January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Wow 2018 is flying by!  The two of us are bustling through our busy season and nearly two months have gone by in the blink of an eye.  In our last edition of the blogger income series, we witnessed blogger after blogger set personal records and produce insane dividend growth rates in December.  Can the community build on their December success and crush 2018?  Well, let’s hope the community can post strong dividend growth rates, as some of our favorite dividend stocks, because 2018 has been crazy so far.  Time to dive in, here is our January dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers.


Dividend Portfolio – $14.93 – Nice work bringing in two solid companies paying you, I own both, so I am biased.  You’ll continue to build on that and your portfolio.  Keep progressing forward DP!

Stockles – $57.90 – I wish we could all quadruple our income year over year.  Congrats and those 7 companies aren’t too shabby!

My Dividend Dynasty – $380.90 – WAM!  Talk about a great month.  Also, love that you have Medical Properties (MDW), as I do as well.   Congrats on really being able to compare results.  It’s fun and it’s only the beginning.

The Money Hungry Blog – $70.54 – Crushing prior year’s figures, that’s what I’m talking about.  Nice job adding solid yielders of Realty Income (O) and Altria (MO). Keep it up!

Time in the Market – $80.14 – Almost $25 more than last month, which equates to almost a 50% increase from that time period as well.  Time, if you keep that up, you’ll be reducing that time on the freedom trail.  Nice work and don’t stop now.

Wallet Squirrel – $11.49 – Very nice!  Another month up and another month down.  Love the article layout, as always, and love that you explain what you’re doing with this income – more investing, of course.  Congratulations Wallet, keep it up!

Passive Canadian Income – $307.44 – WHOA!  What a month you had, also nice chunk of dividends you received.  We share Cisco (CSCO), which I’m pumped, but you have some really nice dividend players.  Congratulations, with the new born as well, a lot of life ahead!

Dividends Down Under – $40.87 – Putting the numbers in the book DDU!  Congratulations on tripling the amount from the prior year.  Just making moves, consistency and staying in the game – it’s doing the trick for you!

Desidividend – $225.33 – Month 1 has treated you very well.  This is an astounding figure for January, big congratulations.  Excited for what’s in store for the rest of the year!

Dividend Earner – $1,485.79 – WHOA!  Breaking records here for January.  A 40% increase from last year isn’t anything to scoff at either.  Congratulations DE, keeping us all motivated here!

Broke Dividend Investor – $464.04 – WOW!  What a month of January with SO many companies paying you.  I think every industry is paying you, from tobacco – Philip Morris (PM), to consumer products in Nike (NKE), to big box such as Walmart (WMT), your list goes on.  Congrats!

DivHut – $1,327.79 – Congratulation son a 4 digit month here DH, with the benefit of a BCR/BDX merger cash out of $897.56.  You’ve got a few aristocrats paying you in CAH, PEP.  Keep it up over there, keep making moves.

Dividend Family Guy – $1,888.84 – Congratulations as well on a 4 digit month, like a few others above.  Old Republic’s $1 dividend had to feel so nice hitting that account, just a massive/monster dividend from one player.  Enjoy it!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $392.60 – So close to $400!  16 wonderful companies sent checks your way and feel free to re-direct towards me : )  Honestly, that takes up a huge expense amount on a monthly basis, you are on track to financial freedom, no doubt.

My Dividend Pipeline – $31.40 – Divvies are rolling in, congrats MDP.  Hopefully General electric (GE) shows better performance, benefits from the tax change going forward and is able to sharpen the focus.

Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Girl – $272.26 – The best part about your month is the 24% increase year over year.  Congratulations.  Keeping that growth rate up will have you reaching financial independence for sure.  Also, I see Pepsi (PEP) paid you – hope you enjoyed their latest 15% dividend increase announcement, with payments to begin May of this year.  Loving it!

American Dividend Dream – $162.29 – Line it up and knock it down.  4 players and 3 of them are very key for your month – Realty Income (O), Pepsi (PEP) and Cisco (CSCO) – all amazing companies.  Congrats!

Two Investing – $350.94 – WHOA.  124% increase year over year?  You are giving HHWG a run for her money, noted above.  I see Disney (DIS) and General Electric (GE) sending massive checks your way.   Hope Disney (DIS) has some great dividend news this year.  Congrats!

Pollies Dividend – $62.44 –  Told you we wouldn’t forget about you this month!  Despite the decrease from GE, there was still a lot of great progress from your other stocks.

Cheesy Finance – 522.50 Euros –  Looks like exchanges rate fluctuations made this appear as if that CF’s dividend income decreased during the year.  However, the month showed some nice progress once the impact from rates was adjusted.  Great month CF!

Dutch Independence –  29.93 Euros –  Our tour of blogs across the pond continues.  DI’s percent dividend increase was..not measurable since DI did not receive any dividends in January 2017.  Look at how much progress you have made in 12 short months DI.  Amazing stuff.

Screaming Little Man – $3,106.79 –  This is just an insane payout here for SLM in January.  The two semi-annual dividend payers delivered an impressive haul and it is still crazy you crazy $3k in the first month of the year.  Holy cow  Congrats!

Passive Income Dude – $61.33 –  The dividends represented a small portion of PID’s total passive income total.  PID was able to receive over $1k in funds when considering the impact of rental properties.

Dividend Gremlin – $74.41 –  The Gremlin strokes again and started off 2018 strong.  An ~11% growth rate is impressive for the month despite the GE dividend cut.  Very solid here Gremlin.

