September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

The dividend growth community and personal finance online communities are unlike any other community out there.  We support each other, share our advice, help each other through difficult decisions with major implications, and encourage each other to be the best we can be and improve our lives each and every day.   Each month, the two of us summarize and aggregate as many stories and dividend income stories as we can into a monthly summary to show the progress that each of us are making.  Each story is unique and we are all at different stops along our journey towards financial freedom, and that’s what we love best.  Now it is time to check out our September dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers.

Dividends 4 Future  – $386.66 –  D4S posting the monthly update before the end of the month.  I love it!  But hey, I guess I would be very eager to post my update if I had a 700% increase!  Are you kidding?  Amazing stuff D4S.

Young Dividend – $880.63 – Nice job with a record September!  I believe we are all killing it here, with all-time highs and just dominating the dividend income market.  Love that you have a few of our Top 5 Foundation stocks as well.  Congrats!

Race2Retirement – $1,823.56 – Well, talk about a whole entire pay check right there!  Congrats on the insane milestone here and almost touching $2k!! BHP Billiton (BBL) definitely came through this time around for you and for everyone who still owns them (as I, Lanny, hold them as well!).  Looking forward to consistent $2K from you very soon, keep doing you.

Passive Income Dude – $735.00 – Stellar amount, no doubt, and those Vanguard funds shipped their quarterly dividends your way!  Also, your other activities are very inspiring and your chart on the narrowing the gap is quite impressive.  Keep it up!

Dividend Lord – $204.12 – Almost a 30% growth – do that every month, come on!!  Pumped about your progress and leaping over the $200 mark.  Keep being the “lord” over your portfolio, I want $300 by this time next year.

Dividend Solutions – $483.34 – The South African Bond is doing wonders over there for you!  Also, a few names were share and am excited for you to continue the growth of almost 25% going forward.  Keep it up!

Time in the Market – $1,708.01 – WOW.  Great figures and an impressive growth rate to boot.  Also, nice increase to your “dividend (wage) per hour)” this period when compared to other periods.  Making big moves and it goes to show, “time in the market” is helpful!

Div Vet – $489.24 – His engine is truly chugging on all cylinders!  Over 40% growth is nothing to scoff at, instead, is something to applaud!  Congratulations on the massive jump.  Keep it up Vet!

Dividend Dozer – $790 – WHOA!  You really are dividend dozing the cash!  Quite a nice discussion over both taxable and nontaxable accounts, smart and similar to what I do.  Excited for you to crush $1k!

Stashing Dutchman – $163.45 – Real solid income here and a 73% isn’t just an okay increase, it’s an incredible one.  I set the challenge for you to have triple digit growth next year and I think you can do it.  Also, you have some big time names in that portfolio, which should bode very well for you going forward!

Dividend Portfolio – $28.72 – DP, I said it earlier, you’ve got what it takes to reach your goals by the end of the year!  Making strong progress and you also have crossed a milestone yourself.  Looking forward to your continued progress!

My Dividend Dynasty – $882.44 – Only 7 entities paying you that much.. by far the smallest # of entities paying this much I’ve seen in some time.  Congrats on your milestones as well, crossing $8,000 in forward dividend income is a feat to celebrate!

Dividends Down Under – $132.99 – A 33% increase is stellar and if you keep that up, I wouldn’t be surprised that you won’t be knocking down $200 this time next year.  Congrats on the new member to the family and the new dividend heights!

Dividend Niche – $22.61 – Very solid and your engine is starting to rev here.  The companies that you own, some are the Top 5 Foundation dividend stocks, such as JNJ, on your dividend payer list.  Oh, and your 50% growth rate isn’t too bad either!

Dividend Hawk – $991.60 – 28% growth is awesome, and you have a very sweet spread, plus we share quite a few of the same names.  Names such as, Intel (INTC), Pfizer (PFE), Emerson (EMR), Target (TGT), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and even T. Rowe (TROW).  Keep it up!

Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Girl – $476.30 – Whoa HHWG!  That list is long as heck, which is a great thing : )  Also, I hope you enjoyed that BBL Dividend!  Keep it up, you’re doing great.

