September Dividend Income From YOU The Bloggers!

Another month baby!  Dividend growth investing has been hot and heavy.  Each blogger continues to get better, each month and each year, in comparison.  That’s exactly what you want to see and what you should expect if you have a sound strategy and stay consistent.  The energy is HERE.  We ARE going FORWARD on this JOURNEY… Together.

What’s crazy is  how many stock purchases the two of us have made over the years that stemmed from an article we read on one of your websites.  We cherish this community.  Which is why we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the September 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  It is time to get motivated!

Retire by 40 – $2,031 – What a way to kick this off!  Goodness… always nice seeing the $2ker!  It’ll be amazing when you have the $3k per month going, which I know you will achieve soon!

Dividend Seedling – $45.67 – 17 companies spread that $45.67. That’s a feat in and of itself.  Very impressive and love that you have quite a few dividend aristocrats, such as, Target (TGT), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)… to name a few.  Keep it up.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $329.70 – Keep those dividends rolling AFFJ!  Further, I see you own Shell (RDS), when is that dividend increase coming for the big oil company?  Been a long time and I am anxious!

Dividend Quest – $762.53 – Your 3rd quarter finished strong and in total over those 3 months, you are over 4% higher than where you were last year.  Let’s keep it rolling, start off the quarter strong in October and push for that double digit growth DQ!

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,148.74 – WHOO!  Crossing 4 digits baby!!!  Look at that Realty Income (O) – you are generating $500 per year from them and that is awesome.  In addition, I see 6 dividend aristocrats paid you, including ConEd (ED)… one our Top 5 Foundation Dividend Stocks!  Pumped.

Dividend Dozer – $367.79 – Very nice Dozer, keep burrowing your way through collecting dividend checks.  How does it feel to triple your dividend income from September of 2018?  We ask you, because that is exactly what YOU did!  It’s awesome.  Keep it up.

Desidividend – $1,178.63 – 4 digits here too, just awesome!  I see your Vanguard mutual funds are coming in the clutch on the quarter-end and paying you hefty dividend payments.  Have to love that.  Reminds me, you can find out Who and What is Vanguard, in case you don’t know!

Passive Canadian Income – $612.81 – Crushing it.  Further, this represents only a portion of your passive income, as you earn a TON from your private placement and the kickbacks from your Solar Income (Jealous, as always).  Can’t wait to see your totals consistently cross over $1k soon!  I know it will happen, at least on the dividend front.

Investing Pursuits – $420.73 – Killing it!  Nice job going over $400.  Further, that Boston Pizza (BPF.UN) is very tempting… gosh I love pizza.  Time to turn that 10% decrease into a 10% increase, come on, let’s get it!

Dividend Compounder – $192.92 – Almost $200!  Further, you are experiencing many dividend increases, which is one of the most fun things of being a dividend investor.  You are doing IT and it’s amazing to see.  The growth is surreal.  Keep it up DC, can’t wait for you to cross the next milestone.

Dividends Down Under – $177.83 – Only $260 to go to beat 2018’s complete YTD total.  You are also up 37% compared to 2018’s YTD total amount.  NOT TOO SHABBY!

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,511.45 – You love that big oil no doubt!  Between Halliburton (HAL, Chevron (CVX), Exxon (XOM), etc.. just big dividends. Further, you may have the LONGEST dividend stock list I have ever seen!  Congrats PiP, keep grinding.

DivHut – $2,137.91 – WOW, $2k!  Now that is what I’m talking about!  Your list is huge, great names, such as Aflac (AFL), Dominion (D) and the big outlier in BP (BP) paying you large dividends.  You’ve come a long way, and can’t wait until you crush $3k!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,592.85 – Inspiring, indeed.  Being retired for a few years and Jason’s dividend is still growing at a HEAVY clip, with low maintenance and smaller investment purchases.  He is proof that this can be a phenomenal/life changing success.  Was that a mind-blowing 62 companies that paid you?! Unreal… There are no words.

Happy, Healthy & Wealthy Girl – $782.21 – Another massive list!  HH&WG is doing so well, it’s crazy.  Further, I see you are also enjoying the BHP Billiton (BBL) dividend, as of late.  I know I am and hope they can keep that up.  Further, not a common name, but like that you have Ford (F) in there and it’s great seeing the sizable dividend you receive.  Something I have to keep in mind.  Nice job and stay on the blazing path you have started!

Dividend Hawk – $1,677.62 – WHOA!  A 37% increase from prior year, talk about incredible.  I don’t see too many bloggers with Digital Realty Trust (DLR), they sent you a nice $130 check this month! If you keep this up, you’re crushing $2k next year.  GO GET IT!

