October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

We are back at it again it again folks.  Another month is in the books and you know what that means, right?  Time for our favorite article of the month!  Each month, we compile as many dividend income summary articles and stories as we can into one monthly summary so we can all share in this wonderful communities successes and motivate each other to keep on pushing it to the limit.   Last month, the community crushed it and our summary showed that 44 bloggers received over $25,000 in dividend income.  Insanity, right?  So here is the million dollar question…could we do better in October?  Let’s find out!  Time to check out our October dividend income summary from YOU, the bloggers.

Dividend Portfolio – $23.21 – NIce!  Congrats on the crossing the YTD $100 dividend mark, impressive.  Further, some very nice names that paid you in the month, such as Realty Income (O) and Coke (KO); staple names around here.

Dividend Dynasty – $378.72 – Talk about massive dividends from a few players, holy smokes.  Also – strong “off” month, may I add?  Lastly, didn’t realize that Glaxo (GSK) increased their dividend, so thanks for sharing that one!

Wallet Squirrel – $10 – Very cool, double digit is always a fun mark to see.  Though you haven’t disclosed who paid you, we can always check out your portfolio.  Also – for the readers who want to see a great layout for a blog must visit this page.  Congrats on the income!

Time in the Market – $142.81 – Congrats on the third month of triple digits in a row.  Killer work here.  You’ll be crossing milestones quicker and quicker with those reinvested dividends.  The market is opening up for ripe opportunities and hopefully you have your capital ready!!

Dividend Vet – $163.14 –  A very nice 29% dividend increase from Dividend Vet.  Love that massive dividend from PM that you receive and the two of us have owned PM for quite some time now!

Buy Hold Long – $124.66 –  BHL just crushing it again.   BHL’s net worth and forward dividend income continue to climb forward.  Oh yeah, and BHL purchased a puppy during the month.  Very jealous!

Engineering Dividends – $452.91 – 13 companies paid Engineering Dividend a dividend this month. But here is what is crazy.  ED received 8 dividend increases during the month and the raises added $99 to ED’s forward dividend income.  That is insanity!  Congrats!

Dividend Daze – $47.10 – Sure Daze’s income decreased 6% compared to last year. However, this was due to a few transactions within Daze’s portfolio that resulted in the purchase of TGT rather than owning a company that pays in the first month of a quarter. Cannot wait to see those December income figures Daze!

Collecting Dividends – $78.52 – Receiving a 54% dividend increase was one of Collecting Dividends lesser accomplishments this month.  Our favorite….STARTING A BLOG!  Welcome to the community collecting dividends and we cannot wait to continue to get to know you. This is an awesome community.

Broke Investor – $8.66 –  BI’s new position in CSCO in 2017 helped drive a 283% increase compared to last year.  It is also great that BI received some additional income from P2P lending to further diversify BI’s income stream.

Captain Dividend – $349.29 – Very solid income for an off month.  Looks like Tobacco is up your alley with Altria (MO) & Philip Morris (PM) adding quite the bang for the month.  Nice work, Captain!

Young Dividend – $1,212.68 – Whoa, almost $800 in the big Tobacco companies as well.  This is a massive monthly amount, congrats to you and looking forward to you crossing $2K very soon!

Fiscal Voyage – $242.27 – This is legit, and a solid growth of over 18% in year over year income is impressive.  I think if we all received that kind of growth in our dividend income, we’d be pumped.

Dividends Down Under – $344.99 – This was your big month and big it was.  Almost 150% growth is wild, can we switch spots?  Also, the reinvestment looks fairly solid and that next go around – your growth will be equally impressive.  KEEP IT UP!

Dividend Stacker – $171.01 –  There it is. A great 6% increase compared to last year.   The best part is that Stacker’s forward income continues to grow, catapulting the growth rate for years to come.

Investment Hunting – $558.86 –  13 companies paid Investment Hunting over $550 during the month.  That was one heck of a dividend that you received from PM during the month!

Stalfare – 845 (Euroes) – Forget the dividend income totals, Stalfare’s wedding was this month.  Congrats from both of us!!

More Dividends – $7.01 – A 128% increase that was catapulted by a new position in STAG and a nice increase in the dividend your received from KO.

The Broke Dividend Investor – $390.17 – Your portfolio is on the cusp of crossing $300,000 like Lanny’s portfolio did earlier in the year.  With two purchases of Realty Income this month, you are going to see a GREAT increase in your monthly cash flow.

