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Life would not be worth living if we did not stretch and push ourselves to the upper most limit possible.  In order to do that, however, you need to set Goals.  Now you’ll learn to find out – I’m pretty crazy/intense when it comes to goal setting and always push it to the brink of insanity, as we have described at our goals page.  I know Bert could attest that I not only make myself go the extra mile but I try to make everyone go that extra mile with me – aka Bert – step those goals up!  Joking, he actually did a great job setting/updating his goal of projected 2015 dividend income from $1.5K to $1.75K, awesome.

Here are my goals and how I will get there for the year ending 2014:

I currently am yielding around $3K in dividend income with close to $10K left to invest into the market for this year.  I’m already planning to do the last half of my Roth, or $2.75K work and have a planned investment of $6K into my individual portfolio – more on that to come ; ).  Given that amount is $8.75K, I already realized this is a few hundred extra into my dividend income at a conservative 3.5% yield ($306), which pushed me already to my goal essentially of $3,350.  Therefore, I have established/updated my goal to have a projected 2015 dividend income by the end of this year of $3,750.  That is essentially $750 short as of right now and will take thorough analysis and capital infusion into the market.  However, a lot of this will come from Dividends being reinvested or DRIP’ing.  Also, dividend increases can happen as well.  How great would it be to have over $300/month in dividend income?  Awesome if you ask me.  $3,750 is the goal.

I’ve always thought it would be neat to have $100K invested and that will be my goal for market value, thought that isn’t a real metric that I worry about.  However, I’d worry about the MV of an investment if there were truly poor management philosophies and the business truly was not going to do well in the future.  $100,000 is my market value goal, which I am $7.3K short as of this writing.  I should be able to “hit” this goal with capital infusion, and a withstand of a downturn slightly in the market.  The downslide can/will eventually happen, as valuations are currently hard to find in this market place.  That is why you need to be calm, look at earnings growth, P/E ratios and average yield histories for a new/additional investment.   $100,000 is the goal.

I also plan on getting to these goals with an annual $20,000 to be invested into the market.  As you can see on the Portfolio Goal page, I have invested $10.8K already with $9.2K to go.  I have planned purchases already for this and I regularly contribute 5% to my company’s Roth 401K policy (which is the amount to receive the maximum match).  I feel like I can hit the $20K on the year fairly easily, I may revisit this goal as well.  $20,000 is the goal.

Like my friend Dividend Mantra, he has savings goals.  I want to analyze my 6 months ended 2014 and see where I stand, then further establish a savings goal on that.  He is truly inspiring and I highly recommend visits to view his blog.

How do my goals stack up?  Any comments/suggestions/questions?  What are YOUR goals?  Are you currently pushing yourself to an extreme?  Thanks all, enjoy your Sunday doing what you love!



4 thoughts on “Lanny’s Goals

    • Thanks Asset Grinder! I appreciate it, and if I hit my goals pre-maturely by 6/30, I will have to go back and update. Goals are nice though, as they keep you in “check” and is easily a baseline to see if you are where you want to be. Thanks for stopping by, here is to continued success!


  1. Nice read. I find really exiting to be able to read goals that were set a long time ago and to see if they were fulfilled. It’s a great help to be able to sanity check my own goals for the future.

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