Lanny’s May Dividend Income Summary

Whoo!  Here we go!  The Cavs just clinched the Eastern Conference and are going to The Finals – beginning June 2nd, two of my best friends were married this month and I’m excited to see what opportunities lie ahead going into the last 7 months of the year.  The market has been essentially slightly up since the end of May, but not by much – however, we still do have Tuesday, May 31st to make a statement (I’d be happy with a 5% stock shock downwards… haha).  With that – let’s check out what dividends were received in this month of May 2016!

dividend income

Dividend income

This month, I received a total of $266.08, not too bad for an “off” month.  When you look below, big AT&T (T) sticks out, as they spit out $73 in dividend income to me!  This essentially reinvested and produced almost a full 2 shares going forward, amazing.  I had 12 total entities pay me dividends, here are the stats:
May div income

What’s awesome here is you can see the big benefit of buying Citizens & Northern (CZNC) as well, where I received a total $37+ from them this past month, which also, similar to AT&T (T), produced a new 2 shares into my portfolio on the reinvestment.

Similarly, I have split out between the individual stock amounts and the retirement accounts, as the ” – R” indicates a Roth IRA dividend (or the furthest column to the right, I must have left the “R”‘s off this month).  I separate these two, as I like to know what portion of my dividend income is coming from those retirement accounts that I cannot touch until 59.5 (barring any other usage rule I could use).  Here, it shows that I received a total of $107.81 or 40.5% of my income from retirement accounts (down from 45% last year, which is a positive) and the other 59.5% was from my individual taxable account portfolio.  We all know my set it and forget it mentality to keep that retirement income going, but also pumped to see that I had 10 companies pay me in my taxable individual account.  To see my portfolio – one can go to our portfolio summary page.


Something that I like to do now is attach in prior year’s dividend income, which the image is copied in below, with 2015 first and 2016 to follow.

2015: Capture

2016: May div income

To begin, I had essentially one new significant company when compared to who paid me in May of 2015’s income summary.  That one company was Norwood Financial (NWFL), a similar community bank stock as Citizens & Northern (CZNC).  The other cool thing I see here is that Realty Income (O) paid me $1.30 more compared to prior year, which due to increases and reinvestment, is a growth of 9.9% of income – doesn’t sound too bad, right?  I love it.  All other entities have paid me more outside of, *cough* Kinder Morgan (KMI) *cough*, which I won’t bore you again with “why”…  I need Procter & Gamble (PG) to step their dividend game up!   

Dividend income increases

May Div increases

Okay, not too bad actually here.  I just read that Canadian Imperial (CM) increased their dividend slightly and based on the exchange rate – that produced a nice 3.05% growth for me just in the quarter alone.  They’ve been doing small increases almost each quarter and I can’t deny it – it definitely is fun and exciting, that’s for sure.  Further, reliable Pepsi (PEP) announced a solid increase, which added another $5.32 going forward.  Not too bad, and this was comparable to last month’s $17.81 additional income that was created from dividend increases.  Fairly consistent here.

Conclusion & Summary

As I discussed back then with my normal monthly expenditures at the moment, this $266 would cover 28% of my average $942 monthly expense for my house, including utilities; this is also up from 22% last year, so we are going int he right direction.  All of the investing from last year and moves this year, show being frugal to save 60% of my income help me in achieving lofty goals that I set in place for my 2016 year.  What do you guys think of my month of May?  Make any new investments in the “stable”/”overpriced” market?  Always an exciting post to read from others.  Please share your insight and comments and thank YOU again for stopping by!



37 thoughts on “Lanny’s May Dividend Income Summary

  1. Wow, you are early! A lot of our dividends don’t hit the account until about 7-10 days after the last day of the month.
    Definitely nice income for an “off month”, especially the 22% YOY increase is very nice! Also, great to see three dividend increases! Congrats with another month going in the right direction.

    • CF,

      Thank you! Yep – received my last dividend over the weekend, so was able to round up the “divvys” haha. How is your weekend going? I am verrrry fortunate for the increase YOY – a lot of capital, reinvestment and patience goes into it – as you know. I love the div increases as well – more income with just being a small owner? I’ll take it. Bless!