Dividend Hawk – $1,460.85 – Oh my.  What a figure to cross, the 4 digit mark in October.  Congratulations Hawk, keep up the stellar and consistent investing over there!  Digging it.

Div Hut – $516.43 – Crossing the $500, there we go!  Also, fairly even spread/mix of companies that paid you, Tobacco in PM, Coke, Cardinal Health (if you reinvested, bet you received new shares at a sweet price!) and Diageo.  Really nice mix across all industries.

Passive Income Pursuit – $292.24 – You had three solid dividend increases that added almost $14 to your forward income.  We should all take note by how cool that is!  Seeing income grow just because companies are performing at a strong level and they are rewarding their shareholders.  Great reason why we are dividend investors!  Nice job PiP!

American Dividend Dream – $120.37 –  Fresh from ADD’s four week trip, the dividend income article was written from Florida.  The results were solid, over three figures of income and a slight increase from the previous quarter.

Dividends Are Coming – 169.10 Euros – DAC crushed it during the month.  We both received DEO’s second semi-annual dividend payment in October; but it was no where close to the income DAC received from the company.

Tawcan – $1,305.05 –  Tawcan. Wow. another four figure dividend income month for you.  Amazing stuff right here and seeing 24 companies pay you dividends during the month is incredible.

Dividend Seedling – $4.96 – Seedling.  Yes! a 213% year over year dividend growth rate is awesome and we love seeing your income totals continue to build.  Keep up the great work!

Dividend Miracle – $173.24 – A well diversified stream of dividend income from Dividend Miracle this month.  The great results continue to roll in!

Divgro – $775 – Despite the fact that Ferdi’s dividend income deceased compared to last year, Ferdi’s progress and overall growth is amazing.  Plus, gotta love receiving $84 in additional forward dividend income due to dividend increases. Amazing stuff!

Two Investing – $491.47 – Alright alright alright!  A very nice 175% annual increase hear for Two investing driven primarily by investments in GE.

Divnomics – 14.17 Euros – Dividends from a Canadian bank and an apparel company paid Divnomics a dividend this month.  The results were great and you  have to love the 62% dividend growth rate.

Pollies Dividend – 60.19 Euros –  Pollies fund continues to climb closer and closer to the 100,000 Euro mark.   Your purchase of Realty Income is going to fuel a nice growth rate each month as well.

Dividend Quest – $870.33 –  Now that is what we are talking about Dividend Quest.  Amazing results here for an “off” dividend month such as October.

Dividend Lord – $233.80 – Stellar increase from prior year, growing at 4.4%.  We share a few of the same names and I dig it.  Further, being up over 13% year to date versus last year is also something to pat yourself on the back for.  Congrats!

Passive Income Dude – $59.75 – Definitely have some high yielders there, as well as other forms of income not reported here that you share.  Congratulations on a killer month, the rental income for you is outstanding.

Race2Retirement – $1,716.64 – R2R…are you freaking kidding?  That is an incredible haul for the first month of the quarter.   These results are truly inspiring!

Reverse the Crush – $17.95 – RTC’s dividend income grew nearly 10% compared to last year.  While RTC’s portfolio is relatively young, an ambitious goal for 2018 should produce some amazing dividend growth rates.

All About the Dividends – $399 – Another great month for Matthew, even though he was just $1 short of crossing $400.  Will blow past that mark in 2018 based on DRIP alone!

Dividend Earner – $1,473.64 – Congrats on the great month Dividend Earner!   Love the purchase of COST during the month and you have two great other companies (MMM and ITW) on your watch list.

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,488.63 –  Wow.  Three of the last five bloggers on this list were members of the four digit club in October. Congrats on the great month PIM!

Earn Money in Pajamas – $11.91 – EMIP is crushing it this year and is closing in on receiving over $500 in dividends during the year.  How could you not pull another fellow Swagbuck-er?

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $301.32 – Another great month for AFFJ, and we are excited to see the dividend total surpass $300 for the month. Enjoy each of those payouts from those 12 companies!

Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Girl – $341.27 –  Fresh off of a relaxing 7 day cruise taken on a ship that she is a partial owner of, HHWG posted some very strong results in October!

