July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Are you all ready?  Another installment of our monthly round-up of dividend income monthly reports from many of our fellow dividend investing, FIRE pursuing bloggers.   We love reading and trying to summarize as many journeys as possible each month because it is awesome to see the progress of so many other bloggers AND the results serve as great motivation for the community.   The progress is infectious!   July was a great month, the heat of summer is still high and the dividends continued to roll in.  Now, lets dive in, and check out our June dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

Without further-ado, here are the incredible, infectious, milestone-ing results from the dividend blogging community!

My Dividend Pipeline – $300.13 – very solid MDP for a July month and for selling your entire portfolio.  Hope things are going well over there for ya MDP!

Dividends Down Under – $21.47 – Back on the board here!  There we go DDU, nice work getting back in the game and reinvesting to get more shares.  Pumped for your next month and a few later months this year, as I know you’ll be raking it in.

Dividends 4 Future – $9.70 – A nice month there, though slightly lower than last year.  You’ve been on a deployment of capital tear, so there is no telling where you’ll be in just a few short weeks/months.  Keep the grind and consistency alive!

RB40 – $978 – Whoa!  I commented on Retire By 40’s site to say that it’s pretty impressive how evenly spread his dividend income is.  They’ve earned around $6.8K and this represents almost a perfect slither of that, it’s awesome to see.  Great job over there and can’t wait to see the snowball continue to accumulate.

Dividend 4 Starters – $49.08 – Very solid month, definitely fills up almost 2 tanks of gas.  This would also cover a couple of utilities for me per month, nice work!

Dividend Quest – $871.27 – almost to the $1,000 amount in this soft-month for US investors.  So nasty, keep it up and definitely  a nice “quest” to accomplish!

Investing Pursuits – $453.38 – Well, well, well – very solid dividend income here and some large entities to boot with telecommunications and banking within Canada, they seem to be producing strong dividends for the portfolio!

Dividend Reaper – $44.51 – Very nice take with the video on the dividend income discussion.  It was nice to listen to your take on the month and to hear it in the background as I read another article at the same time.  Nice job, huge growth and keep it up!  TRACK EVERYTHING!!

Pollies Dividends – $66.58 – Solid income, great growth rate and popular names to boot (Coke (KO), Realty Income (O)) to name a few.  Keep it up and pumped what another 12 months will do.

Dividend Portfolio – $5.99 – Dividend Portfolio received dividend checks from two legendary dividend payers this month, Coke and Realty Income.  Making some strides here as you begin your dividend investing journey!

Investment Hunting – $528.28 –  Receiving dividends from over 15 companies in an “off month” of July is pretty awesome IH.  Love the fact that one of your largest paychecks was from Philip Morris.

Pursuit 2 Freedom – 4.45 Euros – A very nice 7.2% dividend increase P2F during the month.  Did not receive any dividends from new companies this month.  Instead, the increased payout was due to a good old fashioned dividend increase from TD!

Dividend Solutions  – $94.25 – A  solid 21% increase Dividend Solutions!  Nice job.   Man on the verge of crossing triple digits and you will surely cross that amount next year with that kind of a dividend growth rate.

More Dividends – $6.95 – Love the increase from 2016, but love the purchases of ADM and GIS that you made during the year.   That is how you keep the dividend snowball rolling.

Catfish Wizard – $377.07 –  An amazing month that saw an impressive increase in market value and projected dividend income.  Those results are going to go a long, long way Catfish!

Screaming Little Man – $1,561.69 –  Wow – another strong month for SLM in an “off month.”  Moves are being made here!  Amazing things are happening all around here.

Dividend Daze – $42.40 –  An impressive 93% year over year dividend increase.  Heck yeah Dividend Daze.  Love to also see the strong dividend from Cisco, which Lanny purchased recently!

Diligent Dividend – $22.42 –  A happy belated birthday to Diligent Dividend and man were you rewarded with some strong results.  Your portfolio continues to move and we love the additional investment in AT&T, one of our favorites!

Divnomics – $26.64 Euros –  Nice 29.5% increase Divnomics!  Get ready to watch your total passive income stream take off once that rental property you just purchased starts to pump out income!

Team Cheesy Finance – 490.56 Euros –  Team CF is officially two years into their dividend investing journey and had one heck of a month to celebrate.   It is insane what they have accomplished in 24 months.  Congrats!

My Dividend Dynasty – $377.44 – Nice month and it is an impressive haul for receiving only 3 dividends.  Like us, you were also hit with the ever changing (only slightly thought) dividend payment from GSK.

Dividend Income Stocks – $227.97 –  We aren’t exactly sure about DIS’s investment strategy. Kidding, really bad joke.  DIS posted a strong 24% growth rate compared to July 2016. Very nice!