  2. Summarizing the month before it even ends! You are on top of it Lanny! Looks like May was good to you in regards to dividends! Keep it up. Love watching people’s cash flow grow each month!

    • IPD,

      Thank you – was able to find some time on Sunday to crank this out to be released this morning. Figured – Memorial weekend and to get the ball rolling – as JUNE will be an AWESOME month, I can feel it. Let’s keep the amounts growing and continue the up hill battle, always.


    • CD,

      Thank you Cap! I haven’t thought about it – but just added it to my excel list for potential stock transactions, as you have intrigued me, to be honest. If I enjoy holding it… I could enjoy tax benefits now and plop it into the Roth. Very interesting… I may have a debate here on my hands here haha. What are the consequences do you feel? Have you performed this before?


      • Hi Lanny,
        If you mean sell KMI at a loss in your taxable for a future tax write-off then buy new KMI shares in your Roth IRA then make sure you wait the required time to avoid Wash Sale rules. Otherwise the only risk is any price increase in the 30-day window after selling before you can replace the shares in your Roth. Review wash sale rules before making a move as I’m not an expert 🙂
        Best wishes,

  3. Talk about being super early with your monthly dividend update. 🙂

    Looks like you had a great month. Gotta love all these dividend increases.

    • Tawcan,

      Thank you very much! Lucky here to have a few hours of downtime to write one before our Memorial Day. I was luckily, because US markets are closed, to have received my last dividend on Friday night – therefore, could round out the summation already. Hope you enjoyed your weekend Tawc, as always! A few increases in June too from companies that we both own, let’s get pumped!


  4. Good for the Cavs. I’m hoping for a finals rematch. I’m a Warriors fan, so my hope it that the Cavs end up the 2nd best team this year :-). Tonight’s Warriors game 7 should be fantastic. If I were a Cavs fan, I think I’d want to play the Warriors. Curry is not at 100%. OKC has looked really strong and the 1-2 punch or Westbrook and Durant has really given the Warriors trouble. Thanks goodness Clay Thompson decided to knock down tons of threes in the last game or the Warriors would be watching the finals from the beach.

    Now on to the dividends. I just love reading dividend income posts, they inspire me to keep investing. I like how you track your dividend increases and list the dollar amount. $17.81 for doing nothing is awesome. Nice work sir.

    • IH,

      Whoa, whoa, whoa. Now this is what I’m talking about. Cavs are playing the best basketball, period, Right NOW! You can’t argue that?! haha. This game 7 currently going on is intense, with the Warriors up currently 5 in the 4th quarter. I have no idea who I’d love to see the Cavs go up against, but part of me says GSW, just to see us have a re-match and leave our own “residue” of champagne in their locker room… haha kidding, I just want to see a great matchup, regardless. Klay has killed it as of late, no doubt, just amazing/phenomenal shooting.

      Divvies – always keep us hungry and motivated. They just do. Reminds us that what we are doing is actually making an impact, that actually will help one day and it will get us there. Thanks for noticing the increases, that may very well be my favorite part. I can’t wait for the day when in one month, the increases alone will add hundreds going forward. It will be bittersweet, that I know – sort of like.. the Cavs being in the Finals again… haha, best of luck tonight!


  5. That’s a pretty impressive month. Looking at the year-to-year comparison, the power of reinvesting and compounding can be easily seen.

    • Chris,

      Thank you – I would agree on Realty Income and AT&T – definitely can see the power through those two stocks alone, hands down. Have to love strong yields already + a little bit of an increase here and there – it goes a LONG way. Imagine what it may be like in 2-5 years from now? Ah… time! Thanks again C – talk soon.


  6. First off, don’t really care or like the Cavs at all. On to the good stuff… a very healthy total for the month of May. As usual it’s nice seeing similar names paying you in any given month. Looks like you are building your portfolio with some great additions as of late looking at the community banks. I’m still sticking with the big money center banks we all know and love 🙂 As always, great job with your year over year growth and staying disciplined with your investments.

    • DivHut,

      O U C H (on the cavs reference). JPM and WFC are incredible banks, as well as the Canadian ones – so the beef up on there should be solid, as payout ratios aren’t egregious and there are plenty of reserves and capital in tact. I love that my AT&T and O positions are just building up themselves over time, very very exciting to see, as I’m sure you know what I’m talking about! Thanks again DH for coming by!