Dividend Solutions – $483.34 – DS accomplished a lot here in during the month.  A 24% annual growth rate and an amazing trip to the Big Apple.

Screaming Little Man – $2,693.41 –  Talk about the power of mutual fund/etf payouts in the third month of the quarter. Team SLM flexed their muscles and posted an INCREDIBLE month.  Congrats!

Two Investing – $1,226.75 –   Wow. A new personal record for Scott as he crushed it during the month, posting a 66% increase compared to last year.  On top of that, nearly all his rent was covered by his dividend income.  Very similar to Lanny being able to cover over 100% of his housing expenses during the month.

Passive Canadian Income – $495.05 –  Sure, the dollars are impressive enough on their own.  But the 559% increase compared to September 2016 is just insane!  Holy smokes PCI.

One Share At a Time – $20.42 –  There was one line in the article that jumped out. “I’m closing in on my 2017 goal a lot faster than I thought I would.”  That is the amazing thing about what we are doing.  You get motivated when you see results and push that much hard to get better.  Great month One Share At a Time!

American Dividend Dream – $147.11 – Despite the fact that September is a slower month for ADD, it was impressive to see a three digit dividend income total.  Now lets hope ADD adds one of the names from the watch list and keeps moving forward!

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,477.35 –  Not only did PIM cross the four digit income milestone this month, PIM knock this threshold out of the park!

Dividend Quest – $689.52 –  A very steady income month for Dividend Quest.  Nothing fancy, just solid results and the impact of some solid dividend growth investing.

Dividends are Coming – 127.32 (Euros) – DAC is back in the three digit dividend income months by receiving dividends from seven very solid companies.

Passive Income Dude – $735 – The Vanguard fund payouts delivered and helped PID post an insane 348% increase compared to last September!  On top of that, PID continues to shatter the ever increase record and has now set a new dividend income record for the fourth consecutive month.  Great stuff PID.

Captain Dividend – $573.56 – Nothing but great things from the Captain this month.  Captain’s September dividend summary includes a new dividend income record, crossing $500 in dividend income for the first time, and posting a 42% increase compared to last year!

Dividend Gremlin – $319.66 –  Crushing it again in September Gremlin and another dividend investor on this list posted a three digit percent increase compared to last year.

All About The Dividends – $403.27 – Matthew was on fire here in September!  He has a goal of receiving over $4,000 in dividends in 2017 and is in great shape considering he has received over $3,000 through Setpember!

DesiDividend – $657.14 –  You were not kidding when you said GWW paid you a dividend for the first time.  You have established quite the position and must have LOVED receiving that $114 dividend check from the company.

Diligent Dividend – $341.23 – 19 companies paid DD a dividend this month.  In total, this provided DD over 18 new shares via dividend re-investment.

Investing Pursuits – $235.59 – Investing Pursuits was still able to manage a small increase despite receiving two dividend cuts in the last twelve months.

Stockles – $33.61 – Stockles dividend income actually decreased compared to last September.  However, this was due to a portfolio re-balancing that saw Stockles invest in some very solid, long-term dividend paying companies rather than companies that are at risk to cut their dividend.

Doubling Dollars – $110.15 –  A very nice month from Double D! What’s cool is that the dividend income covered their family’s cell phone bill and and a few utilities.

Dividend Daze – $99.38 –  Just a casual 88% dividend increase for Dividend Daze.  And on top of it, Daze’s total 2017 dividend income has already surpassed Daze’s 2016 total!  Congrats.

Engineering Dividends – $804.08 – Additional purchased of QCOM, XOM, and O were catalysts for Engineering Dividends’ 31% increase compared to last year.

Broke Investor – $6.43 –  BI posted a solid month after receiving dividends from two great companies.  The best part is BI is currently on the path to knock BI’s 2017 total passive income goal.   Keep on hustling and keep on going!

More Dividends – $73.93 – 13 months helped More Dividends set a new record for dividends received during September.   Yet another record set by an investor in the community.

Dividend Wombat – $528 (AUD)  – Wombat has the honor of being the only blogger included in this article to post their dividend income in Australian Dollars!  But hey, an 82% percent increase compared to last year is amazing regardless of what currency your results are posted in.  Congrats!