Total: 42 Bloggers earned approximately $18,043.32 in dividend income in October (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of calculation)

Another stellar month for the dividend investing community.  Everyone, amazing freaking results.  Sure we fell short of September’s total, but this is also an “off” dividend month where we are not receiving our great quarterly dividend checks from mutual fund companies.  If anything, these results are even more impressive.  I know we always say it, but we leave this article extremely motivated and ready to keep pushing ourselves to the limit, side hustling every free moment we can, and doing what ever it takes to grow our passive income.  Every dollar really does count and make a difference in the long run!  Everyone, keep on crushing it.  We cannot wait to start reviewing those November dividend income summaries.

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

56 thoughts on “October Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Cool, this is inspiring. I think you should keep a top and see who is consistent and give them a score of reliability plus add some charts if you can with the progress.
    I think something else that’s relevant is the total amount invested vs dividend income… I would like to see who has the biggest ROI out of all the different investors.

    • Alex – not a bad idea. We will definitely look into doing that. But I’m not sure if we want to start ranking some over the others. The point is to have one spot to show everyone’s progress regardless of their situation, not to provide a ranking. But considering adding some ROI information if it is included in someone’s article would be interesting.

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Always one of my favorite posts! I love the range between double digit earners and those collecting four digits a month…shows that we are all on a journey. Different stages, but all hustling to get that passive income going!

    Take care guys

  3. Not quite 25k this month but still an awesome number from everyone. Glad to see all these totals going up and always thankful to you guys for including all of us in this post. It lets me catch up on some of the posts I missed earlier in the month.

  4. Ciao Bert and Lanny,
    Thanks a lot for the addition of my results too and of course for the wedding wishes! 🙂 As a matter of fact the wedding took a lot of time off the table, but with passive investments there is no need to be on the computer checking every day what’s going on, so I let the dividends do the work for me! 🙂 Thanks again and ciao!

    • Stal,

      Of course, glad to include you. That’s one of my favorite aspects of dividend investing. Sure your life may be busy, but the dividend machine never stops working in the background. Congrats on everything again 🙂


  5. My favourite post of the month (yes I repeat this every month)! Awesome and inspiring to see everyone’s results. Keep grinding and let’s finish strong everyone!

    $7,65 was my total for October but I’m betting on 2 digits in November! 🙂

    • Glad you enjoy the post as much as we do! Inspiring is the PERFECT word to describe it all. If I were a betting man, I would be there right beside you. I’ve got a great feeling and I cannot wait to see the results.


    • Chris,

      No problem. The first month is pretty slow for the majority of us and it always sucks seeing the results decrease compared to the last month of the quarter. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve in October.


    • Of course Scott, glad to include you! It is always good to find new sources of motivation/inspiration to draw from when setting goals. Trust me, I have MANY great acts to follow and model my investment goals off of next year.



  6. The monthly round up is awesome once again. I still can’t believe the amount we amass collectively from just a few dozen dividend bloggers. Truly shows what can be achieved over time by buying high quality dividend payers and grow our collective passive income streams. As always, I appreciate the mention!

    • Thank you very much Divhut! Agree completely. Stick to the strategy, buy great companies, and get out of the way. If you focus on quality great things will happen. Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve here in November!


  7. This is one of those highlights of my month, the dividend income summary from you guys! Thanks again gents.
    We could have almost jacked up the total to $19.000 with our €730 dividend income for October.

  8. Awesome round up as always. Thanks for including me as well. Love seeing the number of blogs listed increase as well as the dividend income. Few more months to go everyone, lets push those portfolios to the limit!

  9. Guess I didn’t make the list this month. I had some issues with my website for the last few days but now everything should be back on track. October came in for me with $203 AUD, which is a growth of roughly 420 percent. That makes me a pretty happy wombat! I just get started on my post for November, maybe I am back on the list next month 🙂


  10. Great job everyone. Keep growing those dividends!

    I love seeing this post every month. It is awesome to be able to follow everyones progress from month to month. DD, I appreciate you guys including me in this update and thanks for taking the time to put this post together every month! Thanks for sharing!

  11. OMG, OMG, OMG I’m so excited whenever you guys mention me in your income reports!

    This comment is coming in late but I’m super stoked to be included. I love the comment too, lol. I’m redesigning my income report graphics to make them, even more killer for 2018. I’ll be sure to start including the individual dividends gained. =P

    Love it,

    • Andrew,

      That’s too kind of you! The graphics are awesome and the two of you are honestly just crushing it on your website. Cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve for 2018. One of these days I”ll have to pick your brain about designing a graphic for the article.


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