Mr. Market taking a Turn

Good old Mr. Market.  It has been an interesting last week plus, given the overall market condition lately.  Greece did not make their debt payment and it felt like the whole stock world shook from the news, as well as other macro events.  Thought I do enjoy seeing what is happening from this level, I enjoy it even more when my favorite dividend stocks become discounted throughout the process, yes, yes, even European and Oil companies included.  With that said there have been more stocks that have  Continue reading

My Greece Strategy

There have been a lot of major news stories over the last week covering topics ranging from social to financial issues.  It seems like every day there was some new development that had major implication, which is a great fit for our 24 hour news cycles.   The one story that has a substantial impact on us dividend growth investors is the continuing saga in Greece.  Once again, we find ourselves staring a default, departure from the European Union, etc., in the face and worst of all at any second a decision could be made that could send shock waves through the financial markets.  It finally hit me, I didn’t have a plan to capitalize on a potential downturn in the market.  But that all changes now.


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