November Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

The dividend growth community continues to produce CRAZY results.  In October, the community received over $18,000 in dividend income.  Incredible results!    One of our favorite activities each month is brewing a fresh pot of coffee, firing up our laptops, and reading the dividend income summaries posted by all of you in the dividend investing community.  There is nothing more motivating  than reading about your successes, watching you push yourselves, and grow as investors and people in your relentless pursuit of financial freedom!  So each month, we try to aggregate as many of the journies as possible in one article so all of you can leave this article as motivated as we are.  Now, it is time for the November edition of our dividend income summary of all of YOU the bloggers.

Dividends Are Coming – 61.11 (EUR) – A few solid names there!  Hope that Kinder Morgan (KMI) maintains their business model, grows free cash flow and increases the dividend in 2018.  Should bode well for all of us!

Dividend Dynasty – $747.31 – An “off” month for most of us is a killer month for you.  Very big positions you have with those entities that paid you, however, they’ve all been around for quite some time and are dividend machines.  Congrats!

Time in the Market – $107.44 – 4 straight months of over $100 and I know you are a lock-in for December.  Great growth rates all across the board, as well.  Further, I like how you are breaking it down by an hourly wage and even gave your portfolio an employee name, keep it going.  Congrats and looking forward to seeing how your year finishes!

Dividend Portfolio – $62.11 – Congratulations on setting a record month!  Also, you have quite a few dividend aristocrats in there, such as Procter Gamble (PG), AT&T (T), General Mills (GIS), Hormel (HRL); you’ve done a very good job.  No stopping you now.

Captain Dividend – $407.97 – Another impressive month for Captain Dividend, led by receiving over $110 from AT&T.  And guess what?  That number will only continue to grow since you were able to purchase 33 more shares during the month.  Holy cow CD!

Dividend Seedling – $10.98 –  Seedling just crushed it when compared to November 2016, where DS posted $3.71 in dividend income.  That is one impressive DGR!

Dividend Reaper – $111.63 –  Another amazing month posted by Dividend Reaper. Great updates all around, from a dividend and life perspective.  Exciting things are coming!

Engineering Dividends – $442.33 – 10 companies delivered an impressive dividend sum for ED during November.  Love the fact that four new companies paid ED a dividend and the fact that ED received dividend increases from 5 companies during the month.  This added $94 to ED’s total forward dividend income…AMAZING!

Dividend Lord – $186.12 – So close to $200!  Your growth rate is astounding and also enjoyed seeing the evenly spread of companies, even if you think Omega (OHI) had to big of a slice – I think it’s fairly spread out!  2018 is going to be amazing and keep doing what you’re doing.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $168.11 – 9 companies paid AFFJ a very nice sum of cash this month.  Like so many others, AT&T provided a HUGE dividend for them.  Congrats!

Dividend Niche – $6.37 –  An impressive 28% year over year increase for Niche.  What’s best is Niche is knocking on the doorstep of collecting over $150. So lets all hope December delivers some strong results for Niche!

Broke Investor – $13.24 – Nice job!  Growth has occurred year over year and you are set to get, per my assumption, two dividend increases in AT&T (T) and Realty Income (O) announced this month.  Get excited, I know we are!

Stalflare – 916.49 (Euro) – Bodda bing Stalflare!  Bravo!  Almost 1,000 Euro, so close and you grew by 40% from last year.  Can you keep the growth up?  I think you can, keep it up!

Expat Investor – $321 – Solid dividend income for the month of November.  Solid companies paying you and a big December, I am sure, awaits.

Broke Dividend Investor – $482.51 – Whoa… Talk about a huge amount in an off month.  Further, that’s a lot of capital on General Mills (GIS) to generate over 3 digit dividends in a quarter!!  Exciting.  Keep it up and congrats on $300k again!

Pursuit 2 Freedom – 59.03 (Euro) – Always fun to see another person with shares in Sabra (SBRA), owned them for some time and they’ve been very solid; plus – I’ve physically have seen their facilities too!  The yield is fairly high, so that always keeps it interesting.  I bet you’ve enjoyed quite the appreciation on Hormel (HRL) too, congrats!