Passive Income Pursuit – $945.12 – PIP, you will get that comma very soon and I can only be close to guaranteeing you will be there in December.  Congrats on your amazing feat in September, though!

Tawcan – $1,282.67 – Setting great numbers here Tawcan!  Don’t worry, $1.3K will be at your doorstep in no time, and your consistency is phenomenal.  Also – that’s a crap ton of companies that paid you, geesh!!

Tall Investing – $379 –  A 126% year over year increase for tall investing.  We don’t know what else to say other than YOU CRUSHED IT and these results are simply amazing.

Dividend Seedling – $27.18 – There it is Seedling.  A new personal record for dividend investing.  Those seeds that have been planted are really starting to sprout and the growth in your dividend income is incredible.  Keep it up!

DivHut – $867.42 – A 48% increase is disgusting, in a good way.  That income is massive as well and as long as you keep that growth rate up, you’ll be free in no time.

TOTAL: 44 Bloggers earned approximately $25,981.36 in dividend income during the month (depending on the conversion rate at the time of calculation)

Incredible everyone, just incredible.  If that doesn’t motivate you to keep pushing and just go for it, than we don’t know what will.   Hopefully you all have found this as inspiring as we have and are going to head into the fourth quarter now determined to increase your forward income.  There are a ton of ways to improve your savings rate and a lot of different side hustle ideas out there.  So keep doing everything we can and just remember, every dollar counts!   If we inadvertently omitted you from the summary, you better share your results in the comment section!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

74 thoughts on “September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. That’s a lot of bloggers and a lot of income! Hat tip to all.
    We came in at almost €842 which (based on the exchange rate form October 1) would have been almost $995. So close!

  2. Wooow, huge month for everyone! Great guys. Keep the machine going! Can´t wait to meet you all on an Island far far away, chilling and just being glad for being FIRE!

  3. I have been waiting for this list all month! Busy month for everyone, glad you guys still posted it. Awesome round up as always. Always appreciate being included. Over $25k collected as a community. That is huge and worth more than my portfolio haha. Keep inspiring everyone!

    • Daze –

      It’s funny, because of so many other things happening, we kept moving it back a day, and another day, and another day…

      Over $25K is absurd! We are talking about setting milestones here, amazing. HUGE. And hey, your portfolio will be bigger soon enough.


  4. Nearly $26k from 44 bloggers at an average of $590 per blogger! That’s great stuff. I hope to get that comma soon to one of my monthly totals but it’ll probably still be a bit since I’m just relying on dividend growth and some select reinvestment but we are still back on the right track! All the best guys!

    • JC,

      Darn right. You’ll get that comma soon enough. Momentum will pick up and you will make it happen. Looking forward to seeing the impact that dividend growth will have on your portfolio.

      Cheers, Bert

    • BHL,

      Looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve BHL. Aren’t purchases exciting? It is always nice to see you portfolio shoot up as a result of a shiny, new stock haha Keep on pushing your dividend income forward.


  5. Yes, highly motivating to see these dividend numbers. The individual totals certainly run the gamut, but we all share a common goal – increase the dividend income. I’d say ‘mission accomplished’ based on the numbers presented. Lanny & Bert, thanks so much for including me in this month’s dividend income summary. The summary continues to get bigger and better. Thanks for putting it all together… a real treat (no trick) every month!

    • Mission accomplished indeed. There is still a lot of work to be done, sure. But all of us have built one heck of a foundation to continue building on. We love putting this together because we love reading about each and every journey. The best part of this community is how we share our knowledge and encourage each other to strive for greatness. Couldn’t be happier to be a part of it. Thanks for the great comment ED!


    • No problem MDD! We love putting it together and more importantly, WE LOVE ALL OF THE INDIVIDUAL POSTS. In all seriousness, nothing makes us happier than reading each person’s story and seeing their growth. Glad we are a part of it all.

      Take care,


  6. Lanny,

    Man, that is a lot of work to put together a list like that. Congrats to everyone on their journey. The personal progress everyone is making is a true testament that we are overwhelmingly the masters of our own financial destiny.



