November Dividend Income From You The Bloggers

Another month is marked in the books and here we are – the November Dividend Income edition from YOU the bloggers.  This has been a fun post to display how far we have come, the fruit from the labor and a way to summarize in a format to see where all of the cards are playing out.  Also – a fun little jab at Bert to see if his dividend income will be greater than mine – last December was a fluke I tell ya!  Without furtherado – here is the dividend income from November from YOU.

The Two of Us–   Bert, I’m sorry, my portfolio still spurns out more income due to the sheer time and it is a bigger portfolio, Lanny amassed $294 while Bert earned $177 in dividend income, nice job Bert – destroyed your November 2014, that’s for sure.

Dividend Hustler$1,512 –  One of the first one’s we read this month and crushing it again.  He now is on track to on average over $2K in dividend income.  This November, he had a big paydown from Kinder Morgan (KMI) of about $284 – wonder with all of the articles, rumors and news – if this stock can hold/safe haven the dividend.  I think we all hold some of this pipeline.

Dividend Niche – You had $2 last month and earned almost $5 this November – there we go!  You are going to see the climb, each and every month my friend.  Starting out has to be the most fun part of the journey – let’s see if you can keep doubling each month!

A Frugal Family’s Journey$197 – NICE!  Great month for you and it appears you are on track to finish the year strong.  You and Tyler/Dividend Hustler seem to share KMI – your biggest portion sat at $32 from the $197.  We all will be monitoring this one.  Nice job!

Dividend Diatribes$228 – Welcome to the community as well – as I see you have recently started to trickle your articles and have been consistently posting.  Also – great month, and you have a great aristocrat in AT&T (T) who produced you about $61 in income during November.  Did you also win a battle over cable/internet with them?  I did consider this company as a top 5 foundation stock for a dividend portfolio.  

Earn Money in Pajamas$11 – looks like you were making some cash in Pajamas, eh?  And following suit with almost half the income from AT&T (T).  Keep it up!  Nothing better than waking up to dividend checks.

Race2Retirement$411 – BOOM.  Making big splashes.  Sitting tight with some of us for Kinder Morgan (KMI).  Recently made a further partnership investment… we’ll have to read more on this.  Congrats on crossing over $400 for the first time, we know there’s more to come!

American Dividend Dream$404 – the 404 makes me think of Sarbanes Oxley/404 Compliance in regards to Internal Control over Financial Reporting – aka ADD, couldn’t you have earned enough to make it $405?!  Kidding – nice job this month, as well as collecting $90 from Omega (OHI)

DivHut$486 – Oh Hot Damn!  Nice job and more than doubled your amount this month as compared to last year’s November.  GREAT JOB.  Those Canadian banks are paying you well, and you had a nice check from Caterpillar (CAT).  Gotta love it.  Keep those dividends rolling!

If you are all looking for more detail about any one investor’s month, please click-through the link in their name and read their November dividend income summary on your own.  We are all doing amazing things here and making some impressive strides towards financial freedom.  Let’s all promise to push ourselves for the last month and use others’ success stories as motivation.  It’s the last month so if there is a last minute push – THIS IS IT!   This is our Black Friday, Cyber Monday or whatever you’d like to call it.  Keep the head on straight, eyes up and towards the goals we have set and keep trudging on – because hey – there is no other option!  Heck – Bert may even dissolve his mutual fund positions and find a few great individual stocks or two to invest in, we shall find out here shortly!  We love this community, it is unlike any other one out there on the internet.  Keep up the amazing progress everyone and feel free to check out my thoughts on an investment into Starbucks (SBUX), as we make that trip to look for that extra “perk” during the month of December.

-Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats

21 thoughts on “November Dividend Income From You The Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the mention! I didn’t win a recent battle with AT&T, but I do have a cheap service provider in Republic Wireless. I do prefer owning the stocks of AT&T and Verizon though. 🙂
    Congratulations to everyone getting those monthly checks!


    • JT,

      No problem! Heck, there is no rule that says you have to use the service of the stocks you own, right? Personally you need to do what’s best for your savings account. Think of it this way, you are benefiting twice from the industry. You found a cheaper service provider while investing in the stronger quality stock. Sounds like one heck of a win win to me.

      Keep up the great work!


    • No problem Niche! Let’s keep the record months rolling. 2016 will be an amazing year for you and you will see some amazing progress in a short period of time. We are excited to watch you and your dividend income grow!