Young Dividend – $1,797.28 – This month has been awesome.  Young Div almost hitting $2k as well.  The big pieces here come from one of the best dividend aristocrats around, with Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and Pepsi (PEP).  Young Div is a veteran in this business!

Reverse the Crush – $78.83 – Another record baby!  That’s what I’m talking about.  100%+ growth is never a bad thing, just keep repeating it : )  In fact – go for 200% next year, you can do it!

Dividend Dream – $217 – BBL and UNP coming in the clutch, with massive growth rates compared to last year.  Further, pumped you have Realty Income (O), which is a fantastic monthly dividend payer, that each person should have in their portfolio, it’s the little things that count!

Buy Hold Long – $98.49 – Damn, so close to $100!  You are on your way.  Keep writing, keep investing.  Each milestone is fun to crush.

Stashing Dutchman – $295.10 – Jealous of that Unilever (UN) dividend, solid company and the dividend history is there.  Further, you were less than $5 shy of $300.  Lastly, a 42% growth rate is more than just solid, it’s nasty.  Keep repeating and stashing those dividends away.

Dividend Pig – $2,425.32 – HOLY SMOKES!  Almost $2,500 in dividend income?!  Not to mention, a 40% growth from last year.  That’s incredible at this level.  Shows you what time and consistency can truly do.  Further, not only did you receive dividend income, but you had 13 dividend increases from companies you own.  Yikes, in a good way.

Chicken Wizard – $1,705.66 – WHOA! Was that 47 companies that paid you?  Good Lord!  Further Dividend Increases provided you another $56 going forward.  Oh how I love to say it, the impact of dividend growth is real!

Engineering Dividends – $1,221.31 – 22% of dividend growth from last year, no big deal.  I see you also added 3M (MMM) recently, glad there are more of us (hopefully!). Keep that growth rate up and don’t let the foot off the gas.

Broke Investor – $55.57 – I see that BlackRock (BLK) investment, real solid and nice!  I’ve even debated them recently, myself, as they are one company who (I believe) is growing AUM recently.  Nice work and looking forward to seeing you leap over $100!

Get Rich Brothers – $621.73 – $600 the new normal?  You will do better than that in 2020, believe me.  Love the big old dividend from Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), an amazing dividend aristocrat!

Dividend Vet – $580.50 – I see you earning that dividend income from Vanguard’s funds, I’m in that club as well.  You grew your income, you know how?  Dividend increases was one nice way to receive that increase.  See my report on the Impact of Dividend Increases through Q3 2019.

Dividends and Hobbies – $870.88 – I love that you broke it down by day and seeing you average almost $30 per day in dividends is fricken awesome.  Can’t wait to see when that’s a three digit number : )  Soon!

All About Dividends – $721.71 – 22 companies/entities are sending checks your way and you’re getting closer to $1,000!  I see you have quite a bit of Enbridge and you seem to be enjoying/receiving the benefits from the new Suncor position.  Congratulations!

Divcome – $512.64 – A nice 20% growth rate, buying stocks with plans to add more to WasteManagement (WM).  Looking forward to seeing you cross $1,000 in 2020 hopefully!

Dividend Growth Engine – 28.06 (Euro) – From 5 to 28, now that’s strong growth.  You have double digits going now. Lord knows how many dividend aristocrats are going to be sending you larger and larger checks, give it time but stay consistent adding to those positions!

Dividend Deluge – 321.50 (Euro) – A solid 50% growth and jealous you own Microsoft (MSFT)!  I just watched the Bill Gates documentaries and came around to Microsoft a little bit and respond Bill a little bit more.  Keep it up!

Dividend Snail – $439.94 – Old Republic National (ORI) baby!  Talk about the growth from just one company you own alone!  Also, SO close to $500 but your growth from $264 last year’s September is amazing.

My Financial Shape – $1,085 – Keep continuing and raising the bar right there!  Think of how crazy this is.  You crushed your 2019 dividend income goal….in September.  $20k by 2020 will be a cakewalk at this pace!

Dividend Gremlin – $436.50 –  Our favorite house party to follow.  Gremlin continues to strike.   Those 9 dividend increases you realized this month helped fuel that very solid YOY growth rate.

Dividend for Life – $101.56 – Juuuuuust crossing into the 3 figures month was HUGE for your Dividends for Life.  Before you know it, you’ll cross that threshold every month.  Keep after it!

Stalfare – 1,902 (Euros)  – Those new stock purchases, and a special dividend, here huge for you Stalfare.  Your consistent, growing dividend income stream is trending in the right direction for sure!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,005.58 –  Four figures, without lifting a finger??  That’s what I’m talking about MRWF.  You are crushing the total passive income figures.  Just incredible.

