The Reminder of being a Dividend Growth Investor from KMI’s News

SMACK!  The thunderous market was turmoiling, lower and lower.  Kinder Morgan (KMI) was taking a beating.  They just announced news about additional investments, further deteriorating the credit quality by the rating indexes.  From trading at $42.81 to begin the year and then plummeting downward to a spiral collapse at $16.42 on the close of 12/7, is truly amazing, a 62% decline from one of the Nation’s biggest/largest oil pipeline companies.  Management kept enamoring a dividend focused strategy, to set increases at a % growth rate each year, and then committing by showing/increasing the dividend throughout the year.   Interesting how the year really can unfold…  Continue reading

Lanny’s Recent Purchase – ADM

Whoa Whoa!  The market has been on the slide, going downwards and man, new opportunities are unleashing!  I know everyone has been busy with re-couping over the KMI decision – they will be fine, and with the large moat they have, should survive.  It’s been a wild as all hell week and the capital has been unloaded.  Let’s check out the purchase.

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Bert’s Recent Buy – Norwood Financial Group – NWFL

In his last purchase article, Lanny alluded to the fact that I may have purchased the same stock as his.  Well, Lanny was right and great minds think alike.  We have been talking about this purchase for several weeks and we finally just decided to buy it!  While my rationale may have been slightly different than Lanny’s, here is why I added to my stake in Norwood Financial (NWFL).

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Endless Liabilities of Owning a Car Part 3 – $250 Edition

Throughout the life of our blog, Lanny and I have searched and slashed our way to save as much as possible to invest in the market NOW.   Even though we have tried to identify ways to save through battling with our phone/internet provider (nice job Lanny!), tried to make our football season more enjoyable at a cheaper price (Can a football season be enjoyable as a Browns fan?), or just finding random savings “life hacks,” there is one expense that we have flagged as a major liability…I mean…money pit… our cars.   A car is a necessary evil in the Midwest that does nothing but lose value and cost you money.   Sadly I am writing this article, so that must mean something happened to my car.   Let’s see how my car took a little extra money out of my savings account this month.


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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – NWFL

So it is time for the Final Push in December to see if we can buy the best opportunity stock to hit our yearly goals we had set in the prior year.  The market has been extremely choppy as of late, but it was time for me to make an investment.  The investment was into my Roth-IRA account, and you’ll see why within the article.  Whom did I make a purchase into?  Let’s check this out.
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November Dividend Income From You The Bloggers

Another month is marked in the books and here we are – the November Dividend Income edition from YOU the bloggers.  This has been a fun post to display how far we have come, the fruit from the labor and a way to summarize in a format to see where all of the cards are playing out.  Also – a fun little jab at Bert to see if his dividend income will be greater than mine – last December was a fluke I tell ya!  Without furtherado – here is the dividend income from November from YOU.

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Thoughts on Investing into Starbucks (SBUX)

Ah…. smell that fresh roast of coffee?  The beans rattling in the container and the vroom sound from the grinder.  It’s Saturday every morning, afternoon and night.  It’s non stop, it’s busy and it’s quiet.  It’s a memory, a relationship connection, it’s a get away.  The moment that they call your name and hand you the special cup with the sleeve – you instantly become excited, as that moment gives you the sense of control, promise and forward-looking.  I speak of the Starbucks (SBUX) corporation and I’ve been tempted to make an investment into this life-connecting organization.

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