Bert’s January Dividend Income Summary

Wow….January just flew by.  One giant blur to me.  As I take some time to reflect on the month, I realize just how large of a roller coaster ride it was.  Whether it was the wild swings of Mr. Market, receiving dividends, or purchasing a couple of stocks (ADM at the beginning of the month and CZNC at the end of the month), I always had something fun and exciting to look forward to.    So now, just like every month, I took a step back and reviewed my monthly dividend income summary to see how my income stacked up against the same month in the previous quarter and the previous year.  Let’s check it out!

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Interview with Ben at Sure Dividend

At the end of 2015, we began conducting interviews with others in this wonderful community.  One of the best part about it all is how willing everyone is to share their knowledge and encourage each other to become the best investor they can be and reach financial freedom as soon as possible.  Our first two interviews were Dividend Hustler and Tawcan.  Both their stories were fascinating and it was great learning about them!   So now, here comes interview number three.  Let’s all take some time and get to know Ben, the founder of!


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Bert’s Quarterly Goals Review – Q3 2015


Even after writing my September Dividend Income Summary, I still can’t believe that the third quarter of 2015 has come to a close.  Holy cow, where has all of the time gone?   Just like Lanny, I perform a quarterly goal review to track my progress so I can make any necessary adjustments before it is too late.   Let’s take a look at my progress through the first nine months of 2015!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – 3M Company (MMM)

Well everyone, Lanny wasn’t the only one on this website to take advantage of the market downturn as he purchased JNJ earlier in the week.   After finishing my recent obsession of building up my stake in IBM a few weeks ago, I began hoarding cash with a new target in mind.  I have been monitoring this company on and off over the last year or so and the recent downturn in the market presented too good of an opportunity for me to continue sitting on the sideline.   Let’s see which stock I purchased this week!

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Lanny’s January Dividend Income Summary

Hello everyone!  It’s the first month of 2015 and it was a fruitful month to begin the new year!  It’s wild to see that one month has essentially finished and another month of dividend income is in the books.  I know we all love to read these posts from the writers in the community, so let’s get to the January Dividend Income Summary!

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