Bert’s August Dividend Income Summary

Labor Day is behind us and we are closing in on the final quarter of the year!  Fall is my favorite season.  The outdoors, changing leaves, football, playoff baseball, great food, bonfires….man I’m happy this season is here.    As with each month, we take a look at how we performed compare to last year to measure our growth, progress, and pursuit of good old financial freedom!  Here is my August dividend income summary folks.

dividend income

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Goodbye Auto Loan!

Time to bust my hands out of one set of shackles.  After 48 months of owning my car, with “strings” attached to them, I decided to snip that little thread to be free and clear.  I remember every so often, I would look back and think, “I should have never bought my car and taken a loan out to do so”.  Well, at least now I have decided to at least take out the last part of that statement there.  Goodbye Auto Loan!

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Dividend Diplomats 5 Important Money Lessons

One of the foundations that we have built our website on is the importance of investing in dividend paying stocks at a young age to maximize the power of compounding dividends.   That’s why we have preached frugal living as it has allowed us to maximize the amount we are able to invest now so we can reach financial freedom sooner.   While we have been successful recently saving a large percentage of our income, it hasn’t always been this way.  Through our experiences (Bert has had a lot more of these than Lanny by the way) or by watching others, we have witnessed many financial missteps of people in your twenties.  One of the best thing about the community we are in is that we share knowledge, and we have learned a ton about life, finances, and dividend paying stocks since we started this blog a year ago.   So we wanted to share with you the top 5 lessons we have learned over the years in hopes that you can get your dividend snowball rolling as soon as possible.

money mistakes

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