Dividend Quest – $788.33 – We all wish we were this high Quest!  Don’t worry about the one dividend not coming in until this December, it’ll just sweeten this pot up.  Further, a lot of funds you have there; any reason?  Looking to consolidate at all?  Either which way, you are heading to an average of $1K a month, just awesome!

Passive Canadian Income – $268.88 – 15 companies paid you, spread pretty nicely over them as well.  Want to try to keep your over 300% growth rate up?  I bet you CAN!

Dividend Hawk – 1,006.89 (Euro) – 18 companies paid you Hawk, very impressive.  Also, love your AT&T (T) dividend as always.  Further, you had solid growth year over year and at your income limits, even single digit growth has a huge impact.  Congrats on another 4 digit month!

Dividend Vet – $222.01 – Over $100 from Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) combined… talk about paying for your internet bill on a frequent basis : )  Congratulations on a sweet month, up and up!

Stockles – $112.28 – Almost a $100 increase from the last November, now that’s what I’m talking about!  Also, congrats on jumping over $1,000 in dividends for the year, keep stockling away those dividends!

Wallet Squirrel – $24.10 – This has to be one of the most fun income reports.  Two great friends that are pushing each with friendly competitions to generate the most income from dividends and side hustle?  Doesn’t that story sound familiar 🙂  Love the fight and spirit!

Dividend Dozer – $73.10 –  Dozer received a nice sum of dividends from healthcare REITs and the benefit of a 24% dividend increase from Texas Instruments.  Boom!

Four Pillar Freedom – $95.21 –  CVS and OHI crushed it for Four Pillar Freedom this month.  But the craziest thing about FPF’s summary is the INSANE 80% savings rate FPF recorded this month.  Holy smokes!

Dividend Daze – $80.68 –  This was an exciting post for Daze as it was the first monthly income summary where DD could compare the results to last year.  Daze’s November income increased 46.6% increase compared  to last year. What a way to start off your annual comparisons!

Stashing Dutchman – $71.52 – We love reporting percent increases compared to last year, especially when the results are great.  And I would say SD knocked it out of the freaking park with a 544.9% increase compared to last year.  Now that is how you make some progress right there!

Dividend Investor! – $661.80 –  Despite the fact DI’s dividend income decreased over 1% compared to last year, this was still an impressive haul.  Hopefully December can reverse that trend and put you over your $8,000 dividend income received in 2017 goal.

Mr. Robot – 15.92 (Euros) –  The chart continues to trend upward for Mr. Robot.  November was a record setting month led by a nice dividend payment from AT&T.

Mr. Tako Escapes – $198 –  Sure this was a “weak” month according to Mr. Tako.  However, your income grew from $113.92 in August.  Think about how strong that growth rate is over a three month period.  Amazing job!

Dividends Down Under – $15.62 – Nice job and this is better than $0 from last year.  Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll get to where you want to be.

American Dividend Dream – $319.18 – Though you only had two stocks that paid you, Omega (OHI) is killing it for you, hands fricken down!  It is awesome to see the massive moves you make, I think your base foundation layer is becoming sturdy.  Keep diversifying into the right investments!

Divhut – $682.24 –  A 26% year over year increase for Divhut.  Man oh man are the results of your insane 2017 starting to show.   Keep it up Hut!

Pollies Dividend – $321.24 –  OHI, AT&T, and a mystery mutual fund contributed a huge sum of dividends for Pollies.  Overall, Pollies realized a 24.79% increase compared to last year!  Great stuff.

Dividend Swan – $143.90 – Swan received a lot of dividends from a very large list of companies.  Love seeing a diversified portfolio in action!

My Dividend Pipeline – $37.00 – 2 Words.  Welcome BACK.

Dividend Wombat – $314.48 AUD – It looks like you had a teeny tiny growth rate… KIDDING!  Nice job Wombat!  Your dividends received are from some fairly strong companies, such as Procter Gamble (PG), General Mills (GIS), Realty Income (O), just to name a few.  Keep it up – $400 next year for this month for you!

