January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Wow 2018 is flying by!  The two of us are bustling through our busy season and nearly two months have gone by in the blink of an eye.  In our last edition of the blogger income series, we witnessed blogger after blogger set personal records and produce insane dividend growth rates in December.  Can the community build on their December success and crush 2018?  Well, let’s hope the community can post strong dividend growth rates, as some of our favorite dividend stocks, because 2018 has been crazy so far.  Time to dive in, here is our January dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers.


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The Diplomats’ January Side Hustle Report

Wow. January went by like a flash.   Since we are both public accountants in the middle of our busy season, you sort of lose track of the hours and even days for that matter as you are glued to excel spreadsheets from dusk to dawn.  But you know what.  Despite the long hours, we still managed to find time for some Side Hustles!   The results weren’t as strong as December, that’s for sure. But as we always like to say, every extra dollar counts and makes a difference (especially in this current red market!).  Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, time to check out our January Side Hustle Report!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Realty Income (O)

My first purchase of the year.  With the market continuing the rollercoaster ride, seeing many red and many black days, I just had to make a move.  On February 12th, I made my first stock purchase of 2018.  As you read the title, this has been quite the favorite of Bert’s lately and it was time for me to add to my position.  The price was very sweet and difficult to pass up and I am very excited to write about the capital that was added.  Now let’s see what price and why I made this dividend stock purchase!

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Recent Buy – Realty Income (O) X 3

The market continued to slide the first few weeks of February.  Dividend Aristocrats and other great dividend stocks continued to fall to levels I haven’t seen in a while.  Lanny and I were having multiple discussions each day about which stocks are looking great and where to potentially focus our attention.  Look how strong some of the names are that were on his January dividend stock watch list.  Well, there is one stock that has continued to catch my eye as the price continues to decline.  I’ve purchased the stock twice already in 2018 and I could not resist when their price fell below the half-century mark.  Here is why I bought Realty Income (O) for the third time in 2018!

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Lanny’s January Dividend Income Summary

Wow.  Here we are again everyone.  The first month of the year has come to a close.  31 days have flown by and another month of dividend income has been received.  As a CPA, this month has worn me down, to say the least.  Thank the Lord that dividend income continues to fuel the portfolio to new heights and continues to march on when I am struggling for time, research and spending time with loved ones.  January was a great start for dividend income and I am proud to present the results to the community.

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Tax Reform and Tax-Advantaged Savings Accounts

The Tax Reform has been etched in stone and the dust has, for the most part, settled.  I wanted to teach/describe to the reader/ to readers that there are still advantages to the tax-advantaged accounts in 2018, even if we are in slightly lower rates, with a few other minor things to think about.  Therefore, this article will go into detail on the pre-tax 401(k), Traditional IRA and the Health Savings Account, in relation to the Tax Reform and how it can still open up more cash to invest.  I will have a few tid bits at the end, to think about, as well.

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Bert’s January Dividend Income Summary

The calendar has turned and we are off to the races in 2018.  It has busy month and our busy season has been intense.  But that hasn’t stopped us from closely monitoring our portfolios and the excitement that is happening in the stock market.   We all finished December strong and as a community 39 of us were able to receive of $30,000 of dividend income.  It was a record-setting month for a lot of us, including myself.  And now that 2018 has started, it is time to keep the momentum going.  With one month down, I thought it would be as good as a time as ever to publish my first dividend income summary of 2018.  Time to check out my January dividend income summary!

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