March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

One of the top 4 dividend months is in the book and one can only guess that I am referring to March.  The quarter-end came in hot and heavy.  We try to summarize the growth and progress towards FIRE for as many individuals as possible.   Here is the March installment of our dividend income from YOU the bloggers series!

My Dividend Pipeline – $2,439.20 – Hitting some fairly big numbers MDP.  Back in the saddle and cruising, big time. You have quite a few names not on my list – Ford (F), Southern Co (SO) and of course the mutual funds.  Crossing $3k in June?  Let’s see it.

Passive Canadian Income – $653.38 – Almost a 10% growth and adding over $23 in additional Income from DRIP!  Heck, I always said DRIP is a powerful tool.  Cross $1k PCI, you got this.

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,013.21 – YOU DID IT!  What you thought was impossible is NOW REAL.  It is HAPPENING.  Congratulations, YOU DID IT.  Let’s all take a moment to realize that what you may think is impossible, that if you continue to keep going – you will get there.  Congrats MDD, that’s all I have to say.

Dividend Dream – $189 – There you go!  You have so many huge companies – Exxon Mobile (XOM), Intel (INTC), Aflac (AFL) and we even share a name with BHP Billiton (BBL).  Get ready for more increases this month!

Dividend Quest – $711.08 – Despite the cuts, you are cruising closer to $1,000 for March.  What’s interesting is I see that you have quite a few different funds working for you.  Thoughts on simplifying?  Congrats on a stellar month!

Dividend Portfolio – $136.45 –  DP received dividends from eight different companies and recorded a smooth 87% YOY increase!  What’s fun is that we also own all the companies that paid you a dividend this month.

A Dividend Dream – 153 (Euros) –  What’s that?  A new personal record for ADD!  That’s what we are talking about right there.  Congrats on pushing the bar up a little higher in March.  Can’t wait to see you crush it once again in June.

Reverse The Crush – $56.40 – Way to be RTC!  That’s how you set a personal record in style right there.  Congrats on the new mark and the insane 104% year-over-year dividend growth rate.  Freaking love it!

Desi Dividend – $1,017 – SICK!  Over $1,000 this month.  Great job Desi.  You are receiving a huge boost from the funds in your retirement account and the individual holdings in your portfolio.  BOOM!

Dividends and Hobbies – $699.49 –  Another blogger with an impressive new Personal Record!  Our two favorite words here.  Those dividends from XOM and PEG were SICK this month by the way.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $289.46 – There are SO many companies you own, that aren’t in any Dividend Diplomat portfolio.  Stocks such as, Enbridge (ENB), Wells Fargo (WFC) and Gilead Sciences (GILD).  Great addition to the income and pumped to see how life with a Toyota Prius goes!

Broke Investor – $29.93 – Another big month for a dividend investor, increasing almost 400% from last year’s March!  How does this happen?  Owning high quality companies.  I am starting to see a lot of BlackRock (BLK) investors and I’ll have to research more into them.

Two Investing – $1,497.15 – WOW.  Another 4-bagger here!  Another Gilead Sciences (GILD) shareholder and I see the likes of Hershey (HSY) and Qualcomm (QCM).  Nice work and amazing results!

Dividend Earner – $1,857 – SO close to $2,000!  Further, you have had a whopping NINE of your companies already increase their dividend.  Congratulations.

Get Rich Brothers – $591.07 – Already showcasing those 6 dividend increases, including names we don’t see often, such as Waste Management (WM) and Yum Brands (YUM).  Keep getting after it GRB!

DivHut – $980.98 – DivHut, you are getting closer and closer to new milestones.  I see Aflac (AFL) was your big ticket.  I normally don’t see them as the biggest payer, typically because of their lower-yield.  Therefore, very impressive.  Looking forward to you crossing $1,000 next year!

Tawcan – $1,988.43 – Not sure what KEG Income Trust is, but I may have to take a sip of that!  Kidding!  True inspiration and you keep leaping to new heights.  Your financial independence is becoming clearer and clearer each month.  Thank you for what you are doing!  I do think you can keep your growth rate up, by the way.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,539.31 – Another record set!  Jason crushed his last year amount, by not heavily investing anymore, but primarily through dividend increases and using dividends to buy undervalued companies.  58 companies paid you, I believe (you can correct me if I’m wrong!), and it’s been amazing seeing the number and frequency of the dividend increases you receive.  Keep inspiring and living your best life!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $11,161.30 – WHOA!  Mr. Tako, coming in with his monster quarter-end dividends.  Further, he is $1.3k ahead of this time last year.  This shows that staying in the market, consistently investing and watching the dividend increases, works.  Congrats Mr. Tako!

