Unexpected Positives as a Dividend Investor

Good morning everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend and are breathing in the spices of the Fall scented candles and are walking out to the mail box to pick up a dividend check or two.  Not figuratively, but that’s what sometimes happens as a dividend investor.  You wake up, sign online to your account and see businesses sending you a check for the funds you have placed in the market as their source of liquidity to operate a business.  These are always fun surprises or moments each and everyday as a dividend investor, but over the last few weeks, more and more surprises and unexpected positives have come from being a dividend investor.

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Share Buyback Programs are Big News for Dividend Investors

Share buybacks.  At first glance – it’s just a headline we read or a financial statement disclosure or event that a company/entity goes through.  As an investor, some of us may not even know what that means, what the transaction entails or why companies even perform such a program – buying back shares, what?  As of late, the Dividend Diplomats have discussed share buy backs in the IBM purchase, the November stock watch list, as well as DOW Chemical unleashing dividend value.  I am going to make this post a very informative and illustrative piece for all of us.  Let’s share the buyback event.


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