More Dividends – $41.77 –  A HUGE bump for more dividends compared to 2016, lead by an additional investment in OHI and new positions in HRL and GIS.  Way to go MD!

Dividend Stacker – $283.32 –  As Stacker said in the article….Gotta love seeing the large dividend increases across the board.  Adding nearly $100 compared to last year is a major accomplishment.  Keep the dividend snowball moving forward Stacker!

Fiscal Voyage – $404.52 –  Fiscal Voyage had a stellar month and his dividend income increased 59% compared to last year.  The best part is that FV crossed over $1,100 in total passive income received when you include the rental income.  Four figure income is always awesome!

Collecting Dividends – $151.32 – CD did exactly what the name of the blog suggested and did it to perfection in November…collect dividends!  Congrats on the great month CD.

Dividend Income Stocks – $221.71 –  An all around great month for DIS.  Sure, your income growth was great.  But crossing $50k is a HUGE investment milestone.  On to the next one!

Earn Money in Pajamas – $74.10 – It is always great to read the results of a fellow Swagbuck enthusiast.  EMIP is crushing it and is knocking on the doorstep of a huge dividend investing milestone.  Congrats!

All About the Dividends – $287.15 – Matthew continues to CRUSH IT in 2017.  The results and dividend growth rate are phenomenal.   We cannot wait to see you destroy your annual goal in December!

Cheesy Finance – 422.33 (Euros) –  The cheese index and an insanely high savings rate continue to produce amazing results for Team CF.  Sure there was a small decrease due to the ever changing exchange rates, but the results continue to impress!

Dividend Miracle – $138.80 –  A very well diversified income month for Dividend Miracle by pulling in nearly $140 from 18 different companies or funds.

Screaming Little Man – $2,043.27 – Once again, SLM earned his way to another $2,000+ dividend income month.  Not only that, but we love how you rolled up your sleeves and saved yourself A LOT of money on your garage project. Very well done!

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,214.98 – PIM delivering yet another strong, four digit dividend income month.  PIM has BLOWN past the initial dividend income received goal set at the beginning of the year.  Congrats.

Race2Retirement – $1,859.16 – Talk about putting a dagger in the month!  Two themes from your income: REIT and Telecom baby!  That leads to a high yielding month, congratulations Race!

Single Dad Money – $0.64 – I know you didn’t like only receiving 64 cents, but you are tracking your progress.  There once was a quote by someone saying you can’t improve where you are at, if you aren’t able to keep track of what you are doing.  Next year’s November will destroy this one!

Tall Investing – $262 – That’s what I’m talking about – 12 entities, paying you on average – $22 is killer.  Also, the double digit growth rate is always nice to see.  You have a nice spread between REITs, Telecom, Agriculture/Industrial and even other healthcare related entities.  Keep it up!

Total: 50 Bloggers earned $17,331.78 in dividend income in November (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation). 

All.  We freaking CRUSHED it this month.  November is an “off month;” but we didn’t let that stop us from earning a ton of money without lifting a finger!  Are you pumped up?  Motivated?  Excited to make one final push here in December to earn as much income as possible before the calendar returns ?  I know we are.  We’ve been side hustling and working our tails off to earn every extra dollar we can.   Congrats everyone! Great work, and let’s now build on our successes and GO FOR IT!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

53 thoughts on “November Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Awesome stuff to see how great the community did. It takes time and patience to build up these dividend streams, but once they start going watch out. That’s nearly $350 per blogger that was earned via dividends in November. With December just about over and 2018 on deck I can’t wait to see the haul the community had. Sadly my $260 for November would have brought down the November average, but I’m hoping to make the cut and help boost it up for December. All the best.

    • JC –

      Of course, agh, so mad we didn’t stumble on yours at the right time this month. DANG IT!! We are keeping you on the radar this December. Congrats on your income and heck yah – December is about to blow figures out of the water. One thing to note – these amounts do not include our income, so we could have pushed the total even higher.


  2. Amazing, 50 bloggers…the list gets longer every month! Awesome job compiling all the numbers, Bert & Lanny. As always, thank you for the inclusion. Let’s go finish 2017 on a high note by bringing in some spectacular December dividend income.