    • PIV,

      What am I..chopped liver? Kidding, kidding. I agree completely, we have started to take back control of our lives and are all working our butts off to be in full control, be financially free, and pursue our dreams.

      Take care,


    • PCI,

      SOrry to keep you in suspense/waiting for a long time this month. We had a lot of articles and names to get through. We could have kept writing until November if we really wanted to. We have added our names in the past and may do so every once and a while going forward. But this post is about the community, not us. We’ve talk about our selves plenty on this website anyway haha We want to share the stories that inspire us 🙂


  7. That was a serious total we brought in collectively. It’s nice to see so many on board the DGI train. This long term investing strategy does work. The proof above is all anyone needs to see. Thanks for including DivHut!

    • Divhut,

      I love that the dividend train keeps on getting longer and longer as more people discover and learn about the benefits of dividend growth investing. We wouldn’t dare leave you out of the summary by the way haha


  8. Still one of my favorite posts to look forward you. Congrats to everyone, and thanks as always for the mention. Looking forward to seeing how well we do as a Community in October to beat September’s awesome result!!!

    • Glad you enjoy the post. It will take some serious muscle for October to surpass September, especially because we will lose the impact of our mutual fund disbursements. But you know what, I’m always up for a challenge haha Lets’ do this and lets crush it here in October!!


  9. Hey DD,

    congrats to all in the DGI Community – that are fantastic numbers!! – It’s definitely inspiring to see what’s possible with dividend growth investing. TX Lanny&Bert for the work!


    • Dividend Solutions,

      Inspiring is the perfect way to put it. I love reading each article, seeing the growth, and feeling the excitement come flying out of computer screen. WE are all doing some amazing things here and I cannot wait to see what this post will look like a year from now.


    • Dutchman,

      Glad we could add you to the list this month. I cannot wait to see how much faster the snowball continues to roll as the dividends re-invest and continue to push our dividend income forward.


  10. This is an awesome list, thanks for putting it together. I don’t have a specific post for September dividends but you can find the number on my dividends page that stays updated. So mine is $1332 for September if you’d like to add me.


    • One Share at a Time,

      It is never too late to start building your passive income stream. That’s whats fun about this. Thank you so much about the kind words and we hope that you continue to stick around and comment on our blog.


  11. What an impressive haul for September from the DGI community! Thank you for putting together this awesome list. I look forward to the day I have nearly 50 companies paying me in September and some higher double digit months. Cheers!

    • Adam,

      A very impressive haul indeed! You’ll get there soon enough. It takes time but man is it rewarding when you start seeing the large dividend checks roll in. Keep working your butt off and it will arrive long before you anticipate it.


  12. Hey Lanny/Bert,

    Thank you so much for including me on the list. Didn’t realize I would be the only one reporting in aussie Dollar. That motivates me to work on my October dividend income! Although it won’t be as much as in September.
    Cheers, Martin

  13. Great job everyone. Its awesome to see everyone growing their dividend income month after month. Its a beautiful thing to be a part of a community of like minded individuals all striving for similar goals. Keep up the good work everyone!

    Bert/Lanny, thanks for including me on this list. This is one of my favorite articles and look forward to seeing it every month. Thanks for sharing!

    • More Dividends,

      Of course, we were glad to include you! Glad you enjoy the article every month. It is one of our favorites to putt together. Agree completely, this community is amazing and I’m happy to be a part of it.


    • Gremlin –

      No doubt on the shout out, never a problem and we are thrilled to keep doing it. We are on the path still, Mattel cutting that dividend stung my portfolio a little bit, but I need to push forward. LETS GO.


  14. Nice list and impressive numbers!

    I only recently started tracking, but please feel free to consider adding going forward:

    $2302 in September; I’m still working on October.

    As you mentioned in a number of the comments here, the last month of the quarter typically sees higher payouts due to the distribution of a lot of individual holdings as well as funds. That said, it’s interesting to see more names and funds that offer distributions in the first or second month of the quarter (if not monthly).

    – BD Mike

  15. Awesome results. Congrats to everyone. I had a great month too, a new record. I can in just shy of $1,000 in dividend income. $981.96 to be exact. Maybe I’ll see $1k in December.

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