Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

Quarter 1 of 2017 is now officially int he books!  Here we go, the music starts, the sun is brighter and I am feeling better/more rested each day.  What else does this mean for, more specifically, US dividend income investors?  The biggest month worth of paydays has finished and I can only hope the community feels the same.  Did we set records?  Did we reach expectations or did we learn something that we can create growth from?  Time will tell when we are able to review all of the articles being released, but I am very pleased with how March ended from a dividend income stand point.  Let’s dive into the results!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – CVS Health Corp. (CVS)

Wow, wow.  So it’s been over two months and I have definitely found a stock that fit the metrics of an undervalued dividend stock investment.  It took some thorough research and thinking about the companies that many people take part in every single day or have made them a part of their lives.  With healthcare and prescriptions, this led me to this stock and this company shows high signs of undervaluation.  Come check out what company I purchased stock into and why!

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Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

The first quarter has come and gone, just like that.  It seems like yesterday we were lining up our 2017 goals articles with wide-eyed optimism about what 2017 is going to bring for each one of us.    As with the end of each month, we each take our time summarizing our dividend income income from the month to check our progress and see the fruits of our labor/hard work.  Time to check out how my results from March.  Here is my March Dividend Income summary!

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Idle Cash Sitting Under the Couch Cushion

The title alone to the article makes me mad!  It has been over 2 straight months of no additional stock or investment purchase and it is very puzzling but easy to understand why at the same time.  Each stock I analyze either has a just a tad high price to earnings ratio, or the debt I am considering to pay down just doesn’t make as much sense based on the pure numbers.  What’s a guy to do?  See why I am sitting on Idle Cash and it’s building under the cushion of my couch at this moment!  Plus – see potential ideas/moves for the idle cash I have.

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