Decision Made… Philip Morris > Lorillard

After the long thought debate and analysis on whether I should maintain my Lorillard (LO) holding or sell and rejuvenate my position into Philip Morris (PM), my decision was made.  You can remember last week, my LO stock was close to hitting the ceiling potential and the valuation on the stock just wasn’t showing that it was an appropriate valuation anymore, as well as my brief research into Reynolds American.  I wanted to know my money was going to transition into an undervalued stock, and that it was under my control to make that decision/action happen… And it was.  Continue reading

My Cigarette Problem

Okay – I am sure the title fools you, but I thought it may be clever to have one think – what are Bert and Lanny up to now?  Are they okay?  Yes – we are okay and no – we do not have a physical Cigarette problem.  It comes down to the fact that I (Lanny) own both Lorillard (LO) and Phillip Morris (PM).  I have had a discussion with Bert on the right plan of attack with holding Lorillard and PM looking at a very low price point/strong valuation.  Here is the cigarette problem I am facing.

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