January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

First month of 2016 is now officially in the books and you know what that means?  The posts on dividend income from the month from YOU the bloggers!  I love this time of the year and seeing everyone’s progress, the leaps, bounds, the ups, the downs and the big hitters for each month that we are receiving.  It’s a great way to show the articles we read and how excited we are for every single pursuit – to financial freedom!  Let’s see how everyone did during January!

JC – Passive Income Pursuit – $306.40 – Holy smokes – crossing the $300 mark in December, congratulations!  Just awesome.  This was spread over 3 different/types of accounts and you are killing it.  I see Phillip Morris (PM) playing a large role in that, and they’ve been a solid dividend company, that’s for sure.  Congrats!

Dividend Beginnerr – $111.68 – Beginnerr was scooping up and making some great purchases in January.  Looks like big AT&T (T) is his pay day at the moment – love the big telecom!  Slow and steady right?

AmericanDivDream – $326.59 – uh oh – touching the back of my (Lanny’s) heels over there, eh?!  Similarly, you had a whopper from Phillip Morris (PM), which I can also attest with you and DB above, as those two provide a nice chunk to me as well.

Dividend Hustler – $2,457.96 – …. Um… enough said? haha – as in baseball we would say, “He is tearing the cover off the ball!” – Can’t say much more except – I’d be retired, Hustler – KEEP IT UP!

A Frugal Family – $397.86 – Whoa!  This is awesome, almost crossed the mark of $400 in an off-month of January – I would have given you the $2.14 to make it there!  Congrats and keep letting the snowball build.  To note – AFFJ received $99.49 from  Apollo Residential Mortgage (AMTG).

DivHut – $331.21 – Nice!  Just like ADD – you are clipping on my feet over there, great job!  It looks like Kraft-Heinz (KHC) and Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) are the big bangers for you for the month.  Keep blazing that path DH!

Captain Dividend – $348.60 – Alright big Captain, making moves and steering the ship to the promised dividend land – love that there are quite a few of us over $300 in the dividend income for the month category.  I see you have New Jersey Resources (NJR) as your big dog for the month.  It’s fun seeing these names I don’t really come across.  Congrats and nice job!

Dividend Niche – $4.59 –  Year 1 of dividend investing for Dividend Niche is underway after Niche began this journey back in July 2015.  The growth rates are going to be insane after his one year anniversary and Niche is off to a great start!  Keep at it!

Pollies Dividends – $46.42 – PD received a good chunk from Walmart (WMT) and also had an increase of 168% year over year – congrats!  Climbing that mountain and scaling is going well, that’s for sure!

Vivianne @ Well Rounded Investing –  $134.54 – Love the quote at the beginning of the article, the delicious looking beef jerky, and most importantly, the dividend income for the month.  $134 crushed Vivianne’s January 2015 total of $0 in dividend income.  UNREAL!

Dividend Hawk – $686.97 net dividends –  DH’s January income increased 67%!  There are a lot of strong dividend paying stocks on this list.  Amazing progress here Hawk!

Passive Income Mavericks – $503.59 – PIM has a goal of receiving $7,500 in dividend income during the year.  EArning over $500 in January, an “off” month for dividend income, is a sign of great things to come.  It is amazing how PIM was able to eclipse the half century mark as well!

Team CF – 338 euros –  The Cheese Index was OFF THE HOOK in January.  Team CF’s monthly dividend income chart shows an amazing story and it shows how fast they are moving towards financial freedom!

Boom!!!  There it is – a great month to start the year off, it’s amazing.  From each post we’ve read, it looks like we are making progress, all of us.  We are so proud of each and everyone here, this journey, though long, is bittersweet.  There are many rules to keep in play – stay consistent, make purchases that are sound and fit your appetite and goals, patience & time, as well as to keep your expenses in check as much as you can.  Congratulations everyone!  Cheers to one month down and 11 more months to go.  Best of luck and stay FOCUSED!

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

26 thoughts on “January Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Thanks for including my dividends. It’s awesome seeing how much dividends everyone’s receiving in one post. It really puts things into perspective of just how far everyone’s come and so inspiring to see everyone working towards FI.

    • No problem JC! The amount of capital in this post is insane. The best part is that this list is always growing each month and we are all taking steps together and in stride on this journey towards financial freedom. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. It’s always amazing to see the collective dividends received among the DGI bloggers. Real money being returned to investors that cannot be faked. Keep it as cash or buy new stock. Either way it’s a tangible return. Thank you for including DivHut. I always appreciate the inclusion.