Dividend Swan – $424.55 – Bodda bing and bodda boom!  Swan you are crushing it and are so close to the $500 milestone.  Next year, you will cross it and look back with a grin.  Further, your list is astounding.  That must have taken a long time to type : )

Dividend Deluge – 533 (Euro) – Speaking of crossing $500, you did it!  Some great names on your list, such as Exxon (XOM) and Shell (RDS).  Think Shell increases their dividend within the next 12 months?  I sure hope so!

Snug Fortune – $187.40 – First, thank you for the currency translation.  Secondly, similarly, HUGE list of companies sending checks your way.  What are your thoughts on Unilever (UL) and L Brands (L)?   Two companies I don’t see too often, obviously UL moreso than L.

Young Dividend – $1,639.30 – I like that you have high utility-yielding Dominion (D) in both your taxable and retirement accounts – can benefit from teh current income and you are deferring any sort of tax/not liable for the tax on a portion of those dividends.  Amazing results and your forward income stream is very remarkable!

Dividend Guy – $580.54 – Purely organic.  No new capital, just growth in dividends and reinvestment here.  DGB recorded a record month and record quarter, further supporting the dividend growth investing mindset!

Dividend Dozer – $237.77 – Everyone has to check out this one!  Dozer has a nice list presented, with a plethora of dividend aristocrats, such as ADM, EMR, JNJ, MMM and MCD.  Further, you had a significant amount of increases for a quiet month, typically, and adding over $30 that way is impressive.  Congrats!

Dividend Gremlin – $429.55 – Great job Gremlin.  You are experiencing many dividend raises during April and I know the dividend income results will follow.

Fiscal Voyage – $1,868.88 – Dang, wow!  That is very impressive and doesn’t even include your rental income.  Getting close to Financial Freedom, hope you can taste it!

Kody’s Dividends – $57.53 – Love that you are taking in what technology has to offer – such as Robinhood, which is one of our Financial Freedom Products we have been testing out, as of late.  Further, you’re SO young and I remember being your age and investing.  Everything is exciting and provides extreme momentum.  KEEP IT GOING.  Save your money.  INVEST the heck out of it and get that snowball moving as EARLY and as FAST as you can.

Passive Income Vortex – $1,187.54 – Your chart is intense, but I love it.  Also, great names you have there, such as Qualcomm (QCOM), Flower Foods (FLO), Cummins Inc. (CMI) and Phillips 66 (PSX), to name a few.  These are names we don’t see as often and it’s nice seeing how much you benefit from them!  Also, a 20% growth rate is solid, keep it up.

Engineering Dividends – $1,080.42 –  Wow!  Another investor that received a huge sum from Qualcomm.  The great news is that you received a nice appreciation boost in April.  But let’s not focus on Qualcomm, let’s focus on the fact that you crossed over $1k in March.

Buy Hold Long – $150.74 –  BHL continues to have a diversified income stream that pumps out passive income.  Between dividends and apps, you earned over $200.  Freaking sweet!

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,326.33 – Let’s just say it here.  You received dividends from A TON of companies in March.  Holy freaking cow. No wonder you received over $1,300 this month.  Keep on crushing it JC.

Steps to FI – $1,440.34 –  We’re pumped that you took off four months to enjoy a mini-retirement in Europe.  Incredible.  And on top of it, you were able to celebrate an insane dividend increase in style!

Total:  33 Bloggers Received $38,146.73 in Dividends in March (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

Ah, the quarter-end did not disappoint, one bit.  In fact, due to Mr. Tako’s bump of $11K+, we cruised past $38,000!  That’s insane.  We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again, we could literally be financial free to the utmost extent if we banded together.  Who is in?!  That would be wild to do, even if it were just for one month.  Now that would be a fun youtube video to make, right?  Our challenge is for everyone to keep crushing it and to make April an extraordinary month.  You know we are game.  Let’s continue to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT and continue to crush it.  We are 1/4 finished with 2019, but, to be optimistic, we still have 3/4 left to go.  Glass is ALWAYS half full baby!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

54 thoughts on “March Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Congratulations everyone with another month closer to financial independence. I’ve been posting my progress in dividend income the last couple of months. Working hard to make it for this series on April.

    Thanks for these posts, Diplomats 👍

  2. Hey guys,

    As always, I’m humbled to be part of the amazing community. Thanks for sharing!

    It’s incredible to see what’s become of so many different people chasing their dreams. Super proud of everyone.