Dividend Gremlin – $73.19 –  DG realized a slight decrease due to the fact that KHC switched the month that they paid a dividend.  A lot of investors were hit by that one as well.  Congrats on the new purchase (Side note from Bert:  you are right, it is quite the process…)!

Passive Income Dude – $68.98 –  What’s crazy is that dividend investing is such a small piece of PID’s monthly passive income total.  Between dividend income and four rentals, PID continues to set monthly income records!

American Dividend Dream – $118.93 –  ADD received dividends from several companies, but man, that is one nice and massive dividend payment from Cisco.  Great company with a great balance sheet and you are benefiting greatly.

Dividend Seedling – $4.15 –  One full year of dividend reports, and Dividend Seedling starts Year #2 off with a 293% year over year increase.  YES!  Nice job Seedling.

Race 2 Retirement – $1,674.49 – R2R is not even a third of hist way through this aggressive journey towards financial freedom and the results continue to amaze.  Another stellar month of dividend income in an “Off” month.

Dividend Life – $354 – A nearly double digit dividend growth rate posted by two bond funds and four great dividend growth stocks.

Time in the Market – $64.34 –  It is always hard coming off of the third month of a quarter when you have a mutual fund heavy portfolio, but TITM posting a strong 22% dividend growth rate compared to last year!  Keeping the momentum moving.

Dividends Are Coming – 92.45 Euros –  Man on the verge of three figure income.  We’re sorry to see your four month “three digit” dividend income streak come to an end, but you received some nice dividend increases and one potential increase from Kinder Morgan to help get this streak back on track.

Dividend Cashflow – 154.52 Euro –  This isn’t an error.  Dividend Cashflow posted an INSANE 294% year over year increase. Holy smokes!

Div Hut – $384.76 – Loving that you are in the positive direction, and see that you, like us and others, felt a sting from Kraft (KHC) moving their dividend payment schedule.  But how can we be mad, as they just increased their dividend : )  Congrats on a solid month, here is to progress!

Dividend Family Guy – $24.87 – With names like Coke (KO), General Electric (GE) – I am sure there will be a dividend increase soon for you.  Keep investing and play it safe DFG!

Stockles – $101.78 – Nice work!  Keep adding to the big companies that you have to help even & balance it out, you are well on your way, no stopping now.

Dividend Pig – $277.07 – The Pig is in the trough eating away!  Nice work and love that you showed the average per company paying you, which was $23.09.  Please keep those investments going, as you described, and keep eating!

Tawcan – $1,282.42 – Uhm, Tawcan, why do you have so much dividend income and can someone from the community borrow some?  All of this from 24 different dividend payers.  Fantastic and an inspiration.

Wallet Squirrel – $5.92 – Looks like your new investments into VZ & Realty Income (O) should produce better results as well going forward, keep it up!

Wow, just wow.  We are speechless here.  We have summarized a whopping 37 bloggers above that produced a total cash flow of dividends in the amount of $11,242.10!  Congratulations EVERYONE here on the consistency, the pursuit of financial independence and the desire to build assets that produce cash flow.  We mean it when we say, every dollar counts, in this journey, to say the least.   Each dollar helps fuel our income streams and puts us that much closer to financial freedom.   With August through December left, we have to make these months count.  Let’s strive for greatness here and JUST GO FOR IT!   Congrats again on the great results for those listed in the article and the people we were not able to include.

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

57 thoughts on “July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

    • Of course Stockles! Glad to add you in here. We love preparing this each month and showing the progress that each blogger is making. As a group, we are collectively posting some insane numbers.


  1. I still love this post as usual. It’s awesome to see the positive numbers all around. Small or big, dividends helps us to achieve the power of compounding and helps us get closer to achieving our goals.

    Looking forward to next month’s list and thanks for the inclusion!

  2. That’s quite a collection. Although I am no longer dividend investor, I am glad there are many out there growing their dividend incomes day by day.


    • Dynasty –

      Glad to bring that dividend royalty to the list, haha. Honestly, this is awesome and if anything, gives me a reason to continue to be motivated. If I see a total larger than mine, I get hungrier. If I see a stock someone owns, that I don’t have, I wonder why I don’t (to see if it’s worthwhile). Bottomline, love this post and expect more to follow!


    • IH –

      Solid breakdown, actually. So weird to think that each person is raking in over $300, very interesting. Shows that we are all making progress. Let’s start to compare that going forward, great add.


  3. Thanks for including me in this list. I’m glad to see everyone doing so great. Every bit of passive income that we receive just helps us grow our snowballs that much more. I love reading this post every month. Thanks for sharing.

    • PCI –

      Agh, no!! I am so sorry we didn’t come across that specific article of yours. I did go back and check and see you were probably one of the first ones to write the monthly article as well. I apologize and we may have overlooked it, since you had a few articles right afterwards. We’ll be on the lookout next time PCI!