Dividend Portfolio – $151.66 –   Keep pushing, keep moving forward, and as you said in your post don’t stop (okay, so YOU technically didn’t say it, Confucious did.  But you get my point).

I Want Dividend – 537.79 (Euros) –  Woah, woah, woah.  A 193% year-over-year increase.  Now that is a sick some right there IWD!  We both own Shell and we definitely appreciate the large dividend payment you received from them.

Snug Fortune – $203.55 – What is going on with these insane dividend increases?  SF –  47% increase compared to last year?  No big deal!  Congrats on watching that passive income continue to grow.

Total:  40 Bloggers Received $32,604 in Dividends in September (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

Look at that, look at that.  The community averaged $815 in dividend income this month!  Each month, we tally these results and continue to come away amazed by the progress each and every one of you are making.  Whether your income increased 1% or 100% compared to last year, the important thing is that we are all taking the steps necessary to move ourselves closer to financial freedom.  Let’s break free from the shackles together and win back that precious TIME that we care so much about.

There are so many different ways to move ourselves forward this month.  Find some new ways to save using one (or all) of Lanny’s 5 ways to save $500 TODAY.  Or sign up for one of our financial freedom products.   Regardless of whether you do or not, let’s just remember the most important thing.  Make every dollar count, every single day.  Stay focused.  LETS GO!

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

39 thoughts on “September Dividend Income From YOU The Bloggers!

    • PCI –

      Each dividend/dollar matters, no doubt. HUGE hitters here and it’s all motivating/inspirational. We are all learning and sharing the great energy in this community and we are always honored to keep that energy going/flowing.


  1. Lanny and Bert,

    Thanks for including me, guys. Much appreciated!

    What another phenomenal month. We’re all chasing dreams here. Better yet, we’re making them come true.

    Been a wild ride for me. To be living out this FIRE lifestyle in Thailand is amazing. Couldn’t be happier.

    Let’s continue to move the needle and make it happen. 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Jason –

      It wouldn’t be a dividend list with out you sir!

      Looking forward to the next stop/new turns in your journey, as you work out your visa, pumped to read about it.

      Cheers to – continuing to make dreams come true!


  2. Thanks for including me guys! September was an awesome month for us and by far our largest month of the quarter. That’s amazing to see over $32k from 40 bloggers and that $800+ average sure is nice too. That’s like each of us having a $10/hr worker working for us for 80+ hrs in September.

  3. Thanks for including me you guys! What an awesome month for everyone. And I love having a quick link to see the what’s in the portfolios. And most of us share similar companies confirming we’re on the right path.

    Yes, 47 payments in Sept. It’s by far the busiest month of the quarter, since I only have 91 companies… I’ve always desired to even it out a bit, but I just buy what’s is a good deal at the time..
    Cheers to all,

    • CW DB –

      You are insane! “ONLY” 91 companies?! Don’t sell yourself short there!!! Hey, buy value and that value is what will pay you solid dividends now and in the future.

      Curious what your number will be in 3, 6, 9 and 12 months time. Excited to see your progress.


  4. Congrats everyone. keep em coming!

    I hope I wasn’t left off the list because of my “Dividends aren’t everything” post…haha

    Good luck next month everyone

  5. LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED! Motivating post as always guys. Nice job everybody. Yeah the 1k mark might be doable if I could figure out why my 401k indexes don’t ever show dividends in statements/online activity. At least they track the market but not exactly sure where the divvys go haha!

    • Divcome – Glad you find as much motivation reading this as we do preparing it! and some of these 401(k) plans can be a pain, I know mine are. What funds are you using?? Are they a separate account from an insurance company? That’s currently where mine are in Principal.


      • After a little digging (ok a lot), I found out my 401k index funds trace back to an asset manager that classifys them as a collective investment fund (CIF), also known as a collective investment trust (CIT). These CITs operate without ticker and pay no dividend directly. The dividends are just added to the CITs net asset value. Sounds like they do this to lower cost, but still not a fan of the total lack of transparency.

        Looking forward to the FIRE 401k rollover to Vangaurd even more now – thanks for bringing up the separate account idea to look into! Interesting yours are held by an insurance company. Does not surprise me now though, haha. These plans can be a pain for sure.

  6. As always an inspiring update from DGI rookies and veterans alike. Keep stacking those dividend everyone. As the diplomats always state… “every dollar counts,” and that’s clearly shown here with our collective compounding power.

  7. Thanks for having me on the list again! The answer to the question (tripling September income since last year) is just due to huge contributions to September payers, mostly VTI. Hopefully my other months go up a bit too though!

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