May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

You all know the drill by now, right?  Every month, we try as hard as we can to aggregate dividend income summaries from as many of the other bloggers in the dividend growth investor community.  There are so many great, inspiring stories out there that motivate the two of us each and every day.    We do our best to include as many bloggers as we can; however, due to time constraints, we can’t include every blogger every month.  It isn’t anything personal.  Now, it is time to get inspired.  Let’s check out our May dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

Dividends Down Under – $12.44 – lower this month due to the Australian tax year.  Can’t wait until you  have the months that really experience a waterfall.

Passive Canadian Income – $73.56 – Made some massive gains year over year of 149.2% – now if you can keep that growth rate up, you’ll be financially free in no time : )  Hope the new investments work out for you too!

My Dividend Pipeline – $425.95 – You son of a gun.  One word: Rampage.  That is all, haha.

A Frugal Family Journey – $134.44 – There we go, making moves!  That’s a damn good amount of dividend income for the month of May, no doubt.  You had some solid companies paying you, Telecom was big!  Keep it up.

Dividend Quest – $844.18 – Almost to the $1k Mark, so close!!!  A MONSTER month and fairly even spread across the board with your companies if you ask me, and yes – I do think $900/month is CLOSELY within your future.

Dividend Dolphin – 32.56 – NICE WORK – always fun when you compare it to a month that never had dividend income : )  Also – congrats on crushing over 100 YTD!!

Dividend Cashflow – 163.76 (EUR) –  Posting a very solid 31% dividend increase. Plus, similar to us here, saw a new dividend from CVS compared to last year!  Very nice DCF.

Amber Tree Leaves – 23.98 (EUR) –  Dividend income was a small portion of Amber’s income this month – as total income eclipsed 1,000 euros.  Congrats on the great month!

Dividends Are Coming – 290.27 (EUR) – A 27% increase compared to last year and a record-setting month from Dividends Are Coming.  The montage at the top of your article adds a fun visual to show which companies paid you in May!

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit – $275.89 –  The dollar amounts are amazing here, and the even cooler info-graphic shows the number of dividend increases JC has received during the year.  Loving the new format of your monthly summary!

Dividend Gremlin – $246.08 –  A huge 187% year over year increase.  An on top of that, the future increase will continue to grow with a new investment in TROW and the fact that four of your companies announced dividend increases in May.  That’s how you keep the snowball rolling.

Dividend Daze – $67.23 –  Another blogger impacted by the HCP switch, and that was big for Daze during the month.  Also, nice to see that you received your first dividend from HRL.

Race2Retirement – $1,870.67 – The race to financial freedom in 3,000 days has another impressive chapter, posting an insane amount of income in an “off” month.

Time in the Market – $91.47 –  TITM posted some nice results for a portfolio that is predominately ETFs/mutual funds in a non-dividend month. Plus, TITM received some awesome double-digit dividend increases along the way.

Earn Money in Pajamas – $44.10 –  Just a “small” 380% year over year increase notched by EMIP.  Obviously we are kidding, those results are amazing.  Keep up the great work.

Dividend Reaper – $8.15 –  While it may appear to be a decrease compared to last year, Reaper was also hampered by companies that decided to switch the month they were paying a dividend.   Not a big deal though, because the important thing is that you are still receiving the checks!

Dividend Seedling – $8.51-  Once again we will take the easy comment, but it is awesome to continue watching the seeds of DS’s portfolio continue to get planted.  Each month, your dividends continue to grow!

Passive Income Mavericks  – $1,058.52 –  Wow!  Amazing, another member of the four digit dividend income club in a slow month.  That’s what we are talking about PIM.

Two Investing – $632.02 – Scott posted a 53% increase compared to last year.  Looking at the listing of companies, there are some awesome names on the list.  And oh yeah, Scott received one MASSIVE dividend from Nestle.

Dividend Vet – $308.54 –  Dividend Vet posted some very awesome results this month and was a benefactor of the special dividend that Costco paid out last month.

Investing Pursuits – $337.14 –  A strong month for IP.  While IP received some bad news from one investment in the form of a dividend cut, we are confident that you will be able to overcome it in no time.

Millennial Budget – $11.06 – Nice work Stefan!  You pretty much doubled your last quarter and on top of that – are setting yourself up with fresh new capital to pump further dividend going forward, keep it up sir!

Retire by 40 – $808 – Almost $1k in the off month – he is killing it!  Between that, online & rental income – financial freedom has been set up wonderfully so far, congrats!

Div Hut – $584.38 – We swear, each monthly post you have – shows that you are essentially crushing your historical figures, by a long shot and it has to do with your tenacity, removing emotions from investment decisions and staying consistent.  KEEP GOING!  And I know you will.

Dividend Pig – $305.86 – THERE WE GO!! Nice work crossing three hundred, fairly impressive.  I see you have CVS paying you, can’t wait to receive a dividend from them soon!

Dividend Lord – $160.16 – Love the chart that you have and the mountain you are climbing – guess what – you kicked the crap out of 2016 and you are set to do this each and every month going forward.  Great job!

Divicents – $733.18 – Talk about just CRUSHING it.  Divicents just posted a 60%+ increase compared to last year and is barreling towards his ambitious goal of $8,000 in dividend income.

Team Cheesy Finance – 423 Euros –  The cheesy index is off the charts here.  Another stellar month of dividends for Team CF!  Nice work.