  3. Merry Xmas to everyone! As usual bets compliments to L&B for compiling the list, it has been a source of inspiration and ideas for me, reading all the material from other investors helps a lot!
    Ciao ciao

  4. Wow 346.64 per blogger that is insane. Especially factoring in my tiny dividend. It has been a Merry Christmas indeed. I can’t wait to calculate December, look back at the year and project forward. It really is the most wonderful time of year to look at Dividends. Thanks for putting this together each month.

    • Seedling –

      Tiny or not – you are focused on getting better, building more and tracking your progress. December will be exciting. Records will be broken. Dividend goals for 2018 will be higher! PUMPED.


  5. That’s nearly $350 per person from the whole group which is great to see. I love seeing everyone’s progress each month when I see these posts and am looking forward to see what the average is in December.

  6. Always a great list. Looks like it has grown in number by a few since last month which is always nice to see. Can’t wait to see everyone’s December results. Records all around! Thanks for including me in the post as well. Keep inspiring!

  7. Lanny and Bert,

    AWESOME – I made the list. I’m a little shocked to see my name up there, especially considering the income amount and that I only added to the right side of the decimal point in the overall total!!! It’s great to see this monthly post and thank you for taking the time to compile the numbers. It’s always encouraging to see everyone’s progress.

    Much appreciated to be included – Brian

  8. I am almost spot on with the average of 50 bloggers with $332.01 for November. 2017 is going to go over $7,000 in dividends for the first time. Love this list, keep up the good work.

    • Tom –

      Of course, appreciate the kind words. It’s the least we can do, to give back and showcase the community’s hard, dedicated efforts on each person’s individual pursuits. We are all hungry, let’s stay that way, haha!


  9. As always, a motivating post for us to read. Any noob out there that doubts the real power of dividend investing should see these collective results. This is some serious cash we all brought in and the best part it was done passively. Thank you for the DivHut inclusion!

    • Hut –

      Of course, no problemo. Hopefully this article gains more attention, in order to show the results of what we are doing. It’s very real and very scary how real it is at the same time! Kick some butt these last few days DH!


  10. Great job everyone. It is truly inspiring to see everyone producing such good growth. Keep up the good work guys.

    Thanks for including me in this post DD. This is one of my fav post to read and I look forward to reading the results from December. Thanks for sharing!

    • R2R,

      Of course! Keep on taking care of business! Your results are definitely inspiring. Like you said, it is great to see the community doing well and setting record, after record, after record! I’m very pumped about December.


  11. Hey DD,

    impressive once again! – thank’s for all the work behind this list. 2017 is history and I’m pumped up and motivated for 2018 – If it works out as planned and Mr. Market plays along, 2018 could be a milestone year for me. We’ll see…
    maybe it is possible to be on your great list again, would be cool;-)

    Take care,

    • Solutions,

      Glad we aren’t the only people motivated for 2018 haha Man, I cannot wait to see what you are capable of doing in 2018. Hopefully MR. Market cooperates for all of us, because I’m hoping that we will see some new portfolio highs. I know I’m on the doorstep of a big milestone myself. Don’t take it personally, we will make sure to consider you for the next one 🙂


    • Pursuit,

      Glad you enjoy the posts. Guess what, we love writing them haha Happy holidays to you as well and have a Happy New Year. Excited to see how everyone’s Decembers went and how we are all planning on starting off the New Year.

      Take care,


    • WealthFromThirty,

      Of course, glad to include you on our list. Glad we can help deliver some motivation for you. Talk about hitting the new year strong! Darn right they are inspiring and it is now up to you to keep on motivating all of us as well.


  12. Awwwwww yeah I made the list! 🙂 Thank for including me Bert and Lanny!

    I really love this post every month, my favourite for sure. Congratulations to everyone for crushing it and I am looking forward to the december totals!

  13. Another solid month from the community!
    Nice to see some people making huge gains, and always a nice place to come and compare how we are all doing. Hope to be included next month – and help get over 20k!

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