My Top 5 Reasons to Make Larger Stock Investments ($3,000+)

Now, we all know from my 2016 goals post that my plan was to contribute to the stock market a minimum of $24,000, as well as to make 3 large trades that are at minimum $3,000 per order (it can be higher as well!).  I have had a few individuals message me, as well as other friends ask me this one question – why?  They also have asked/stated – wouldn’t that then eat into your capital and then you would not be able to strike when an opportunity exists/occurs?  I wanted to respond and shed more light on why I want to make these more “significant” purchases than my typical $600 to $2,000 purchases of stock I would make last year.

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Lanny’s 2015 Portfolio Review

I  keep a copy in PDF of my portfolio every quarter, and have a deeper dive at 12/31, but this also provides a blog’d example of where I stand, so I can always refer back on the site the historical position of my portfolio.  As we have done in the prior year, this post will be a review and re-cap overall of my portfolio, the contributions, dividend going forward, dividend received, what I can analyze from the current position, etc..  It’s always fun to see what the year compiled into one snapshot of all of the hard work that goes into it.  I am excited to see where it stands and what can be done going into this new year!  Let’s dive on in.  Continue reading


Bert’s December Dividend Income Summary

Happy New Year everyone!  It still blows my mind that the calendar has officially turned over and it is 2016.  HOLY COW!  I hope you all have had the chance to set your goals so we can hit the ground running in 2016.   It seems appropriate that the first article published on our website in 2016 is a review of the dividend income received during my favorite dividend month of the year…December.   Let’s take a look at my December dividend income summary, my final report of 2015!

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