December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Happy New Year’s Dividend Investing Community!  Wow, what a year it was.  November’s dividend income from the bloggers totaled 50 bloggers with over $17,000 divvies coming in.  The results were very impressive and the community has shown no signs of slowing down.  However, with one month left and big dividend payers coming in the last month of the year – can we set new records?  Did Santa bring gifts this year for the community?  Time to grab the hot cup of coffee, get comfortable and read about the December dividend income results from YOU the bloggers!

Stockles – $30.72 –  Amazing news all around from Stockles, who saw dividend income increase 233.44% compared to last year.  Plus, the growth is going to continue to be insane in 2018 thanks to $13,000 in capital Stockles injected in 2017!

Dividends Are Coming – 133.73 Euros – DAC finished the year with a bang!  And now, 2018 is looking like it is going to be an INSANE year after a few adjustments to Belgium’s tax laws.

Passive Income Dude – $3,324.70 – WOW!  First time over $3k (congrats) and first time an entity paid over $1k (congrats).  Just awesome, blazing those trails PID!  Keep it up, 2018 is going to be insane for you.

Balanced Dividends – $5,705 – Goodness.. first PID comes in over $3K and now you are almost at $6k?!  Between the two of you, literally at $9k, talk about records this month.  Keep crushing it and keep fueling the taxable account AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!!  Your 2018 is going to be on fire.

Young Dividends – $958.83 – WHOA!  So close, so close to the 4 digit mark.  What’s nice is the majority comes from your taxable account and can be ready to use any time.  Very strong list of payers, might I add.  Ready to see what your “young div” portfolio can do in 2018!  Congrats.

Captain Dividend – $441.06 – Captain said it bet in his article.  Great job crushing the month and earning well over $400.  Those 14 companies/funds delivered very well for you in December!

Dividend Lord – $238.34 –  Congratulations on setting a new record Dividend Lord and posting a 21.9% year over year growth rate!  We’re bummed that you were $15.30 away from reaching your dividends receive goal during the year; however, you have made some amazing progress regardless of the end result!

Seeking the Dividends – $234.71 –  It looks like we have another blogger that has recorded a personal record here in December!  Amazing results Seeking.  Great stuff indeed.

Dividend Portfolio – $76.51 –  DP has taken a consistent approach to identifying and adding dividend stocks and the results are really starting to pay off.   This was a record setting month by DP, thanks in part to a new position in W.W.Grainger (which Lanny also purchased twice during the year).

My Dividend Dynasty – $934.43 – Big month, with over $100 on average from each company paying you, with your 8 member troop.  Pretty awesome.  Ready to see what you do in 2018, starts now, LET’S GO!

Money Hungry – $596.68 – Wahoa!  Talk about solid December dividend income.  I see you also have VINIX, employer 401k, may I guess?  Keep it up, you had a great year and are setting up 2018 very nicely.

Passive Income Pursuit – $948.83 – Almost the $1k as well.  Gosh, so many people setting records and doing so well – proof is in the pudding, right?  Congratulations, you have great names in your portfolio, such as Norfolk (NSC), T Rowe (TROW), Starbucks (SBUX) and the list goes on.  Set another record this March, come on!

Dividend Reaper – $217.11 –  Dividend Reaper is the only person on this list to post their dividend income summary on their Youtube channel.  Love the format Reaper and oy yeah, congrats on the great month!

Investing Pursuits – $268.01 – Man, IP was just $25 from crossing $4,000 in dividends received during the year.  The great news is that you are going to BLOW past this in 2018.  Regardless, it was a great year for you IP and you are building quite the foundation over there.

Dividend Income Stocks – $348.19 – Excellent DIS, just excellent!  Congrats on a 73% increase compared to December 2016.  Enjoy that three digit special dividend you received this month!

Tawcan – $1,277.93 – Bob just crushed it here in December to bring the year to a close.   What’s crazy is that Bob’s dividend income increased over 18% compared to last year….and we aren’t talking about small dollar amounts folks.  Bob received almost $15k in dividend income in 2017!

Passive Canadian Income – $548.87 – Speaking of large dividend increases compared to last year, PCI’s dividend income increased 481% compared to last year.   We also love the stat that you added almost $14 in forward dividend income as a result of DRIPing in 2017.

Dividend Vet – $441.58 –  The good times continue to roll for Dividend Vet!  21 companies paid Vet this month and his income increased 36% compared to last year.  Great stuff Vet.

Dividend Daze – $128.00 – Daze ended 2017 in style and set a new record for dividend income.   Just a solid 67% dividend increase compared to last year!  Congrats Daze.

Dividend Dozer -$169.22 –  The title of Dozer’s article says it all, “The biggest month, by far.”   Dozer set this record by receiving strong mutual fund dividends during December. And on top of that, dividend increases in the fourth quarter have added an addition $12.97 to Dozer’s forward income.

Dividends and Hobbies – $462.20 – 2017 was a HUGE year for Dividends and Hobbies.  D&H finally joined the six figure club in December as the portoflio’s market value soared passed $100k.   The best is yet to come our friend!

