Sunday Evening Reading – October Edition

Fall is in the air and there are so many great things about this season.  You have the foliage, football, pumpkin flavored foods, family, just to name a few (trust me, there are a lot more).  Over the last week or so, we have stumbled on many great articles and we would like to share a few of them with you.  It is time to take a look at the October Edition of our Sunday Evening Reading list!

First off, it has been a pretty busy week on our website as we published four articles.  Here is a quick recap of some of our most recent articles.

Seagate Techonologies Stock Analysis ($STX) – Lanny ran this hardware/data storage/technology company through our Stock Screener and a few extra metrics.  Is it time to buy?

Lanny’s September Income & Expense Update –  September was a great month for Lanny, who saw a large increase in income in September.  Was it enough to achieve a 60% savings rate and defeat our Savings Challenge?

September Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – This is one of our favorite articles to write.  Almost every blogger in the dividend growth investing community publishes a monthly dividend income article.  So we compiled a list of 9 other bloggers and reviewed their dividend income for the month.  All there really is to say is that this community generates some impressive dividend income!

Interview with Dividend Hustler – This is the first of hopefully many interviews on our website.  Tyler over at Dividend Hustler is building quite the dividend portfolio and is generating some serious dividend income.  He is one of our favorite dividend investors to follow, so we wanted to take some time and interview the Hustler.  

Enough about us, let’s take a look at some of our favorite articles published by others in this wonderful community!

Starting a Dividend Growth Portfolio At Birth by DivHut  DivHut welcomed their first child earlier in the year (Congrats!) and their baby already has an impressive dividend growth investing portfolio!  DivHut wants to take full advantage of the powers of compounding and I can’t wait to see the report on Baby DivHut’s forward dividend income 10, 15, or even 20 years from now.  Very cool idea and I am sure we will do something similar for our children.  Hopefully Baby DivHut will be as interested in investing and we can start reading articles from a new contributor soon!

Portfolio Retrospection by Roadmap2Retire – R2R took some time to take a step back and evaluate their portfolio as a whole.   This is probably an exercise that all investors don’t perform enough even though the benefits can be huge.  Who knows, you may learn an important investing lesson or two in the process.  In this article, R2R found the recent stock market dip and subsequent bounce back the perfect opportunity to review their portfolio.   My takeaway, use every stock market dip, recovery, etc. as a learning opportunity to better yourself as an investor.  The learning never stops!

Eight Book Recommendations by Income Surfer– If  you are new to dividend investing, we definitely recommend checking this article out.  Income Surfer asked eight bloggers in their community about their most influential/favorite investing book.  Reading is unfortunately something I [Bert] do not do enough and is the unfortunate casualty of a busy schedule.   Going forward though, I have a great place to start when I do decide to shut my laptop in favor of reading a paper book.

Appreciation by Dividend Hustler– Talk about an uplifting post.  Tyler’s positive outlook on everything is infectious and I left this article inspired to focus on what makes me happy all the time.  My favorite line: “Life’s wonderful and it’s very precious.  Life’s in our hands so let’s do it up and be the best we can be.”

The First Year of Blogging – Under the Hood by The Gen Y Finance Guy – This was my first time visiting the website as I was directed here by Tawcan’s weekend reading post.   Honestly, I can’t believe it has taken us this long to find the website.  I love the transparency in the article and there is a lot of great information for fellow bloggers to dissect.  If you are interested in expanding your website, I would strongly recommend reading this article.  Congrats on the first of many great years Gen Y Finance Guy!

Minimalist Money by Laura Beth, How to Get Rich Slowly – Laura put together a great list of ideas and best practices for spending less and focusing on the important things in life.  I read the list and instantly thought of a few ways I could change my financial habits for the better.  A must read for individuals that are looking to save a high percentage of their income!

Hopefully you all enjoy the articles as much as we did.  Did you read any of these?  Are there any articles that you would recommend reading this weekend?

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

8 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Reading – October Edition

    • No problem R2R! I know, this weather is terrible! Cleveland had its first sign of snow as well. Luckily for us, we were both in Florida (in different cities) for weddings and avoided it. I can’t really complain considering it was 80 degrees where I was this winter. The only part that sucked was I forgot to turn on my furnace and man was my place cold when I came home.


  1. Thanks for the mention guys!

    I can’t believe it has taken you guys a year to find me either 🙂

    It’s not like there are not a million of us out there.

    All joking aside. Glad you found enough value in the post to share it with your readers. I would also encourage you guys to check out my first 6 month post and the Start a blog page I created. My goal is to continue building out a resource for current and future PF bloggers, to save the time it took me to figure all this stuff out.


    • I know, isn’t it crazy that we haven’t connected within the last year. We are a small community, so I figured we would have crossed paths on Mantra’s website or a different one at some point. We will definitely have to check it out, can’t ever learn enough about blogging, generating revenue, and providing the most valuable content to your readers.


  2. I appreciate the mention of DivHut. Thank you. It will be interesting to see how baby DivHut’s portfolio grows over time especially with modest sums of money being added. No doubt the early years will be slow in terms of dividend income but we’ll see how it snowballs in ten or fifteen years from now.

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