Expected Dividend Increases in May 2017

Dividend Increases, dividend increases, dividend increases.  Man, this is the exciting announcement that all of us dividend growth investors eagerly await.  A dividend increase is one of the best benefits of a dividend growth investor and can come in all shapes and sizes.  Since we are constantly tracking the companies in our portfolio, each month, we prepare a listing of dividend increases that we are expected to receive from companies in our portfolio and several Dividend Aristocrats that we do not hold.   Now, it is time to dive in and see which companies we expect to increase their quarterly dividend in May 2017.

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Bert’s August Stock Watch List

Earlier in the week, I crossed a big investing milestone….crossing $3,000 in forward dividend income.   It took me 15 months to jump from $2,000 to $3,000 and at the end of the article, I challenged myself to hit the next milestone in half the time.  To get there, I better get moving quickly.  What’s the best way to increase your dividend income?  Not a trick question here, but purchase stock!   I thought it would be a good idea to do some research this evening and put together a small watch list of stocks that have caught my eye.  Here it is, my August stock watch list.

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