Single Dad Money – $6.09 – SDM took advantage of a cold and snowy day to rip out a few articles and show that Ford paid SDM an awesome dividend here in December!

Two Investing – $1,278.18 – Scott’s dividend income chart over the last few years is incredible.  The slope on your chart is pretty darn steep 🙂

Dividends Down Under – $29.26 –  This might be our favorite year over year growth rate cited in this article.  DDU’s dividend income increased by an infinite percent compared to December 2016 ($0).   DDU is making some moves here!

Dividend Solutions – $268.17 –  A 35% year over year increase is great DS and we love some of the names on your listing of companies that paid you a dividend here in December.  COngrats on crossing over $4,000 in dividends received in 2017 as well!

Dividend Swan – $280.52 –  Swan ended 2017 by crossing $3,000 in total dividend income received and defeating Swan’s initial goal of $2,800 in dividends received.  Nothing like defeating a lofty goal!

American Dividend Dream – $303.59 – ADD’s list of accomplishments in 2017 is remarkable: paying off a mortgage, adopting a child, and dominating his dividend income!

A Christian Investor – $2,732.87 –  HOLY COW!  These results are incredible ACI.   Loved seeing the listing of stocks and dividend income received from the companies increase in your article.

Wallet Squirrel – $7.83 – That’s a nice little divvy income for the month, which I love that you use all monthly side hustle income to contribute for further investments, which produces even MORE income.  That’s what it’s all about baby!  Congrats and pumped for your 2018!

Dividend Cash-Flow – $197.04 – Whoa, killing it.  Nice job and with the names of Coke (KO), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Pfizer (PFE), ConEd (ED) – there is no wonder you are doing so well!  Keep it up and pump up those aristocrats!

Fiscal Voyage – $1,669.68 – Setting records, left and right, eh?  Wow, just a massive amount of passive portfolio income right there.  Congratulations Voyage, truly impressive and am excited for what’s to come, especially with your rental property.  I didn’t add that to the above total, as the focus is on your divvy income.  You’re on an investment tear, don’t slow down!

DivHut – $915.21 – Nice job with the impressive 33% dividend growth and almost clipping $1k!  I can only imagine where you’ll be that same time next year/in 2018.  The best thing is that your taxable account is the majority, at well over $700!! I think I got dizzy by just scrolling through the number of people that paid you.  Amazing work, keep it up DH!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $253.16 – Target (TGT), IBM, Exxon (XOM), your list goes on.  Keep doing you, the figures are outstanding.  Cheers to 2018 AFFJ!

Dividend Guy Blog – $93.45 – Congrats on investing the lump sum from the pension and making moves in your dividend portfolio.  For the US side of the coin – you have the top notch blue chip companies we all adore.  I believe it will, in deed, provide plentiful dividends for years to come!

Race 2 Retirement – $1,621.65 – Talk about massive checks coming to your door!  BP (BP), Main Street (MAIN) and Vector Group (VGR) – they provide substantial amounts to you, pretty cool to see.  Also – jealous of your monthly dividend from Realty Income!  Congrats!

All About Interest – $1,255.74 –  AAI just crushed it to end 2017 in style.   With such a great month AAI was able top the $8,000 dividends received mark.   Congrats!

Dividend Gremlin – $394.96 –  The Gremlin definitely struck again in December.   A solid 33% increase that is only going to get larger as Gremlin purchased another stock in December and received 5 dividend increases this month.

Dividend Hawk – $1,064.25 –  Anotther blogger here that just CRUSHED it in December. The best thing is that this isn’t even Hawk’s best dividend paying month like so many other bloggers.  Hawk’s best month will come in April.

Dividend Quest – $868.73 –  There is nothing better than finishing a month by exceeding our dividend expectations!  Quest  way to finish 2017 strong!

Total: 39 Bloggers earned $30,725.03 in dividend income in December (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation). 

Everyone….ARE YOU KIDDING??  Over $30,000 in dividend income.   Holy cow that is a lot of dividend income. Congratulations to everyone on their hard work and to all of the bloggers that set a record in December.  Results like these just go to show that results are real and that it is all worth it.  We are all working our tail off to earn every extra dollar we can, “side hustle” our way to a few extra dollars and cents, and save our way to financial freedom and early retirement.  2017 has come to a close and we could not be happier for all of you.  Great things are happening and it is time to look ahead and make 2018 even better than 2017.  We’ve built great foundations and now it is time to  push harder and harder!  LETS DO THIS EVERYONE!!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

60 thoughts on “December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Similar to MDD’s comments (and as I’m sure others to follow 🙂 ), congrats to all on a great finish to 2018! Some incredible numbers and progress.

    It’s really all about consistency and progress. Regardless of your method, it’s great to feel and see progress.

    To the (4) to the (O) to the (1) to the (K),
    Need some dough in my IRA.
    Gonna’ get paid and puttin’ it away,
    Slow’n steady, gettin’ dividend heavy!

