What is the point of shooting if there is no target to aim at?  Without realistic goals and benchmarks, how can we track our progress towards this work-free life that we keep chirping about?  These goals should be realistic and attainable–but is that enough?  It is easy to say we would like our dividend income to increase by $250 during the year.  But that is not what we are about!  We are going to walk the fine line of attainable and insanity while setting realistic annual dividend goals.  We are here to push ourselves and to push YOU the reader.  Let’s see what impact we can make to our portfolios NOW so that the snowballing can begin.  Who’s coming with me?  Hop on board and let’s pump this ride up.  See the links to each of our goals below:

Lanny’s Goals

Bert’s Goals


18 thoughts on “Goals

  1. These are some great goals!

    Note: The links to each of your goals are switched. “Lanny’s Goals” link sends you to Bert’s goals and vice versa.

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