buy with the dividends.  That’s what it’s about – what expenses do your dividends cover?  Once dividends cover all expenses, you fricken did it!  Congrats D&H on the climb.

Broke Investor – $19.69 – A huge 48% year over year increase for Broke Investor, after receiving dividends from four companies we both own (PG, T, SBUX, and O).  Continue making those moves and increasing your forward dividend income!

Steps to FI – $621.51 –  Steps to FI, what else is there to say other than GREAT JOB.  Another excellent month posted and you are closing in on some pretty nice investing milestones.

Dividend Fireman – $947.80 – A $200+ AT&T(T) dividend?!  That is insane?!  Wow, talk about that reinvestment – almost 10 shares.  Good Lord Fireman, get that water and stop that burn DF!  Congrats.

Dividend Daze – $147.57 – There we go!  Talk about almost doubling up from prior year.  You are well on your way and hopefully you’re keeping that investing engine running to crush 2019.

Dividend Vet – $268.23 – How sweet is that Kinder Morgan (KMI) dividend?  Ready for that 25% dividend increase next year, or what?  You damn well know I am.  Can’t wait.

Reverse the Crush – $29.27 – Cannot argue with a 469% growth rate and I am hoping you double down and do it again next year RTC!  We all want to see it and love the path that you are on.  Also, love the style of your blog and the charts/key numbers you include in your article.  Keep it up.

Total:  37 Bloggers Received $17,229.62 in Dividends in October (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

Wow!  That represents an average dividend of $465.66 per blogger out there.  This happened in the month of NOVEMBER everyone!  Last year’s November brought an average of $346.64.  Therefore, we are all getting better!  That’s a growth rate of 34% from last year and I, for one, am extremely proud and impressed with our community.  Part of the reason we enjoy putting this post together is the motivation and inspiration drawn from each individual story and journey towards financial freedom.  When we said 2018 has been an incredible year, we included all of you, the bloggers, in that statement.  2019 is on the horizon, let’s keep our focus and finish December strong!  Let’s continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and continue to push forward.  Congratulations and onward to new heights my friends!

33 thoughts on “November Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Congratulations to all investors , keep up the good work

    My november 2018 dividend is 301.40 USD .
    Just push it through the 300 USD with buying extra shares of AT – T before they went EX- dividend.
    compared with 2017 a 40 % increase.

    thanks for sharing the list guys,


  2. Another impressive month for the community as a whole. My portfolio produced $41.42, a record amount of dividends for the middle month of the quarter (albeit by a very small margin). Dividends are the only constant in a volatile and unpredictable market like the one we’re in now. This December may well finish as the worst since the Great Depression, but its the dividends that will guide us through it.

  3. Looks like DGI community is on fire! Will you guys do an annual summary after December, if it is not too much trouble? It would be a great resource to see annual incomes on one page, because everyone receives most of their dividends in different months.

    Thanks for including my report again!

  4. Lanny & Bert,
    Thanks a lot for gathering the list and sharing it in a monthly post as always! Reading about what each blogger managed to bring from passive income keeps inspiring me every month. Thanks for including me as well!

  5. These updates are becoming “old hat.” Of course, I mean that in the best possible way. It’s amazing to continually see ever higher passive income brought in among our DGI peers. Please, please, please tell the DGI detractors out there to leave us alone. Let us keep buying and holding dividend stocks for the long haul and make more money each year while everyone else guesses when a crash/bottom or top will occur. Like my MCD… I’m lovin’ it!

    • Amen Keith – Tell those contractors to have a different community get off their lawn 🙂 In all seriousness, this is our time to shine right here. Continue growing our income by buying undervalued dividend growth stocks. Don’t worry, we didn’t take offense to “Old Hat.” We knew EXACTLY what you were talking about haha


  6. Quite impressive results all across the DGI community, and seeing that combined total and YoY growth of 34% from everyone is fantastic! I love sharing this monthly post as this is a true testament to how one can build a passive income machine with dividends. Congrats to everyone on a great month!

    Also, thanks as always for curating this post and including me. Wishing the two of you and your families a happy and healthy holidays!

  7. Thanks for including me! That’s a great total for November and that blogger average if fantastic at $465. Also thanks again for continuing this series. Often times there’s a lot of updates that I don’t get to check in on so it’s great to see them condensed and keep up on the progress. December should be a huge month for the DGI blogging community and with the recent market volatility/decline I expect that we’ll see a lot of big jumps next year in dividends.

  8. Hey guys,

    Appreciate the inclusion. As always, it’s an honor to be part of such an inspired and inspiring group of people. We’re chasing after our dreams collectively and individually. And it’s great to see those dreams come true in real-time. 🙂

    Merry Christmas over there!

    Best regards.

  9. Merry Christmas.
    Some serious cash being earned by all of us. And it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Good job everyone. Thanks for continuing to include me on this list

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