    Thanks for continuing to recap the group’s progress – appreciate it Bert and Lanny! – Mike

    • Cameron,

      Welcome to the blog! Congrats on the record setting month yourself. I’m always looking for new blogs to read and I’m very excited to swing by and start following your journey. Looking forward to more interactions with you.


    • Brian,

      Of course! This community is awesome and we are glad that you are feeling like you are becoming a part of it. We all start somewhere. the best part is that we all encourage and push each other to strive for greatness. Take care and keep the hustle going!


  2. 30,000 by this group is awesome it will be awesome to keep seeing how it progress year over year. Lots of people had great years keep it up everyone.

  3. This was a solid month and great annual totals from our community. Keep up the good work everyone. I think every DGI noob needs to read a post like this to see what can be achieved over time in terms of creating a passive income stream. Thanks for the inclusion.

    • Divhut,

      Agreed. Every beginner should find some great resources to motivate them and encourage them to continue down the wonderful road of dividend investing. Seeing results like these are motivating to keep on going and to keep on transferring every dollar I can into my investing account to help push my dividend income forward.


  4. Very cool to see how much everyone’s getting in terms of dividend income. That’s a lot of money that we all received for doing absolutely nothing. 😀

  5. Ah yes my favourite motivational post of the month. Amazing work yet again compiling all those numbers! Thanks for your hard work and thanks to the community for being so awesome! Divvy high five up top!

    • Glad you find great motivation from this post like we do! We are happy to do it because like you, it motivates us to keep on going and pushing ourselves. Love the high five, although I’m more of a fist bump fan myself 🙂


  6. You guys could (should?) hook up with some tech savvy bloggers and make this into a automated thing. It’s really cool, but be nice to see some more consistency and awesome graphs! But considering it’s the beginning of the year, you guys probably don’t have much of a life, right?
    Keep this going, it’s really neat!

    • Team CF,

      What awesome tech saavy bloggers do you have in mind??? haha Busy season does not lend to having a ton of time available, but hey, we know when and how to find time for the important things such as blogging. Feel free to send us an email 🙂 Glad you enjoy the article and we will DEFINITELY keep the good times rolling.


    • Mr. DDU,

      Of course. It does take some time for sure, but it is a blast reading all the stories we can. How could you not enjoy reading about a people improving their finances and pushing the envelope?? We wish we had enough time to include every single blogger out there on here, trust us.


  7. Damn, $30k and the number of bloggers recorded dropped by 11? That’s awesome stuff from everyone. Nearly an $800 average for all of the bloggers is huge. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that crossover into $1k for the Mar/Jun/Sept/Dec payout sometime this year either. Thanks again for compiling this because it’s great to see the totals and progress.

    • JC,

      Isn’t it crazy how well everyone performed here in December??? Holy smokes. That’s a great point ,especially as the list continues to grow. But it may not even need that because of how well everyone is performing, how much they are investing, and the power of DRIP resulting from an additional $30k being invested into bloggers portfolios. That’s a great target for all of us as a community to aim for. Can’t wait to see the results for 2018 start to trickle in.


  8. Thank you for including me on the list. It is very nice of you guys to shout out for bloggers in the community. Congrats to everyone!!! and lets keep this ball rolling!! Dividend Income 40K December 2018?? WHAT?!? #dividendsquadgoals

  9. Hey DD,
    thanks for all the work and that great list!! – 39 DGInvestors and a combined dividend income of 30k $ in december is awesome. DividendGrowthInvesting @work!

    Congrats to all of you out there – keep it up!


  10. As always one of my favorit posts, too bad I didn’t make the list this month. Besides moving houses and some hickups with my website I have mo excuse for being late on my monthly post. Just wanted to let you know that I am still out there and keep on working on those dividends.


    • Martin,

      Glad you enjoy reading the post as much as we enjoy putting it together. Life happens and sometimes you can’t always get to your posts on time. We’ve been there. So here is the question, how did you perform in December?? Glad to see you are still blogging.


      • Hey Bert,
        In December I did double my dividends from last year up to 308 Dollar. Year over year I had a plus of 140 % to a total of 3818 Dollar. All the numbers are in Aussie Dollar as usual for me, but I am still insanely happy with the results. Greetings from down under.

  11. Wow what a great month for you all.
    However you missd €427.81 ($513.45) in this post 😂
    For some reason I have been dropped from this overview

    Great to all this dividnds rolling in. Keep up the good work!

  12. That is a huge dividend number for the community! Congrats everyone! Ending the year in style for sure and on a great note. Hopefully everyone’s goals are evaluated for the new year and we can press on to break some new records going forward. Thanks again for the inclusion and sharing the numbers. Best of luck this year guys!

    • Daze,

      It was a massive haul indeed and trust us, it probably could have been over $50k if we included another 10-20 bloggers. It is crazy how well we as a community performed here in December. Let’s make this 2018 count and press to set many new dividend income records in 2018.


  13. Awesome results by everyone and a great way to close out 2017. Always fun knowing that you’re not alone, but that you have a community behind you supporting you all the way. Super exciting to see how the community is going to crush it in 2018.

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