Unexpected Positives as a Dividend Investor

Good morning everyone!  Hope you had a great weekend and are breathing in the spices of the Fall scented candles and are walking out to the mail box to pick up a dividend check or two.  Not figuratively, but that’s what sometimes happens as a dividend investor.  You wake up, sign online to your account and see businesses sending you a check for the funds you have placed in the market as their source of liquidity to operate a business.  These are always fun surprises or moments each and everyday as a dividend investor, but over the last few weeks, more and more surprises and unexpected positives have come from being a dividend investor.

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Bert’s Recent Buy – Norwood Financial Group – NWFL

In his last purchase article, Lanny alluded to the fact that I may have purchased the same stock as his.  Well, Lanny was right and great minds think alike.  We have been talking about this purchase for several weeks and we finally just decided to buy it!  While my rationale may have been slightly different than Lanny’s, here is why I added to my stake in Norwood Financial (NWFL).

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My Cigarette Problem

Okay – I am sure the title fools you, but I thought it may be clever to have one think – what are Bert and Lanny up to now?  Are they okay?  Yes – we are okay and no – we do not have a physical Cigarette problem.  It comes down to the fact that I (Lanny) own both Lorillard (LO) and Phillip Morris (PM).  I have had a discussion with Bert on the right plan of attack with holding Lorillard and PM looking at a very low price point/strong valuation.  Here is the cigarette problem I am facing.

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Stock Analysis – SBSI & OABC

A few days ago, I found myself at Dividend Mantra’s blog reading about stocks on his watch list and became very enthralled at his attention to the financial institution industry and a stock within there that he is observing.  The financial institution industry has been ever-so changing over the last 5-6 years, with the financial crisis, increased transparency, regulation, increases of capital, consolidation of companies/institutions and the dramatic line of – “Acquire or become Acquired” mindset over the last 2 years – it has been a very exciting time for smaller community banks.  I’m going to perform an evaluation of Southside Bancshares (SBSI) and OmniAmerican Bancorp (OABC), as SBSI is acquiring OABC.  See below: Continue reading