Should I Sell Schlumberger (SLB)?

This morning, I was updating my portfolio sipping on a nice, warm cup of coffee updating my portfolio with all the madness/dividend income that has trickled in so far in March.  There is a reason why the third quarter of the month is everyone’s favorite dividend month, right?   After re-reading Lanny’s article about updating you portfolio’s P/E Ratio on a regular basis, I became inspired to review one of the stocks that I have considered selling for a while now.  I’ve been debating if the stock still fits the characteristics I look for in a dividend growth stock, so I thought today would be a perfect day to re-run Schlumberger (SLB) through the Dividend Diplomats Stock Screener and see if action is necessary.


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Recent Buy (KMI) & Crossing an Investing Milestone

It turns out that Lanny was not the only one with an itch to buy.   I have been watching the market closely over the last few weeks calculating an entry point for one of the stocks on my watch list, WalMart, when another great dividend stock appeared out of nowhere.  Just like Lanny, I couldn’t resist purchasing one of the darlings of the dividend growth investing community.   This week, I also invested in Kinder Morgan (KMI).

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5 Ways to Save on Energy this Winter!

Time to bring the Frugal life out of me this season!  As the cold weather approaches, our bills tend to go a little higher, more specifically our gas and electric bills.  Living up in the mid-western part of the country, as well as any northern state, we tend to crank the heat to hide away from the winter temperatures that consume us.  Even with the cold temperatures and the temptations to crank the heat to above 70 degrees – lets ask ourselves if that is we truly need or if it the sense of being uncomfortable or the fact that the Jones’s next door have their temperature set to Southern Florida during the months of November through March.  There is a balance between a scolding 75 degrees with walking around in a t shirt and shorts and a point where you are wearing an Eskimo jacket lined with bear skin or something that sounds like the breaking post of frost bite.  Let’s see how we can keep more of the frugal balance this winter.

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Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: November

My third month of taking the Dividend Diplomats 60% Savings Challenge is officially over.  I am coming off quite the high note in October as I was able to successfully save 63% of my income!  Could I keep the momentum going and achieve the coveted 60% savings ratio once again this month?

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Bert’s Savings Rate Summary: September

Last month I accepted Lanny’s challenge to save 60% of my income.  As I discussed in my post about my decision, I mentioned that I have been very bad about tracking my expenses and I have never put together a tracking mechanism to calculate my savings rate.  Well that has changed and I am now watching my expenses like a hawk.  In order to save 60% of my income, I need to watch all income and expense sources closely to figure out where I can trim the fat.  Now that September is over, the questions is…Did I save 60% of my income??

Savings rate

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