September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

September dividend income summaries out the door? Check.  Quarterly goals articles completed? Check.  Well, you know what this means…time for our favorite series where we aggregate do our best to summarize as many dividend income summary articles from around the dividend growth investor community.  Due to time, we unfortunately cannot include every article that has been written to date.  We wish we could, trust us.  So please, please don’t take it personally if  were not included in this article.  Now, let’s get to the good stuff.  Time to dive in and check out some impressive September dividend income figures from YOU the bloggers!


Dividends Down Under – $99.72 – Divvys + F credits, nice work, almost to the $100 mark!  You’ll be there by the end of the year.  Congrats!

American Dividend Dream – $548.75 – DAMN!  Killed it over the $500 mark, just awesome.  A growth from prior year, is growth nonetheless.  Keep it up, excited to see your upcoming posts.

Divnomics – 130.31 Euros –  An impressive 115% year over year growth rate.  A few years ago, Divnomics made the choice to adjust investing strategies and hop on the dividend growth investing train!  The results are really starting to show and pay off.

Passive Income Dude – $506 –  A well-rounded set of dividend income for the month here.  A portion is from low fee Vanguard mutual funds (huge part of Lanny’s tax adjustment strategy) and the other portion is from rock solid dividend paying companies such as Pfizer, AEP, and Duke Energy.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $303.44 – Bodda bing, bodda boom!  Over the $300 mark!  You had some great names in there, including Target (TGT), 3M (MMM), IBM, Wells Fargo (WFC) – a very popular one lately, and others.  You have a great snowball machine and I’m excited to see how big and fast it’ll grow.  Keep going!

My Dividend Pipeline – $535.72 – He is back isn’t he everyone?  THE MDP IS BACK!  Talk about a monster quarter for getting back in the game, with projected income over $4K already.  Love that you also DRIP!  Keep it going pipeline, you’re pumping that portfolio and you are on a tear.

Dividend Income Stocks – $192.63 – Nice job – keep investing D I S, and let’s get that portfolio going.  Congrats!

Two Investing – $735.76 – There really isn’t too much to say here other than…MAN that is a nice chuck of income coming from a very diversified stream of income.  Love the listing of companies you received dividends from the month and they are well represented on may of our various Top 5 stock lists.

Race 2 Retirement – $1,550 –  510 days down, 2,490 to go in the race to financial freedom in 3,000 days.  Well, crushing over $1,500 every three months is going to be a HUGE help with getting you there.

Dividends Down Under – $99.72 – Alright, who is with us?  Let’s start a GoFundMe page to get Tristan the remaining  $.28 needed to cross the $100 mark.   Don’t worry, you’ll crush $100 when December rolls around!

More Dividends – $49.18 –  Talk about insane dividend growth rates right here, More Dividends’ income increased from $8.55 in 2015 to nearly 50 dollars in 2016!  Amazing stuff and the growth rate should keep going if More Dividends continues to knock out each monthly investing goal.

Time in the Market –  $1,265.09 – Woah, woah , woah.  Congrats on the four figure dividend income figure TITM!  No wonder you love the third month of every quarter…Cannot wait till December to see the amount of dividends + capital gains distribution you receive.

Dividend Diatribes – $247.08 –  A lot of dividend income from a small amount of companies. That’s how you keep your transaction fees down!  And like Bert, you are getting ready to RUN past the $3,000 forward dividend income mark.

Divhut – $584.07 –  Another great month from a dividend growth investor and an impressive 31% year over year dividend growth rate.  Keith just continues to crush it!

JC @ Passive Income Pursuit – $923.74 – JC is closing in on the $1,000 mark and should easily crush that mark by this time next year.   There are a lot of moving parts to JC’s portfolio and it is always exciting to read the new developments.

Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Girl – $396.05 – A very strong month with no help from mutual funds, which is very difficult to do during the third month of the quarter!  Keep up the great work HHWG!

Team CF – 573 Euros – Another insane year over year increase to report here…are we sensing an amazing trend here….740%!  Great things are happening across the pond haha

Dividend Gremlin – $115.43 –  The income is great, but what jumps out is the amount of companies that Gremlin has received dividend increases from during the year and the impact on the growing stream of dividend income.  Purchases play a huge part in increasing your income, but don’t forget about the impact of dividend increases as well!  Great month Gremlin.

Screaming Little Man – $1,823 – Great freaking month.  Love the monthly goals summary as well and how well-rounded your monthly goals are.  The focus on life and family is something we could all definitely learn from!

Dividends and Hobbies – $180.52 – Boom.  Awesome stuff Dividend and Hobbies.  A lot of great companies on your income list and many shared companies between our portfolios and yours.

Pollies Dividend – 355.79 Euros – Another solid dividend growth rate here for Pollies!  The Vrijheid Fonds definitely got some re-reinforcements via DRIP in September!

Tawcan – $1,074.16 – Record September for big T over here!  Also – 40 massive companies paid out to Tawcan, just insane to see the pure listing of stocks.  You have big goals and keep going after them!  Congrats!

