5 Ways to Save on a Vacation – Diplomat Style

Okay, so now that busy season is over, my wonderful girlfriend is doing quite a bit of a “fun” full court press for a vacation or a trip of some sort.  With the stress that’s occurred over the last few months – an all inclusive deal is being talked about.  Now – I won’t go off and pay for or book any vacation on the spur of the dime, the first mention of doing one or the knee jerk reaction.  The old-old Lanny would have done this maybe 10 years ago or so, but not Mr. “on the path to financial freedom” Lanny and how much further can we save for it and/or reduce the cost?  However – I do agree a trip, new adventures and a break is WELL needed and definitely think it would be a perfect idea, right now, yesterday and tomorrow.  So what did I/We do to analyze this?

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