Expected Dividend Increases in May 2018

Is there anything sweeter than opening up your laptop after a hard day’s work, checking your dividend portfolio, and then realizing that one of your holdings increased their dividend that day?  It is such a sweet/satisfying feeling,  one that Lanny and I cannot get enough of.  We’ve constantly calling and texting each other the minute we find out that our forward dividend increased without lifting a finger!  Each month, we try to identify as many companies as we can that are expected to announce an increased dividend in the coming month so we can hopefully share our excitement with some of you!   Let’s see which companies are expected to announce dividend increases in May!

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Bert’s May Dividend Stock Watch List

The market has been beating down consumer staple stocks lately, which shouldn’t exactly be a surprise to my fellow dividend growth investors.  Lanny detailed this trend last month in his infamous “Battle of the Consumer Staple Stocks, ultimately showing how some of the best consumer staple stocks are trading at a nice discount.  The trend has still continued to this day, which is great because I love consumer staple stocks.  This was probably evidenced by the fact that I purchased P&G twice in April!  I’m back on the lookout for another purchase as I have some capital to deploy.  With the introduction I have written, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but my watch list is going to be heavily focused in consumer staples sector.  Let’s check out the four companies on my May Dividend Stock Watch List.

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Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – Procter & Gamble (PG)

Earnings season has been upon us for this past quarter and wow, things are starting to move, shake, drop, pop and roll.  On April 19th, things were no different.  After seeing quite a few stocks that are strong dividend players drop, one company caught our eye.  I messaged Bert saying, “Alert, PG DROP!”.  The rest was history.  We both ended up purchasing additional positions into Procter & Gamble (PG)!

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March Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Where is time going?  3 months have already gone by in 2018 and the year’s madness continues.  January and February were exciting months for investors and as it turns out, March wasn’t much different.  Many great companies were suddenly trading at a discount and the dividend investing community jumped all over the buying opportunities!  Now that the month is over and most of us have published our March dividend income reports, it is time for the next installment in our monthly income from the blogging community series!  We will try to include as many of you as we can, but please don’t take it personally if you were not included this month!  Now, let’s dive right in and see just how well the community performed in March!

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Lanny’s Q1 Dividend Portfolio Update

Now that the first quarter is behind us, it’s time to check in on where I currently am at with my dividend portfolio.  I want to share the current state of my dividend portfolio, related to market value, forward-looking dividends, yield and yield on cost.  Additionally, I’ll describe the activities; such as, contributions, dividends received to date and the like.  I thought this may give a great snapshot of where I currently am, the progress into this year and if I like the trajectory for the year.  Time to check out the state of my portfolio!

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Lanny’s Recent & Accidental Stock Purchase – Citizens & Northern (CZNC)

You read that tile right!  I may have accidentally purchased a dividend stock last week.  Long-story short, on Tuesday, April 10th, a trade went through that relates to my lack of paying attention to my own account set-up strategies.  Not only did the purchase go through, it happened to be on a day that the market was doing well, so it wasn’t even a timely purchase at all, either!  I ended up purchasing $606.00 worth of Citizens & Northern (CZNC) on Tuesday, April 10th.  Let’s see the summary below.

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The Diplomats’ March Side Hustle Report

Busy season is finally just about over for the Dividend Diplomats!  Through the insane work weeks and the Cleveland Cold that ensues, do you think we were able to keep the side hustles going?  You better believe we never stop side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  It was a solid month overall, but we are looking forward to April Side Hustlin’ money showers!  Now, let’s see how we did in March! Continue reading