Latest Stock Purchase 5/21/14

This market is very difficult to find a good value/purchase.  The average P/E within the S&P is hovering around 19 (give or take 20 basis points), and the shiller P/E around showing higher, the value buys are there but are becoming very small glimmers in the rough.  I updated my goals page and realized, it’s time to make a move towards that 4% overall yield and a nice little boost to my projected annual income. Continue reading

Lanny’s Fixed Monthly Expenses

Hey everyone – we are heading into summer and heading into where individuals usually spend time vacationing, experiencing more “free time” and thus are usually spending a little more than usual.  Which provides a good segway into talking about fixed/typical monthly expenditures that I pay for and that most of us do pay for on a monthly basis.  I am here to talk about Transportation costs & Rent/Mortgage.  I am going to break it down for us to show much in investments we will need to have in order to cover these large monthly expenses in our lives and also to find ways to reduce this, as that will lead us to where we all want to be – Financially free. I will leave other expenses out of this discussion, for now… that is.


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Lanny’s Goals


Life would not be worth living if we did not stretch and push ourselves to the upper most limit possible.  In order to do that, however, you need to set Goals.  Now you’ll learn to find out – I’m pretty crazy/intense when it comes to goal setting and always push it to the brink of insanity, as we have described at our goals page.  I know Bert could attest that I not only make myself go the extra mile but I try to make everyone go that extra mile with me – aka Bert – step those goals up!  Joking, he actually did a great job setting/updating his goal of projected 2015 dividend income from $1.5K to $1.75K, awesome.

Here are my goals and how I will get there for the year ending 2014: Continue reading

Dividend Stock Screener

As you all can see, Lanny has been littering our blog with posts. I figured it was about time I threw an article out so you all can hear from someone else. This article will discuss a few  basic metrics that Lanny and I use while screening for potentially under-valued dividend stocks. The metrics are just the tip of the iceberg, as the investing requires a lot more research. But throughout my investing experience, I have found it very helpful to have a consistent set of metrics while performing the initial stock screening. Iceburg Continue reading

Lanny’s March and April Dividend Investing Activity

Ha – eat that Bert, I’m going to give our readers two months worth of dividend investing activity.  Therefore, step your dividend game up.  All kidding aside, these will be the fun posts to put out there for the readers and it helps keep us all on track, think of different investments and share a bond. Continue reading