  2. Thanks for the mention Lanny and Bert! Appreciated. KMI and other energy companies have been a big part in that $400+, however, I’m thinking to do some tax harvesting to reduces bills to taxman 🙂 Congrats on your $450+ income. Keep it racing!

    • Interesting strategy. Sounds like your tax planning/harvesting would make an interesting article. I’m sure us and others out there would love to hear about whatever strategy you try and the success of it. Let’s be honest, none of us want to have a large bill to the taxman.


    • Thank you very much Dividend Meter. That’s very kind of you to say. The KMI saga is unreal. Every day the stock seems to hit new lows as the sell-off continues. I can’t wait until management gives more insight over their current strategy, the debt levels, and how it is going to impact their dividend going forward. But let’s be real, everyone wants to know that. You would hope that they made the acquisition with their dividend safety in mind. I can’t imagine Kinder making a move that would force him to cut his dividend. The next few weeks will be huge as more details emerge.

      Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi guys,

    that’s great idea to summarize all the dividen income from all the bloggers around. Would be nice if you add me to that overview, although my income is posted in EURO.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • That’s nothing a Euro to dollar converter can’t take care of for us….right? haha We will definitely keep you in mind going forward. I’m excited to start following your blog! Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend.


  4. Thanks for the mention Lanny and Bert. With the KMI being are largest dividend payer last month and recently hearing that they are considering a dividend cut, future reports for FEB, MAY, AUG, and NOV will likely be impacted. The question is probably how much.

    I guess that just means we need to invest more money to keep our forward dividends growing! 🙂


    • AFFJ,

      The KMI saga is interesting and nerve-racking to follow. I think a cut will impact everyone in the community, so let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. But I like your attitude about it. If we don’t want our dividend income to shrink during those months, then let’s get to work and find some dividend paying machines to mitigate the impact. Screw it! Let’s show everyone how we can make our income grow despite something negative happening (that’s of course making the assumption they cut their dividend).

      Keep up the amazing work and as always, thanks for stopping by!


  5. Great round up as usual. Always fun to read what others are posting and buying/selling each month. Thank you for including me as well. Will be interesting to see what happens to KMI. I know it’s a common name among many of the DGI bloggers.

    • Keith! We told you we wouldn’t leave you out even though Lanny published his income article very earlier. Do you think he will push his up to the second week of December this month? Kidding kidding. I’ve said it in a few other comments, but we will all be keeping a close eye on what happens with KMI in the next few weeks. Hopefully someone from management speaks out soon and sheds some light on the events that have taken place over the last few weeks.

      Have a great weekend. As always, thanks for stopping by.


    • No problem Chris! Keep up the great work. This article always reminds me about how many other great people are out there and how amazing this community is. Whether our income is $1, $10, $100, or $1,000, we all motivate and encourage each other as we pursue financial freedom. Let’s keep on battling and grinding!


  6. Very cool! Had no idea there were that many dividend blogs out there.

    I’m at roughly $2,076 a month if you want to take a look at my passive income report. I produce it once a year. Do you guys produce one every month? Of so, what are the big changes from month to month, and do you recommend I go month to month as well?

    My problem is that my portfolio is pretty steady. There’s usually only 2 or 3 significant changes I will make a year.



    • Sam,

      Thanks for stopping by. What’s crazy is that this is just the tip of the iceburg. This article could have probably included over 100 bloggers if we had the time. There are a lot of great people out there doing some amazing things. It has been an honor to get to know so many of them over the last yer and a half.

      And wow, over $2,000 in income/month. That’s an amazing chunk of passive income my friend. I would love to read about your impact from DRIP alone. We produce a monthly income report, but that could just be because we watch this like a hawk haha I love to see the update from each and every purchase, even if it is less than $10. After looking at your article, there are a lot of cool things that I would be curious to read about on a monthly basis outside of just dividend income. Specifically, your “other income” streams or other sources of passive income. However, if this is too much for you, I understand completely and what you are doing now is great. You could always meet in the middle and make the update quarterly or something. But again, that’s up to you.

      Thanks for stopping by Sam! Have a great weekend.


        • I’m looking forward to reading the updates. You aren’t kidding, it is insane what has taken place over the course of the last few months. I’m hoping that he is writing a kick ass article, post, or book that serves as a “tell all” for the situation so we can learn more about what transpired. I’m hoping he was able to work out a great deal for himself that pushes him that much closer to FF, but it is all a mystery at this point!


  7. Fantastic results across the board. I cannot wait to see this group’s December dividends as it is a higher payout month. I finished up November pulling in $319. I’m estimating around $700 for December.

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