Dividend Hustler -$3,345.18 – A bitter-sweet ending to our summary.  Hustler once again amassed an impressive amount of dividend income for the month.  Why is it bitter-sweet?  Well, check out why here in one of Hustler’s recent articles.

There we have it.  We say it at the end of every monthly summary because it holds true every month…man what an impressive list of dividend income here.  How could you not leave this article motivated?  We sure as heck are!  If you weren’t included, please include a brief summary in the comments section so your income total can be reported!  Now, let’s CRUSH the fourth quarter and finish 2016 STRONG!

-Lanny and Bert


30 thoughts on “September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Slow and steady allows for consistent dividend gains. Great update as always. These reports are the real proof in the pudding that dividend investing can bring in considerable passive income. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hut –

      Thanks for the comment my man. Real proof that this community is no joke as well : ) September always garners attention, right next to December! The best month… for most of us. This is awesome, just seeing the love from everyone. Keep it up DH!


  2. Div Kid checking in,

    My dividend income is the highest it has ever been at $40.31 for the month of Sep. Being 22 years old and seeing this amount of income and support from the community is great. It only makes me want to achieve my goals faster!

    • Div Kid –

      Love the symbol/icon/favicon by the way, it’s awesome. $40 for a month is sick at 22 years old, that’s probably more than what I was pulling in 6 years ago! That $40 will have another 0 next to it in no time.


  3. That is some serious money being earned here by all us dividend growth investors, congrats to all your guys/girls for another good dividend month!
    Really curious to see how dividend hustler (hey bro) will be doing now that he liquidated his portfolio.

    • CF –

      Thanks for the comment and agreed. Wait – why aren’t we all pooling our capital together and making something big happen?! haha, I kid, I kid. Hustler’s journey will be interesting to see unfold, hope it springs him in a better position than where he was at.


  4. I think this is the first time I made this list, awesome 😀 Thanks for the mention! Great work everyone, wish you all an even better month in October.

  5. Wow, you loved our income so much you included it twice! 🙂 We are really happy to be at almost $100.

    Aussie dividends are paid slightly different, they aren’t quarterly, most are bi-annual. So if we’re going to beat $100, it will be October or March/April. I can’t wait to see how we did.


    • Tristan –

      We liked it that much that we both had to write about it haha, at least you got a double mention out of it! Joking – I think this is the first time we both have accidentally doubled up on writing the same line, but hey – we did like the article and it goes to show – we both are scouring over the community!

      Pumped for your October then, let’s see it Aussie!!!!


  6. Nice wrap up, like always. And thanks for including me in the list, really appreciate it.
    Good to see how everybody is doing. For me it also provides a list of awesome blogs I can start reading as well 🙂

    • Divnomics –

      Of course! It’s great to see the love and passion everyone has, and hopefully this article somehow shares and demonstrates that, even if it’s just a bit. Also – I hope this is an easier way to compile links out to everyone’s successes in an easy format, so that you can go to one list to check everyone out!

      Wish we could wait to the very end of the month to get this out the door to grab more, but that article would be overly massive! Thanks for stopping by and congrats!


  7. Great job everyone on your passive income that you’ve earned. I love seeing so many people set new highs. I really like this DGI community because everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other. Thank you Lanny and Bert for putting together this article and I appreciate y’all including me in it.

    • More Divs –

      The name is what we all want haha “more divs”. Of course – we will keep doing this, because hot damn, we work so hard and the motivation and community is unreal here. It’s awesome and I know it helps myself and I sure damn well know it helps Bert. We are all on the similar-type journey – i.e. dividend income to cover expenses, and to keep that ratio on the improvement track! Congrats and keep it up.


  8. I did $215.47 last month. Starting small with the income snowball. Slow to start… But will grow mighty with a little work & time, we hope! Also included you in my community roundup! Thanks.

  9. Very impressive September dividend income totals. It’s great to see that a handful of bloggers are over $1k a month in dividend income. I came in just under $500 in September dividend income. Not my best month, ever, but I’ll take it. 😉

    • IH –

      Not about the best or worst, you’re in the community and you are gearing towards a greater destination. Hopefully you’ll be able to enter back into the market soon with a big downturn.


  10. Awesome list! Found some new blogs to read from it
    I personally hit the 200+ USD avg. per month line with my last buy + 60-70 EUR is gained from other investments every month 🙂

    Thanks again for the list! Nothing motivates me more than checking other investors portfolios

  11. Lanny and Bert,
    Cool to get a mention from you guys! I plan on kicking it up a notch next year big time with my 401k now being my SEP IRA – over night it doubled what I have invested. Also my new job should free up some $$$ that will allow me to leap frog my other accounts.
    Keep it up guys!

  12. Great numbers being put up by everyone it certainly is inspiring to watch.
    I will definitely be doing my best to grow my passive income as well and thanks for the encouragement from all the dividend growth investing community.

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