Rollercoaster Post-Election

Are you holding on as tight as I am seeing the fluctuation in the stock market?  The rollercoaster has been hot and heavy since Tuesday and slightly reminds me of a few instances we had last year.  I am never one to predict where the market is going nor what I think is the best stock right now, therefore, this article will service one primary purpose.  That is – to hold on to the handle bars on the rollercoaster ride and understand why you are sitting in the seat, is what matters the most.  Continue reading

Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – T. Rowe (TROW)

The Diplomats were back and at it again!  Loving the end of February, the turmoil and the continuous short-term declines in the market that unlocks opportunity in just a blink of an eye.  We were on the hot seat this week, and boy did we take some advantage of market fluctuations.  Wednesday was a well placed trade on a wonderful asset management company – T. Rowe Price (TROW).  Let’s see how, when and what led the purchase by both of us!

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