    The power of dividends and dividend growth is real. I wouldn’t be living this wonderful early retirement lifestyle in Thailand if it weren’t. The proof is in the dividend pudding. 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Jason,

      I saw Lanny started answering at the same time, so you are getting both Diplomats here! This community is awesome, inspiring, and encouraging. Seeing people at all stages of their journey is a huge help from a motivational standpoint. It gives us something to aspire towards, while hopefully doing that for someone else that is just starting the journey.


    • Jason –

      Bar none, you are one of the key individuals in the drive for dividend growth investing. It’s VERY real and it can allow control of your life. Excited, each and every day.


    • PCI –

      Of course, not a problem over here! We love putting them together, seeing the reactions from everyone and we are hoping to continues to motivate/inspire each viewer. Let’s get it!


    • Dream –

      Thank you and of course. Love that it keeps you motivated, that’s definitely one of the goals. It motivates us and also allows us to reflect on the journey. Thanks for checking out the list!


  3. Big money rolling in for the group. Outstanding!
    Always excited to make the list, too, so thanks much for the inclusion, DDs.
    If there are readers out there deciding whether or not to start a DGI journey, this should be all the convincing they need. Come join the party. 🎉

    • Engineering –

      Of course, of course. I always feel bad that we miss bloggers, we try to get as many as we can, while balancing the blog, working 50-60+ hours per week, family, and then you fit eating/sleeping/working out in there, right?

      But guess what… WE LOVE IT and this journey has been incredible. We’ve been writing for 5 years… now that is also crazy!


  4. What a great roundup guys, awesome work pulling this together. I’m looking forward to a Few Fully Franked Dividends myself this month – most of our Aussie companies only pay dividends twice a year, but when they do its Fantastic!!

    Cheers, Frankie

  5. Thank you for the inclusion guys! That dividend cash flow is growing higher and higher.
    UL: A high quality company in my opinion. They have reported strong Q1 earnings recently. I’m long UL.
    LB: I sold my position last mounth.

  6. DDs,
    Thanks for the mention! $38k, man that is a huge amount of money. Its amazing how many people look at this method and think ‘nah its not possible.’ It damn well is, keep it up everyone!
    – Gremlin

  7. I’ll echo what many have said above, it truly is inspirational to see the collection of so many folks working hard to achieve their financial goals. Very impressive numbers indeed! I think these updates provide a little dopamine boost to myself and perhaps others as well.

  8. Wow! This series never ceases to amaze me. $38k+ is absolutely insane! As always, thanks for including me. It’s an honor and a privilege to be included in such a fantastic series with incredible bloggers.

    • Kody –

      It does amaze me, all the damn time. Always a step better and always progress along the journey. We are all learning from what we do and from each other. I want us to hit $50k soon!


  9. Thanks for including me! Unfortunately this was not my first +500 € month, because one company changed their dividend payment date. I think you might have used my cumulative income in this summary, but no worries because I am going to reach 600 € this month!

  10. AFL is my largest holding. I remember adding to my position quite heavily after the earthquake in Japan a few years back. Haven’t bought the stock in years but those compounding dividends really help boost the snowball.

  11. Love seeing everyone’s success with this method of investing. I don’t have a blog for it, but I do share my experience with those who ask, and plenty who don’t. So much so that they probably think all I do is track dividend stocks all day long. Did a quick check on my March dividend total and exclusive of what’s in my company 401k I made it to $2,348.29. That’s not standard for me every month though. I’m more in the $300-$350 range on the non-Mar/Jun/Sep/Dec months due to some older prior investments I had before I started expanding my approach and really getting into this method. Good luck to you all in your hunt for dividend success!

  12. This is such an awesome post. Really cool that you take the time to compile all this information. Following your blog and seeing the collaboration of the dividend community inspired me to start one of my own. Hope to one day be a part of this!

  13. Hey guys,

    Always so impressed by seeing the progress of other bloggers. My highest month so far is in the $6xx.xx range and so seeing so many hitting the four figures range is inspiring.
    Thanks again for including my totals!

    Take care,

  14. Lanny – my outsized months are from a DRIP investment in Dominion Energy that was started with the bare minimum account opening amount when I graduated high school 20+ years ago by my grandfather. I never touched it and with only a $1 charge per quarter it has grown to almost 1,000 shares today on its own. Truly a set it and forget it investment that paid off! My next move will be to funnel a portion of the dividend to cash when it hits the 1,000 share mark so I can invest that money elsewhere and balance out the other months.

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