Tall Investing – $298 –  The dividend income total was impressive enough on its own.  But what we loved was the fact that TI received a ton of dividend increases in January!  Enjoy those increases and the extra fractional shares they will produce 🙂

Millennial Dividends – $147.46 –  MD crushed it with a 53.4% increase compared to January 2017.  MD received checks from 15 great dividend paying companies that should continue to pay and increase their dividend for a long, long time.

Single Dad Money – $1.93 –  It may not seem like a lot, but as we say, every dollar makes a huge difference SDM.  It’s all about building that strong foundation and continuing to build to your positions.

Tawcan – $1,340.83 –  Wow.  Tawcan continues to deliver strong results.  This 17% YOY growth rate is setting the table for a great 2018.  The best is yet to come.  By the way, those pictures in your summary look amazing.  Perfect for the spirit of the Winter Olympics.

Stashing Dutchman – $26.69 –  Two companies.  Two very solid paychecks.  By the way, enjoy that dividend increase you received from CSCO Stashing Dutchman.

Dividend Dozer – $68.56 –   Dozer was busy working through a big bathroom remodel in January.  But the beauty of dividend investing is that Dozer was still able to earn some income in the background without having to lift a finger.   The new bathroom is looking nice by the way!

Engineering Dividends – $541.98 –  A solid start to 2018.  What’s crazy is that all the dividend increases announced in January resulted in an additional $123 in forward dividend income.  That’s what we’re talking about!

Dividend Quest – $844.51 – Uhm… let me pick my jaw off the floor.  You had a few big hitters, but almost hitting the $1k mark in January is fricken impressive, congratulations!

Dividend Hawk – $1,088.17 – HELL YEAH!  Congrats hawk, 4 digits up and 4 digits down, making it happen!  It was hard to find your dividend income article, with all of the dividend increase articles you’ve been writing, which is never a bad thing.  Big congrats on the 4 digit mark!

Divided Guy Blog – $93.45 – Century mark awaits my friend, you will get there, sooner than later, no doubt, for your off months.  Keep crushing it over there!

Fiscal Voyage – $255.14 – Congrats on that dividend income my man!  Not to mention – great rental income stream you have going there.  You will start to have $2k per month in no time, keep doing what you are doing.

Dividend Solutions – $163.98 – Love that you have Cisco (CSCO), Pepsi (PEP) and Realty Income (O) – as we’ve been scooping up that wonderful REIT quite a few times recently.  Congratulations on the impressive amount and keep packing that punch going forward.

Total:  35 Bloggers  produced $16,417.86 (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

These are just incredible results from the community.  Reading your monthly summaries and seeing great results serve great motivation for us to get off our our butts, make every dollar count, and do everything possible to increase our forward dividend income.   Let’s keep on pushing ourselves to reach financial freedom as early as possible and to take back control.  Happy dividend collecting everyone and we have 11 more exciting months to go, as it relates to Dividend Income results, in 2018!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

57 thoughts on “January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • PCI –

      Held out almost til the last day! We are testing out timing to see if we can showcase more bloggers by waiting and seeing the draw that we can pull. And of course – keep bringing in those divvies!


    • Tom –

      And guess what – we love every gosh damn second of doing this! Hey, it’s all about killing it here, learning from one another, seeing the numbers get bigger… and bigger and… well crap you get it haha. Keep it up Tom, talk soon.


  1. Work keeps me away from the community for 2 weeks and I don’t make the list? lol jk. Happy to see so many great names on the list earning some nice passive income numbers. And at least while work is busy, so is my dividend portfolio. I know you guys know the feeling. Thanks for sharing. Good job everyone!

  2. Whoa, lots of big numbers out there. I’m glad my $80 is there making up a tiny % of that 16k the whole community collected.
    Great to see everyone doing so great and can’t wait to see what February and more so March(since all those sweet ETFs pay out then) will bring.

    • MDD –

      Congrats to YOU too my man. Everyone is consistent, staying to the strategy and continues to persevere through the rollercoaster market. March is going to be great, as well, PUMPED!


  3. Bert and Lanny,

    Thanks for including me! This overview is always my biggest motivator – all these different bloggers working towards the same goal.

    Awesome!! I personally can’t wait for March…it’s looking to become a dividend monster, crushing previous months 🙂

    Keep it up all!

  4. Congratulations to all for putting up such impressive dividend totals… a great start to 2018, no doubt. And thank you Lanny and Bert for all the efforts you put into delivering this round-up from the bloggers… I can only imagine the time involved. It goes without saying, but I very much appreciate you including ED. ‘Til next month!

  5. Hey Diplomats,

    35 bloggers with a combined 16k in dividends – that’s awesome!! Especially when considering that January is usually not one of the “big” dividend months…
    Congrats to everyone in the DGI community and thanks to Lanny&Bert for all the work and including DividendSolutions… Looking forward to February (which will be a new personal record month for me…)


  6. Congrats to all. Looks like 2018 started off on some strong footing. Just keep the momentum going and don’t get shaken out of the market no matter how sky high valuations and pricing gets nor if we see steep declines and selloffs. Definitely and inspiring thing to see.

    • P2F –

      Of course, honestly – we try to poll everyone’s blog based on comments, tweets that we see, mentions on other boards, etc.. Our goal is always to have at least 25 and we try to do as many as we can. Downside this past month was – we are both working busy season and our time is limited haha. March will be huge!


    • DP –

      No worries on the time of the comment, I am finally trying to catch up to everyone as well. This list continues to get stronger and it is gosh damn impressive. Let’s keep this up.


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