  4. I’m always amazed at collective total we all bring in each month. To think, $11k rolled in passively for an “off” month is just amazing. Keep up the good work everyone. Keep buying when you can.

    • I know – looking at the totals in aggregate, it is truly amazing seeing the total amount of money this community hauled in during July. Lets keep adding to the total here and finish out the month strong.


  5. Great job everyone. The $304 per person average is impressive. Especially since my $4.15 was in there. This is my favorite post each month. Thank you for taking the time to checkout all of these blogs and put these blurbs together.


    • DS,

      Yeah $304 per person is insane. Looks like I am behind the average but will now have a nice goal to strive for haha We are happy to do this each month and see how everyone is just crushing it at each stage of their investing journey.


      • Thanks for the reply Bert. I’ve commented at least once before, quite possibly on last months blogger div income post. I check dividenddiplomats just about every weekday for updates and enjoy all the posts. Y’all are great inspiration – keep it up!!!


  6. As always, great roundup! It’s just getting bigger and bigger… 😉
    Still have to wait for December to receive the first check of our rental property… Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Divnomics! it is crazy that this list continues to grow each month. I’m pumped for you that your first rental check is going to sneak in during 2017 and you will get a nice jolt of income at the end!


  7. Dudes,
    Thanks for the shout out. At least KHC made up for it with that recent increase. Buying a house takes a long time, it is a great thing that digital signatures exist in this day and age…
    – Gremlin

    • Gremlin – Thank goodness for digital signatures. One of my co-workers just had their closing papers mailed to them overnight so they could sign the documents and hand them back in. My mind was blown, especially since my wife and I signed everything and the process only took about two seconds (after reading everything carefully of course). I’m glad KHC rewarded us despite the fact that they annoyed us with changing the time they paid their dividend. We will take it!


  8. Congrats all! So cool to see that we are all hustling towards the same passive income goal! My July dividends came to $229. It’s been a great year so far… keep it up everybody!

    Tall Investing

  9. Thanks for including me on your list! (I’m pumped)

    Yeah right now my side income from dividends isn’t much, mainly Realty Income (O) carrying me through each month, but I’m hoping to look into Cisco after your last analysis. As I continue to make more side-hustling, I should continually be able to buy more and more dividend stocks. So I’m looking to grow that number. =)

    Have an awesome day!

    • Andrew,

      Of course! Glad to include you. I freaking love the Realty Income bump to my monthly dividend income totals too. I just wish it was more for me haha You better keep this up and keep on hustling here. Take care!


    • DI –

      Of course, no need to say thanks. Thank YOU for doing what you’re doing it, and making it fun for us all to watch the trains continue to chug a long. It’s been a great ride, and we aren’t finished yet.


  10. Nice overview as always gents. Remains inspirational to see the numbers, it’s becoming quite the amount of dividends as well with over $11K in one month within the community.

  11. Hey! This is GREAT! I’m jealous of EVERYONE on this list. Congrats to all! Since I JUST started investing, can I ask ya’ll advice? To DRIP or not to DRIP? That is the question. I only have $500 in stocks right now and $500 in ETFs. I’m assuming reinvesting is the “dividend snowball” you mention above? Do you automatically reinvest in the same stock that paid the dividend or use it to purchase new positions? GAH! (I’m kinda embarrassed that I really don’t know.)

    • The Lady –

      I love that question, first off and we have an article over it! I go with DRIP, to get the snowball going on your portfolio and takes away timing the market, as well as reduces fees/costs. That’s just me, though! Therefore, I do automatically reinvest in the same stock. Any other questions you have??


  12. Wow there were some MASSIVE numbers from some bloggers this month! Tawcan and SLM.. My goodness, that’s some good motivation for the rest of us huh?

    Thanks for the really kind words on our July dividend income guys – you are always so encouraging and we feel so cool to be included in your monthly bloggers update.

    Mrs DDU

    • Mrs DDU,

      Of course – we love following your story and watching not only your portfolio grow, but also following the events in your life. You hit the nail on the head about the impact of reading these articles. They serve as great motivation and I get extremely excited every time I read the articles and stare at the numbers. Makes me want to reach that mark that much faster.

      Take care!


    • Glad you enjoy the post! Congrats on the month and receiving dividends from one of my favorite stocks (realty income) and one of Lanny’s recent purchases (CSCO). You are getting that much closer to knocking off your goal for the year.


  13. Awesome list, always look forward to it! Thanks for the include as well. Well done to everyone, and awesome to a few people breaking the $1000 mark. By this time next year I’m guessing we’ll have quite a few people past that milestone in this community.

  14. Hey Diplomats,

    your list gets longer and longer – it’s a great community and the results prove that dividend growth investing is a sound strategy! Thanks for all the work!

    Best Regards,

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