Adam @ I Want To Retire Soon – $110.56  –  Last but definitely not least, fresh off of the two-year anniversary of his dividend investing journey, Adam received dividends from 10 different companies in May.  The dividend train just keeps on moving as well with two purchases, one of which was on Lanny’s recent watch list.

Wow. Is everyone feeling as inspired as we are leaving this post.  The reason we love putting this article together is because we love seeing the progress that so many other dividend growth investors are making in the community.  It truly is inspiring and keeps us motivated.  It keeps us pushing.  And it has us excited to dig deep, find every side hustle possible and scrape every dollar together that we can to get us that much closer to financial freedom.  We will end this the same way we have ended every other monthly dividend income summary from the blogging community….that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR COUNTS in our journey towards financial.  Even better, let’s add one more rallying cry just for the heck of it.  All, Let’s JUST GO FOR IT!

-Lanny & Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

47 thoughts on “May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Dudes,
    Thanks for the mention. It has been a lot of growth, especially being able to take over my old retirement funds. Going forward there may be some sadly stunted growth, but not to worry its cause I am in the midst of acquiring a house. I had planned for that event in 1-2 years, but here we are (and let’s face it, my wife’s 1-2 years is actually 1-2 months).


    • Gremlin,

      Of course! Same here with the house – I have had less capital to throw in the marketplace, but am trying to buy stocks when I can. You may not be buying stocks, but you are purchasing another asset that will build equity on your balance sheet. Looking forward to reading more about this big purchase.


  2. Look at those solid numbers from everyone. Great group of blogs, very inspirational. Thanks again for adding me to the list as well. On an off month too. Can’t wait to see what happens next month when the quarter ends. Records will be broken! Keep up the great work.

    • Daze,

      You’re right, this is a great/amazing group of people and bloggers. We will gladly keep on including you and we are enjoying following your story, through the off and the on months. I’m pumped to see this record that you are hyping up and cannot wait to see what my final figure is.

      Take care,


  3. Thanks for the inclusion gents! Look at the amount of money paid out just a handful of people. Well done everyone, hope I start joining the bigger numbers soon.

    • Stefan,

      Absolutely! You’ll start hitting the big numbers before you know it. Start small and you are shocked how quickly things accumulate. I remember how all I could think about was trying to cross the $100 per month mark and then working my way towards the next milestone, and the next milestone, and so on. Keep on hustling and keep on crushing!


  4. Hey DD,
    thanks for all the work you put into that list…great overview and what a cool, grinding community. Every dollar counts!!
    It would be awesome if it’s possible to add my blog to this list sometime in the future.


    • Dividend Solutions,

      Thank you very much. We enjoy showing the hard work of so many in the dividend investing community. We will keep on adding as many people as we can. Sorry about not including you this month, time ultimately was not on our side and we couldn’t get to everyone.


  5. As always, one of my favorite posts to see our collective passive incomes. I have to say, that as a whole we bring in some serious cash each month. Who says dividend growth investing doesn’t work. All I see are awesome ever growing totals. Thanks for including DivHut. I know June will be monster!

    • Divhut,

      It really is crazy looking at the numbers in one location, right? Every month we prepare this article and every month I leave amazed at what we were able to accomplish and bring to the table. Ready to set some records here in June?


    • No problem Adam. The people you meet and get to interact is what makes being a part of the community so much fun. We motivate and encourage each other to be the best we can be, which isn’t always the case with the people you surround yourself with. I feel very fortunate.


  6. That’s some awesome numbers from everyone here – some big and some small but we’re all aiming towards the same end goal.

    Thanks for the mention and looking forward to June which I’m sure will be a nice month for all.

    • TITM

      The amount of income you receive doesn’t matter. We are all at different points in our journey and the important thing, as you said, is that we are all aiming for the same end goal. June is going to be insane and I cannot wait to see what type of numbers get posted here.

      Take care,


  7. Nice list. Damn…I missed it again to be on the list :-)) Maybe one day I will be…
    Congrats everyone. Keep on grinding everyone.

    I look forward to next month list..June is always my weakest month. Ciao

    • DC –

      Cannot help but think of the same thing! Starting Friday, this Friday, I’ll have a big waterfall of divvy’s that come in as well, can’t wait!

      You WILL BE OVER what we are all doing, keep doin gwhat you’re doing, stay consistent and hungry. Ciao DC!


  8. The overall trend is up and up! Looking at this is very inspiring. I sold all of my position in December, but I’ll slowly buying back. We’ll see in 2 years if I can get back at to the average of $500/mo again.
    Some of us took some money out to buy a house, but I do believe if every is keeping at it, it will product a living wage income in no-time.

    Cheers everyone!

  9. Awesome work guys! This is one fantastic look of bloggers! It always gets me super motivated when I see such amazing progress from my fellow peers! Keep up the hard work and earning those dividends!

  10. I discovered your site around the beginning of 2017 and love it. I too want to be able to post dividend gains, and have started my purchasing in April 2017. So far, I have $0.00 in dividend income and I’m excited to see it move in an upward direction. It’s inspiring to see everyone’s numbers in this list and to have links to more sites with like-minded folk. Keep up the good work everyone.

  11. Excellent work everyone, great to see some solid results by all. My month was quite boring unfortunately, but slowly building that dividend income over many months to produce a nice income stream. Cheers!

  12. Hey guys! Super late to the party on this one – but thank you so much for including us in your list for May – we are always very honoured.

    The effort you guys put in every month to collect the dividends from many bloggers is very appreciated all around the community, thanks for being so awesome 🙂

    Mrs DDU

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