Liebster Award Nomination

Henry from Living at Home was gracious enough to nominate us for a Liebster Award.  We just wanted to say thank you very much for considering us for this award.  We enjoy reading your articles,  responding to comments, and following your journey towards financial independence.

Henry asked us to answer the following questions.  See our responses below:

1. If you won a mini-lottery would do choose $1 million in cold hard cash today or one penny that doubles every day for the next 30 days?  Basically, you start with a penny on day one.  At the end of day two you have two pennies.  Day three it’s four pennies, day four it’s eight pennies, and so on.

Bert: Can I take the $1 million dollars on day one and begin investing in 100 million pennies that double every day for the remaining 29? If not,  I would take the one penny that doubles every day.   You made that choice a no brainer for us!

Lanny: Give me good ol Abe Lincoln and lets let the funds roll in.  Then what would I do with all of that?  Dividend paying stocks of course!

2. Would you rather make memories or money now?

Bert:  Memories for sure.  You can’t put a price them.

Lanny:  Make Memories.  Invaluable.  Make memories while making money? haha… Joking – would never pass on an experience.

3. How often do you check up on your investments?

Bert: Daily.  I track my current market value in a spreadsheet and follow the prices of  my current and future investments on a regular basis.  I like to keep a close grip on my investments to help identify an opportunity to purchase additional shares. Plus, it’s fun to watch my annual dividend income increase $1 after I receive a dividend payment!

Lanny: Every single day.  The market is always up in the background for me.  I want to be ready to jump on an opportunity when it comes about.  Love updating my portfolio to see if I have broken new “ground” such as when I crossed the $100K mark.

4. What are your career goals?

Bert:  I want to own my own business one day.  I have learned a lot in my short time in the work-force and I wouldn’t have that knowledge without the opportunity to work with everyone else.  However,  I one day want to be my own boss and set my own rules!

Lanny: My career goals is to go into the Partner’s office and say “Hey I’m leaving the firm” and for him to ask where I would be going and for me to say “Nowhere, not to another company, not to another firm.  I’m going to be doing my thing based on a business model that I have started and am now self-sufficient, thank you for the last X years”.  Career goal is to have control over my time.

5. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?

Bert: I can’t say that I have.  Lanny eats about a dozen each day, so he might have the answer you are looking for!

Lanny: Funny Bert.  I do eat a lot of bananas, and did step on a peel in our parking garage last week.  Let’s just say – it’s not as fun as it looks in the cartoons or video games.

Our Nominees

Henry, thank you again for the honor.  Now it is our time to nominate fellow bloggers for the Liebster Award.  We spent a lot of time discussing possible nominees; however, there were three people that seemed like no-brainers.  Each of these bloggers have been with us from the beginning of our journey and we have learned a lot from each of their comments, articles, and experiences.  Will the following three bloggers please accept our nomination for the Liebster Award?  Our five questions for each of you are listed below.

Dividend Mantra– Jason is in his young 30s and is well on his way to financial independence.  His journey is guided by investing in quality dividend paying stocks and practicing a frugal lifestyle.  We have learned a lot through the years by reading Jason’s articles about investing topics, investing theory, individual stocks, and practicing frugality (we started following Jason long before we began blogging).

Asset Grinder-  AG is an entrepreneur  in his late 30s that invests in dividend paying stocks.   Similar to us, AG is relatively new to the blogging game and blogs about all investing topics and debt.  AG has also invested in a brewery start-up, so hopefully it will provide another steady stream of cash flow!

Dividend Life DL has had quite the life journey and has had some very cool experiences (I am always jealous of people who had the opportunity to live abroad).   DL has been investing in solid dividend paying companies with a goal of covering his living expenses.   I like the fact the DL measures his dividend goal by the number of months worth of expenses the income will cover.

1. What is the best piece of financial advice you have received?

2. What is your favorite financial and non-financial book? (Sorry for the two part question).

3. Do you still own the first stock you purchased?

4. If you could visit any country in the world, which country would you visit?

5. What is your favorite “boring” stock?

Bonus Question: Which Diplomat is your favorite and why? Just kidding about this question.


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Diplomats,

    Congrats on the nomination!

    Great questions and great answers. And I’m with you guys on memories over money. Can’t put a price on life itself, and life is simply a collection of memories.

    I’m honored to have received a nomination! Thank you!

    I’d be happy to answer the questions, though as I understand it the Liebster is meant to spread the word on new/upcoming blogs, and mine is a bit more established. If it’s something everyone wants to see I’d be happy to do it, but I don’t want to upset the community by participating in something not really meant for me.

    Best wishes!

    • DM,

      I think sometimes our society is so focused on money that the important things often take the back-burner. To me, nothing is better than sitting down with my family and listening to the stories of my older relatives. I’ve learned some remarkable things form them and it makes me appreciate every moment of my life. I hope one day my grandkids will feel the same way.

      It was a no-brainer nominating you, Asset-grinder, and Dividend Life for the award. Lanny and I have been following your story since before we started the blog and have learned a lot from you. Hopefully I will find myself in your shoes. I know the nomination is meant for new blogs, but we wanted to use our nominations for the individuals that have been with us from day one and helped shape our blog into what it is today. If you don’t mind, we would like to hear your responses so please feel free to respond to this comment with them!


  2. I am not entirely sure on how this liebster thingy works! So so I just answer the questions and nominate 5 more? Thanks for mentioning me, I feel a lil undeserving as my writing is sub par i feel lol. I am just happy to be part of the community. Dividend Mantra definitely deserves the accolades as he has been an inspiration to me starting out.

    Appreciate the mention as I am a pretty humble guy and often shy away from any spotlight. My wife and family doesn’t even know about my blog lol.

    • Hey AG,

      Honestly, we were new to the whole liebster game and had to do some research about the process. But yes, you should just answer the questions and nominate whoever you like. I don’t think that there is a minimum number of people you have to nominate. We just went with three people who followed us from the beginning. To me, writing is just one of those things that take time. I cringe when I read papers I wrote from high school haha

      Are you waiting for a certain moment to tell your family about the blog? We really enjoy following your progress and your articles. Keep up the great work. I’m excited to see who you nominate so we can start to follow others that inspire you.


  3. Thanks for accepting the nomination guys! And your responses were fantastic, sure made my day. I wasn’t expecting someone to actually slipped on a banana peel. Some girl at work randomly asked me that and I replied, “Only in Mario Kart”. Then came the silence and awkward stare.


    • Of course! Thank you. Luckily I didn’t slip fully on the peel, but it definitely left it’s remembrance on the bottom of my shoe.. not a good way to end the day. Thank you again, looks like we are having fun out here, so that’s what it’s about!


  4. Hi Diplomats!

    Thank you so much for the nomination! That’s very kind of you and I’ll be posting a reply soon, now that I’ve figured out who I’m going to nominate next!

    I feel the same way as AssetGrinder above, although I did recently “come out” to my girlfriend and parents back in May that I’d started a blog. I wasn’t sure if I’d stick with it or not, but so far it’s been a fun, enjoyable experience and I’m amazed at how friendly and supportive the community is!

    So thanks again, it’s quite an honor! Keep up the great work on your blog!

    Best wishes!

    • Thanks for the post DL!

      No need to thank – thank you for being apart of the community that we are all sharing, it’s been a fun ride so far, and the wheels are still going.

      I know Bert probably knows about “coming out” and talking to his girlfriend about it as well. Luckily/Sadly/Insert Emotion here – I’m a single guy just doing his thing. The best part of the community is we keep eachother informed, we teach, we have different ideas/methodologies and we all see things differently. It’s great.

      Talk soon and keep it up!


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