Three Painful Housing Expense Increases

Ah, the house never ends!  I seem to find myself writing quite a bit about the cost of living in a house and the controllable/sometimes not so controllable costs associated with home ownership as well.  After various discussions with people and bills being paid – I’ve decided to write about the surprising increase in housing expense over three areas of living in a house – Insurance, Property Tax & select Utilities!  Come check out the “fun”!

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Lanny’s April Dividend Income Summary

Put it on the board!  Yes, another month is down and how exciting are these times for us dividend investors?  Tax discussions, price swings within the stock market and a plethora of dividend increases to boot.  One thing that i wished that cooperated better was the weather here in Ohio – it has swung wildly from mid-40’s to mid 80’s on a few occasions.  All is okay, as the Cavs are cruising in the 2nd round and the Tribe are playing okay!  Without further-ado here is April’s dividend income summary!

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Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

Spring is finally in the air and the second quarter is well under.   Ah, the perfect time to sit down, relax, and review my dividend income figures from the last month.  It is always nice to see what changes your portfolio had over the last twelve months, which seems like a long period of time but somehow flies by.   Last month in our blogging community dividend income summary, we saw so many people producing crazy results, setting records, and setting the bar insanely high.  Now, it is time to see if I can follow the lead of all of you.  Time to check out my April dividend income summary!

dividend income

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Expected Dividend Increases in May 2017

Dividend Increases, dividend increases, dividend increases.  Man, this is the exciting announcement that all of us dividend growth investors eagerly await.  A dividend increase is one of the best benefits of a dividend growth investor and can come in all shapes and sizes.  Since we are constantly tracking the companies in our portfolio, each month, we prepare a listing of dividend increases that we are expected to receive from companies in our portfolio and several Dividend Aristocrats that we do not hold.   Now, it is time to dive in and see which companies we expect to increase their quarterly dividend in May 2017.

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)

Closing out the April month on a high note!  I have deployed more capital into a dividend aristocrat, as the stock price was falling down, a dividend increase was coming up and the timing was too tempting for me to sit on the sidelines.  This marks the 5th individual stock purchase this year and the second in April alone.  Feels great being in the driver’s seat, in my own lane on the highway to financial freedom!  Come check out the purchase of W. W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)!

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