Lanny’s December Dividend Income Summary

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  Hope everyone had a blast finishing off the year and are ready to set 2018 on fire!  What better way to ensure to light this year up, than a record-setting month of Dividend Income?  That is my case and point.  I am beyond thrilled and excited to see the figures everyone is putting up, showcasing the blood, sweat & tears everyone has endured to this point.

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Lanny’s August Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s that time of the month, where I have my calculator, the pen & pencil & I start analyzing what I love most, dividend stocks, and to see which companies have a chance to be on my watch list.  I like to come out with the watch list towards the end of the month, as I line up my capital troops to see where they may be deployed.  I did not make any investment stock purchases in July, yet, and the capital lineup is getting bigger.

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – W.W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)

Closing out the April month on a high note!  I have deployed more capital into a dividend aristocrat, as the stock price was falling down, a dividend increase was coming up and the timing was too tempting for me to sit on the sidelines.  This marks the 5th individual stock purchase this year and the second in April alone.  Feels great being in the driver’s seat, in my own lane on the highway to financial freedom!  Come check out the purchase of W. W. Grainger, Inc. (GWW)!

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