    • BII,

      Thank you for coming by – yep – 28.83% YOY increase here : ) Lucky and fortunate. You more than likely know AT&T and Proctoer, I assume, as they are 2 aristocrats producing increased dividends for over 25+ years! Caterpillar is clawing it’s way into more years of consecutive increases, still a ways away, and “O” is a monthly divvy player, that increases throughout the year and are worth a look! Thank for stopping by and let myself or Bert know if you have any questions!


  7. Your YoY is amazing… the power of reinvesting and dividend growth! I invested in O last month so hoping to see them start trickling in along with another monthly REIT I picked up. Great stuff as always Lanny.

    • ADD,

      Not too bad, right? Haha, I need to keep striving to ensure this increases by that much every year, or more. I’m eager to get the last 7 months on the road, as I’m trying to do the polar opposite of the previous 5. Savings to be back UP, investments to be back UP and different side hustles. Excited. Thanks for stopping by as always!


  8. I’ve been buying individual dividend stocks too just for the fun of seeing the income come in at different times instead of large lump sum deposits you see w ETFs and index funds. I miss the giant dividend from RIG and other oil producers. Hoping some of the energy companies restart those dividends soon if oil stays above $50

    • Millennial Moola,

      Agreed through and through. If Oil stays above $50, or I’d prefer in the ~$70 range, for a consistently long period 2-3+ years, then dividends may come back, I don’t expect anything to really occur until 2018 and beyond for big dividend movement upward unless that happens. Thoughts?


  9. Hey there Lanny,

    Nice income there. I really like how your DRIPs are working out for you. I keep telling myself to set some up but now that my income is growing at a pretty fast rate, I think I’ll stick to hoarding the cash to lump sum invest it when it’s added up to an investable amount.

    Great dividend increases too. I’m tempted to buy CM considering I bank with them and quarterly increases is definitely a fantastic morale booster. Wonder if they can keep it up throughout the next two years with the Canadian economy dwindling.

    • DB,

      Thanks for the post, as always. As long as you are investing – it is all good! I just love automation for some reason and keeps the dollar cost averaging going, eh? haha, I assume you could just set up once your dividends hit $X to invest into $X automatically, as well.

      And very cool that you bank with CM – like their branches? Ever go into one? Assume you do a lot of online banking. I agree, their economy is showing some signs similar to the US.

      Appreciate the post and keep us updated!


  10. Keep it up Lanny. Don’t Stop! See the progress trending upwards? That’s dedication and hardwork in action. I’m happy for you bud and when you turn 30, you’re gonna be a Wealthy Gentleman. 🙂 I’m sure of it. Cheers buddy.

    • DH,

      I do see the trend, been investing for almost 6-7 years now and more heavily the last 5 – I want this bad man! It’s killing me. And yep – almost 2 years until 30 and I have a feeling I may on the estimate b/w $900-$1000/month in dividends then, but I need to structure things so it’s more, haha, of course. Trying to catch up to ya, but man, smoking us out of the water!


  11. Thats awesome! Definitely moving in the right direction. Keep it up! Once the passive income meets your monthly expenses, you are set! Exactly what I am trying to do but with rental properties.

    • CFD,

      Thank you very much for the post. Thank goodness each monthly post has moved in the positive direction – even with 2 massive divvy cuts – shows that diversification and consistency does pay off, without a day.

      Nice job with the rentals – where do you stand now? Working out well?


  12. Hi Lanny,
    It’s always great to see another income increase! Congrats on a fantastic month and you’re setting a high bar for June which should be an awesome month for you! I think I’m up just under 30% on individual stock dividends compared to last year but I’ll have the final numbers up later this week.
    Best wishes,

    • DLife,

      Thank you very much. It’s funny – are we all tracking at a ~30% increase from last year? I think you may be the 3rd or 4th for me to read that! CONGRATS! Pumped to check it out.


  13. Look at your growth! I can see more stocks this year compared to last year which is a great sign. Not to mention dividend growers over the year! Keep up the great work!

    • BSR,

      Thank you very much. I love the dividend increases that pumped in an extra $17 going forward – reinvestment is always great, but have to nod your head when it comes to dividend increases! I appreciate the stop by as always!


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