10 thoughts on “How I Earned $1,000 with Two New Bank Account Promotions

  1. Good analysis. I agree with some of the negatives to these promotions. I’m not much on the administration or changing my habits to get this kind of money. But, as usual, you thought it through and made a good decision for yourself. Tom

    • Hey Niamh,

      Hope all is well. Unfortunately, one of the promotions was for Key bank and was a private mailer. The other was for Citizens Bank and it expired. That is why I left the bank names out of the article. However, there are still plenty out there!


  2. Nice Bert

    That is a fantastic return. Here in Canada bank promos tend to be ipads or up to 300$

    Like you mentioned i havent taken advantage of them because of all the fine print to get the bonus.

    1000 bucks is a nice stack though.
    keep hustling!

  3. Good on you for the hustle but I really miss the good times when this blog actually discussed prospective dividends…

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