    • Keith,

      You are 100% correct! the minute that money hits your account it becomes real. There is no turning back, it is yours. That’s what is so much fun about this game we are all playing. Getting paid to own a piece of well run organizations, what isn’t to love about that.

      We were happy to include you again this month. Keep up the great work my friend!

  3. Diplomats,

    Thank you for putting this list together, it’s great to read everyone’s journey. You guys have been an inspiration for me to venture into the wild world of blogging. Financial freedom to all!

    • No problem Chad! The best part about compiling this list is getting to read about everyone’s progress, their stories, changes in their portfolio….you get the picture.

      That means a lot and we are happy we were able to inspire you the same way so many others inspired us when our journey began. This is such a fun community and we all encourage each other to push ourselves to the limit and become the best darn investors possible. Welcome and we are looking forward to seeing you around more frequently.


      • Thanks Bert, I am thankful I stumbled upon the “community” a while back…you all (or y’all here in the south) have great stories to tell and it’s refreshing to see it unfold in real time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing this roundup of January dividend income updates! It is very encouraging to see many fellow investors off to such a strong start in 2016. January was a bit of a rollercoaster in terms of stock prices, but it is very encouraging to see so many solid updates for last month. I appreciate the inclusion in this list and look forward to seeing even stronger results for the community in February.

    • Niche,

      We all killed it out of the gate and are running full steam ahead. Sure, the appreciation in January wasn’t the best but our income remained solid and even grew. That’s the important piece of the puzzle. Hopefully February’s results are better, stronger, and BIGGER!

      Take care.


  5. Thanks for including me buds. I appreciate the support. Every month, it’s an amazing feeling receiving these dividend payments. Whether the markets is soaring or retreating, all good as long as we get our dividends. I find it not stressful and its a lot easier to sleep and invest when the quality of the income stream is most important. As always, take care and keep it up my friends. Cheers.

    • HUSTLER!

      Of course, we wouldn’t have a monthly post without you. It is funny, swings in the market don’t impact me the same way they used to. All I think about now is “What stock will I buy” when I see the market tanking in any given day. I want to find as many great dividend paying STOCKs now to set the table for many great years of re-invested growth. That’s what it is all about. Building a portfolio with a foundation of strong dividend growth stocks.

      Have a good one!


  6. Great series, DD!! I love seeing how people. are doing. I am from Spain and last month received 305 euros, in line with many of the bloggers! Let’s keep this rolling…

    • Victoria! You are right in the sweet spot of this article. Congrats on the great month for you as well. Are you mostly invested in European companies or do you venture across the pond to the US?

      Thanks for stopping by!


      • Sorry I did not see your response before.. I split my portfolio between Spain and Europe (50%) and the United States (50%), so I own Nestlé, Telefónica, REE, etc. besides KO, OHI, JNJ and others. Many more choices if you include both dollar and euro (and british pound). The currency is not a concern for me, I think it is better to diversify at least when you are in Spain (we have also great companies but the size and variety of them is usually smaller).
        Thanks for your blog and you time,

        • No worries Victoria! Nestle is one of those companies I’ve always wanted to own. They have a huge operation here in our city and I love their product offerings and brands. Currency issues can be a pain to deal with and can be your best friend or worst enemy. I try to avoid it as much as possible, but I won’t let that get in the way of owning a quality company. Your approach is smart in focusing on finding the quality company regardless of their location.

          Have a great weekend!


    • ADD,

      No problem. Isn’t this a great time. Who doesn’t love receiving these dividend checks that are growing (for the most part) annually from rock solid companies. It is such a blast putting this together and seeing how well everyone has progressed over time. Some amazing progress by so many out there in the community.

      Take care!


  7. Nice post guys! Nice to see how you are doing compared to others in the DGI community. Also interesting to see the big payers within everyone’s dividend payout. Thanks for putting this together, and of course, thanks for the mention!

    Best wishes and continued success on your respective journeys! AFFJ

  8. Another awesome overview from you guys. Really appreciate this summary, it is great to see how collectively we are doing so well! We appreciate you guys including us, Hartelijk Bedankt! (Google that 😉 )

  9. Thank you for the mention. It’s been a fantastic journey!This year remain a volatile year so there will be many opportunites to improve yield and income!
    Best of luck to the both of you!

  10. Hey guys,

    Thanks for putting this together. Great to see how everyone’s doing in one round-up. Just to mention, I don’t have any investments in AT&T, haha… The T for me is Telus! Maybe I should start adding .TO to the end of my income statements…


  11. Nice list guys!
    Too bad you’ve missed mine, but it was nothing special anyway, so no worries.. 😉

    Wish you both the best and I’m up for a better February.

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