How to build your own dividend-focused robo-advisor

Today we have a guest post! The guest post is written by Brendan Lee Young is one of the founders of Passiv, an automated portfolio management tool that helps DIY investors be their own wealth manager using their brokerage accounts. He follows a core-and-explore investment strategy but loves the feeling of getting paid dividends. Please note that this article was written for informational and educational purposes. It should not be taken as financial or investment advice.

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Dividend Income Summary: Lanny’s April 2020 Summary

dividend income

Another month in and another month down.  The coronavirus pandemic has now lasted 7+ weeks here in Ohio and let’s just say – I want this to end, bad.  However, the dividend checks continue to roll in, though on a much bumpier road.  Let’s take a moment and take a look at the dividend income results for April.

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Dividend Income Summary: Bert’s April 2020 Summary

Dividend Income, dividend stocks, January dividend

Another month is in the books.  From a percent increase standpoint, the stock market crushed it. However, there was much more to the story, as the company is well below its pre-pandemic highs still.  There is a significant amount of unease and uncertainty in the marketplace. Will the economic relief packages work? When will the economy re-open safely? How many more companies will cut their dividend? All of these questions remain unanswered and and are fueling this uncertainty. But still, despite this, there is plenty of positive news for dividend investors.  During these turbulent times, the dividends continue to roll in and provide us with an additional, passive income source.  In this article, I’ll perform my April dividend income summary and highlight the previous month!

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Lanny’s April 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

April was overall another positive month for the market, after a wild ride down in the mid-to-end of March.  There were dividend suspensions across the retail industry and even dividend cuts, including one from a major oil player that did not cut their dividend since the World War days.  Time to dive into April’s dividend stock purchase activity!

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